Top 10 Best GoPro Models

GoPro is perhaps the best known brand of small action camera out there. From YouTubers, to professional athletes, to soccer moms, it seems that all walks of people are using cameras to capture their lives and activities.

Since 2002, GoPro has been the standard for small, wearable cameras. Whether you are going to high elevations with snow, hot environments in the desert, or undersea adventures, there's a GoPro camera for you.
The Top Ten
1 GoPro HERO6 Black GoPro HERO6 Black Product Image

Hero 6 is by far the best
You can even record in 4K and 60 fps

Like the Hero 5, you get amazing quality with faster read/write speeds. A little sacrifice was made for speed over quality but for those who want to post videos in the field, this camera's speeds might be the perfect choice. - Finch

2 GoPro HERO5 Black GoPro HERO5 Black Product Image

Best gopro ever

I have one, so this is the only one I could really vote on

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Is there a problem with the site that's making m unable to login to my Astro_Boy08/ Squidward48 accounts?

3 GoPro HERO5 Session GoPro HERO5 Session Product Image

The "little brother" of the HERO 5, the Session is a smaller, less expensive version with a bit of a downgrade in framerates and megapixels (due to a smaller camera sensor). - Finch

Best by far

4 GoPro HERO Session GoPro HERO Session Product Image

its best

The ultimate entry-level camera, the Session doesn't have all the quality of the newer, more expensive cameras, but for the enthusiast without a blank check it's the easiest choice of camera. - Finch

5 GoPro HERO4 Black GoPro HERO4 Black Product Image

Other than the LCD touchscreen and a few newer features, the 4 Black is basically the same as the 5 Black. It has the same sensor size and video quality as the newer devices. - Finch

6 GoPro HERO3+ GoPro HERO3+ Product Image

Often used by second-hand users - Maddox121

7 GoPro HERO7 Black

Simply the best camera gopro has ever made.

Stability is way better

Best ever.

Better than Hero 6 with many new function

8 GoPro HERO4 Silver GoPro HERO4 Silver Product Image

Basically the HERO4 Black without any of the video quality. Sort of a big price tag without the features to back it up. - Finch

9 GoPro HERO GoPro HERO Product Image
10 GoPro HERO3 GoPro HERO3 Product Image
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11 GoPro HERO2 GoPro HERO2 Product Image
12 GoPro Fusion GoPro Fusion Product Image
13 GoPro HERO9 GoPro HERO9 Product Image
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