Strongest Record of Ragnarok Characters

Record of Ragnarok is a cool anime/manga that is about humans fighting gods in a desperate attempt to save the human race. While it is only with the aid of the Valkyries that they have a chance, all of them are still strong, and are able to go up against the gods and prove to be a challenge. But, between the Humans and Gods, who is the strongest?
[This list is based on the First 8 Rounds of Ragnarok]
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The Top Ten
1 Zeus - Record of Ragnarok

The God Father of the Cosmos.

He's stronger when he was younger

2 Hajun - Record of Ragnarok

Bro wiped out half of hell in one strike before getting destroyed because he was too strong

3 Buddha - Record of Ragnarok
4 Adam - Record of Ragnarok

Adam managed to put up quite the fight while he went against Zeus. Between all the humans, he's one of the only ones who was able to withstand a one-hit kill punch from a God. He wasn't able to beat Zeus, but he is still a formidable foe for the Gods.

If only he used more strategy to hold his special ability a bit longer

5 Shiva - Record of Ragnarok

The Hindu God of Destruction.

he's hot.

6 Qin Shi Huang

Referred to as the "Greatest King", Qin Shi Huang was able to strike down Hades, the God of the Underworld.

7 Beelzebub

Beelzebub is one of the strongest gods, due to their curse and magical capabilities. Even Zeus was scared of one of his abilities, which goes to show just how powerful he is.

8 Heracles - Record of Ragnarok

As if completing his twelve labours wasn't enough, Heracles was able to take on Ares despite not yet being a god. He might have lost to Jack the Ripper, but the only reason he did was because he wanted Humanity to win. If Heracles wanted to deal a finishing blow, he would have.

9 Kojiro Sasaki
10 Poseidon - Record of Ragnarok

Poseidon is strong but he is a very Selfish and arrogant god

The Contenders
11 Lu Bu