Top Photo Stitching Software

For amateurs, stitching images is not an average task. So it is difficult to do it with the simple guidance of the software. For advanced photographers, simply stitching images is not a big problem. However, they might want to control the process and do more post-processing jobs with professional software. Here you can learn how to use the professional software to stitch photo on your computer, no matter you are using PC or Mac.
The Top Ten
1 Photoshop

Photomerge feature in Photoshop allows photographers to stitch images horizontally or vertically.

Very expensive, very popular, very useful, and very fun. How could I say no to this.

2 WidsMob Panorama

WidsMob Panorama has the ability to make the process seamless, for it use excellent stitching algorithm.

Excellent work

3 Windows Live Photo Gallery

In Windows Live Photo Gallery, go to Create tab and select Panorama in Tools panel, then the semi-finished panoramic picture will show in an editing window.

4 Hugin

Hugin is a cross system photo stitching application. It is compatible with not only Windows and Mac OS, but also Linux.

5 PTGui

PTGui is one of the most expensive photo stitch applications. It is appropriate to stitch pictures for professionals.

6 Fotor

Online photo stitching tool.

7 Photojoiner
8 Montage Lite

Montage Lite help you to stitch pictures on iPhone and Android.

9 Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor is the panorama maker developed by Microsoft. It is available only on Windows and Windows users could use it for photo stitching freely.

10 Autostitch

Autostitch is another easy-to-use photo stitch application.

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