Top 10 Marketing & Tech Tools for Restaurants & Small Business Retailers

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The Top Ten

Textingcompany is the new player in the mass text message marketing and they are really easy to use, you basically do not need any technical experience and texting company prices are very reasonable plus they do have a free trial to try it out, It would be an definitely an asset for any small business who have a subscriber list like restaurants, Hotels, Universities, School boards and fitness centers is really amazing, I have used it and I would rate it 5/5.

2 Zenreach

Zenreach is really deserves No 2. The Zenreach WiFi-powered marketing platform helps retailers automatically create connections that build customer loyalty, revenue and reputation. You basically give free wifi and if people wants to connect to your wifi they'll have to login to their facebook page and you will get their email and some other data which later you will use to promote your products by using their inbuild email marketing service

3 Constant Contact

No 3 goes to Constant contact Collect email addresses on your website, from Facebook, through mobile, and more—so your business reaches more and more people. Awe-inspiring templates. Easy-to-use editor. Powerful list-building tools. Expert advice and live support. Constant Contact delivers everything you need to connect with customers, grow your business, and watch big-time results pour in—in real time.

4 Clover POS

No 4 goes to clover Wheather you run a restaurant or meat shop or grocery or even a candy store, Clover can be used at your place, it's a simple device easy to use and they have an amazing plan where they don't charge you upfront for any hardware they provide you will pay in easy installments

5 Nix play Digital display

No 5 goes to Nix play digital display, nixplay digital display makes a small business owners life very very easier, by providing an amazing, affordable digital display that cost 1/5 of the price of Samsung digital displays, Pictures speak 1000 words, that to when your food pictures or product images scroll at your store front or window just imagine, it very simple yo use as well.


As I worked with an indian restaurant I got to know about this tool called, its like a uber or lyft for Indian restaurant hiring, specially indian curry chefs are in a huge demand lately and this tool connects about 7000 Indian chefs and the Indian restaurant owners. If you are an Indian restaurant owner you must signup with and its free for a restaurant owner to signup and its free forever for the Indian chefs and employees.

7 Squarespace

Square space is a very good tool for small business owner to build a website for themselves with pre made templates and overall its very simple and easy to use make your own website instead of paying few thousand dollors.

8 Davo sales tax app

Davo sales tax app is an app that comes with all clover pos or you can download that app and use in any cloud based POS system, basically it track your daily sales tax and debit from your bank and pay the taxes every quarterly, and they charge just $ 40 per month but it gives you a great peace of mind.

9 is a restaurant inventory management tool that lets you create a list of inventory items and send the order to your vendors through the app basically this soft ware can come handy for any Retail store or restaurant.


Finding a handy man can be a tough task for any small business owner at the right time, and task rabbit solves that problem for the most part. Its an amazing tool for plumbers, handy man, delivery guys etc