Top 10 Best Cameras

The Top Ten
1 Canon 1D-X
2 Nikon D4
3 Nikon D800

My D800A Is Awesome The 800 and 810 are awesome

4 Canon 5D MarkIII

The greatest camera of all time. The 5D Mark IV is crap. Sony's A7R II is the greatest DxO Mark, but the 5D mark III has the greatest history.

5 Sony A7R
6 Fujifilm X-E2
7 Sony RX100 II
8 Fujifilm X100S
9 Fujifilm X20
10 Panasonic GH5

An update to the legendary GH4 (Best budget cinema body ever). 4K 60FPS and 4K 10 bit recording internally, V-LOG, all in the size of a DSLR.

The Contenders
11 Canon 200d

Best beginner camera of all time!

Best beginner camera ever!

12 Canon G16
13 GoPro Hero 4
14 Canon 80D

Great Semi-Pro Camera!

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