Top Ten Makeup for Women


The Top Ten

1 Mascara

I personally find it frustrating because I touch my eyes a lot and it smudges sometimes, but I agree that mascara is pretty much as basic as it gets. - keycha1n

makes ur lashes look so longggg - shawdyslikeamelody

Mascara works for everyone no matter what kind of face type you have or what skintone you have.

Mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow combined make me look awesome! =^D - foxrocks

2 Foundation
3 Eyeliner

I always wear black eyeliner. I don't wear it to impress anyone. I just do it to express myself. - Catlover2004

Perfect! Gives you the "better not mess with me" look!

4 Eyeshadow

Shouldn't be this high. Not necessary for a natural look at all. - keycha1n

5 Lipstick

Gives perfect colour to the face even without any makeup on

I love lipsticks - RoseCandyMusic

A nice nude color of lipstick is perfect for a party

6 Lip Gloss

Gotta love them shiny lips

Like lipstick but more shiny and beatyfull!

7 Blush
8 Concealer

Without concealer, I look like a raccoon who just got attacked by bees.

9 Eyebrows

Not exactly makeup, but is free that eyebrows are really important in beauty! - keycha1n

Shape your face

10 Powder

The Contenders

11 Highlighter

Especially holographic! I wanna see other women look like a mermaid too!

12 Lip Tint

Doubles as Lipstick and Blush

13 Contour
14 Lip Liner Lip Liner
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