Top Ten Memes of 2015 That Need to Die Down


The Top Ten

1 Darude-Sandstorm

Whenever you ask for music, some people say 'darude sandstorm', Which is quite annoying - Delgia2k

I've never heard of this one, and from the looks of it I'm glad I didn't. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Why is it even a meme - SammySpore

Rickroll is better.

2 The Dress

Needs to damn well be gone forever! - PositronWildhawk

Ok, at this point in time, EVERYONE knows that the dress is blue and black! It doesn't matter about what color the dress is! - Minecraftcrazy530

It's blue and black, story's over, OK? - DapperPickle


Don't get me wrong I love MLG - CerealGuy

No! MLG will never die down! All hail Shrek and noscops m9! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

4 Ebola Jokes

Ebola is very sad and serious. Just stop making jokes about Ebola, please. - Mumbizz01

Should be higher

People who make these jokes are heartless and racist. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 "I Stole Your Waifu"

This is the reason why I hate Flash Sentry. - Pony

I stole your waifu m8 - CerealGuy

I'm not a brony, but this meme is terrible! - nintendofan126

6 R34

What is this? What does it even mean? I've never seen this in my life. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 9+10=21

So stupid! - DrewtheGamer98

8 Genwunners

I hate it when genwunners insult modern day pokemon it is annoying in fact it's so annoying I can't even think what gen 8 will be like and how Genwunners will react

9 Dragon Slayer (From Pokemon)
10 My Name Is Jeff

NU! MY NAME IS JEFF-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

The Contenders

11 What Are Those

This is just so annoying. Who cares about what shoes I'm wearing? - TheYoshiOverlord

12 Deez Nuts

Ha! Got em. - BubbleBear01

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