Top 10 Features of Google Photos

The Top Ten
1 Manual backup option for Android phones and tablets

To avail this, open app, press and hold the photos for some time till blue ticks appears. From the menu above, select “backup now” option and it’s done. - softprodigy

2 Effortless Photos and Videos Uploads

Apart from auto-syncing photos from the desktop, multiple photos can be uploaded without any hassle by drag and drop option - softprodigy

3 Removes redundancy

That means if there are two same photos lying in the gallery, it merges them into one, in turn freeing the space. - softprodigy

4 High-Quality unlimited storage

It provides feature for “High quality (free unlimited storage)” which is suitable to get limitless storage for your media. You need to adjust the settings to “High quality (free unlimited storage)” as soon as you login through the mobile app.

5 Easy search with categories

Google photos automatically arranges your uploaded pictures into three main categories which are people, places and things using advanced image recognition technology and enormous database. Thus you can easily search photos by specifying category e.g. food, buildings, beaches etc. You will be also amazed to see how app spots several things in your photos that you might have not noticed. - softprodigy

6 Recognizes similar faces and mark them

It recognizes and labels similar faces together, thus making searching with names easier. The face groups are restricted to your account and won’t be accessible to those with whom you share photos with. - softprodigy

7 Allows merging of similar faces

In case the above feature labels same face twice, then you can easily merge them into single label by adjusting the settings. - softprodigy

8 Back up from Other Apps

By default, it only backs up photos taken with the camera, but one can also back up photos from other apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Viber etc. - softprodigy

9 Adjustable view

Apart from having the common zoom in and out option by pinching in and out, there are various other interesting options like monthly view and “comfortable” view. - softprodigy

10 Allows multiple photo selection

It allows you to select hundreds of photos with a single tap. Press and hold a photo for some time. Then without lifting your finger, drag in whichever direction you see your pictures are lying till the last photo that you want to select. As a result, the photos of your interest will be selected in one go. - softprodigy

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