Top Ten Funniest Phobias to Have

The Top Ten
1 Alliumphobia (fear of garlic)

You know you just insulted vampires, right?

2 Aurophobia (fear of gold)

You mean real gold or Dare I say this? The gold in your nose?

3 Arithmophobia (fear of numbers)

Asians are afraid of the number 4 because it sounds like the word for death in Chinese.

And you thought you hated math the most

4 Rupophobia (fear of dirt)
5 Chromatophobia (fear of colors)
6 Anthrophobia (fear of flowers)
7 Russophobia (fear of Russian culture)

Haha this made me laugh. I wonder how many Russians suffer with this...

8 Ancraophobia (fear of wind)
9 Hyelophobia (fear of glass)
10 Bibliophobia (fear of books)

I would die I love books

The Contenders
11 Mastophobia (fear of breasts)


12 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words)

I can say long words

13 Koumpounophobia (fear of buttons)
14 Phagaphobia (fear of swallowing)

You know how to pronounce it

15 Homophobia (Fear of Homosexual)
16 Gingerphobia (fear of gingers)
17 Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons)
18 Mysophobia (fear of germs)

This is quite common, especially with OCD sufferers

it’s understandable, I guess

19 Bananaphobia (The Fear of Bananas)
20 Coprophobia (fear of pooping)
21 Flatulophobia (fear of farting)
22 Lapeliculadeemojiphobia (fear of The Emoji Movie)

After wasting 2 hours of my life seeing it in July 2017, I can see why you'd be afraid of this crappy movie.

23 Friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th)
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