Top Ten Worst Symptoms of Depression

Guys, seriously, if you, or someone you know, suffer from these symptoms on a daily basis, please seek help. And if anyone wants to talk, just message me. I'm always here to help.
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1 Feeling you would be better off dead

I haven't been clinically diagnosed with depression, but I have struggled with it throughout my life. I must say, thinking about killing myself and wanting to be dead are probably someone the darkest thoughts I have ever had. You feel so alone and down about life. You think about everything in the worst context possible. You think that whatever it is that comes after death, you're ready for it and that it much be must better than your life on Earth. You feel like there is absolutely no point to your existence and that you have no future.
That is at least my experience with these types of thoughts, told in the second person I guess haha

You don't know how many times I wish that.Most of times I am losing the battles that I give. I am thinking this because I do not feel important...I want someone to love me and I will be important for that person

Sometimes I get suicidal over some problems I have to deal with, but I never attempt it, which is good.

2 Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed

Just imagine, practically everything you enjoy at the moment, not interesting or making you happy anymore. Nothing seems fun. Imagine not even your favorite song making you want to sing along. Not even hum to it.

I think no one loves me. Not even a single bit.
I almost killed myself but I didn't have the guts to do it.
I am not useful. I can't even do the most simple things.
I sometimes wish that I would have end myself on that day.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to do activities you "enjoy" just to stay anchored. But finding the will to force yourself is hard when you're depressed. It's a catch-22.

3 Feeling down, depressed, and/or hopeless

A truly horrible feeling that engulfs everything about your life. You can't get up in the morning. You can't make the simplest observations or conclusions because you're clouded by sadness. You can't see any light at the end of any tunnels your life may take you through. And people claim that they've experienced this because they've had personal tragedies like the loss of a child, but this is a disease that can stick with you for the rest of your life.

There are times when someone feels bad. After a heartbreak, being fired, or just simple things like not getting that A on the test. But you move on and start to gradually feel better over time. But feeling so sad, every single day along with the hopelessness is just so mentally exhausting. It's so horrible. I've experienced, and still am experiencing this, and I would not want to wish it upon others.

All day, every day...

4 Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness

Sometimes even asking for necessities makes people with depression feel like their bothering others so much. I mean, I feel like such a burden when I ask my dad to take me to the library to return books. I would rather walk an hour to get to the library, than bother my dad to drive me there. Even texting people feels like I'm bothering them from other important things.

5 Decreased energy, fatigue, or feeling “slowed down"

When I watched the film melancholia I was really stunned how they portrayed that mentall illness, how she could barely move or speak or eat, and people who never dealed with that, never saw that side of it, how it really effects your physical state. I used to be a climber, but my depression stopped me from climbing, I couldn't eat, I could barely pick up things or put my shoes on, and that's when I realised I needed help, cause I literally couldn't live with that illness anymore. Now I'm better though. I hope all of you dealing with it, wont give up on life.

Before I knew I had depression, I always thought I was extremely lazy. Getting out of bed was, and still is kind of a hassle, even after being awake for hours. Feeling tired after a workout or a hard day is normal, but feeling this constant fatigue for no reason at all is so demanding towards your body and mind. More than it already is.

6 Poor appetite or overeating

These two things, whichever you may have is bad. Poor appetite can lead to malnutrition and even more fatigue. Overeating can lead to other health problems as well. It's good to have someone at home that reminds you to eat if you have a poor appetite. Or someone that moderates your meals and what you eat if you're overeating.

Bottomless pit syndrome... that's what I have. But no matter how much I eat, I literally can't gain wait. Seriously.

Sometimes I just starve myself because the thought of eating anything makes me want to throw up.

7 Feeling bad about yourself and/or that you are a failure

Something that I can feel often under depression is that I'm not the intelligent, capable and adaptable person I once was. The horrible paranoia that I'm losing my touch on what I've devoted my life to makes it seem so much more likely that I'm going to fail, and then wind up in a position where I can't be the person I know I should be. The thoughts take over my thinking altogether, and I've spent time desperately trying to prove myself to my peers, and when it affected my performance in the zone, desperately looking for any good news or consolation, and usually what people would say to me would not change anything, no matter how kind they were.

Another really horrible thing to feel. Having such a low self-esteem that you feel that you aren't good for anyone. That your friends feel pity for you of how lonely you are, and that that's the only reason they even hang out with you. That you haven't done anything important in life. But it's not true. As impossible as it may seem, people do care deeply about you. You being alive is important enough. Maybe you don't see it, but you simply being there matters to your loved ones. It takes time to learn to love yourself, but it's okay. Those who care will help you until you get there.

8 Insomnia or oversleeping

I literally can't sleep. It takes 1-4 hours for me just to fall asleep, and I wake up several times during the night.

With me its insomnia. How weird is it that I always feel so tired, but I can never seem to sleep.

I can't sleep most of the time so I write poetry at night.

9 Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions

To me, it's still a huge surprise that I'm even passing my classes at this point. Sometimes I can't concentrate on whatever is going on in class, or even remembering what someone told me a few minutes ago. It's hard to be suffering from this. It's difficult to accomplish daily tasks because you're not able to fully focus.

It's particularly overwhelming when you're trying to show yourself that you can do these things, and they're difficult no matter how simple they are. You also worry about how you've been affected by what you did in the moment, because your future is even more chaotic than your present.

I'm awful at making decisions and it's a miracle that I can remember my own name. I freak out at having to choose a movie to go to, and then I'll barely remember any of it once I leave.

10 Restlessness or irritability

I verbally lashed out at a good friend once because he kept asking me questions in Economics class, and I was so down that I couldn't analyse the simplistic graph in front of me. I was terrified that day that I'd lost my friendship with him, even though I knew he understood I was at least stressed out, and has so far been the only time I've been irritable with him.

I am constantly tapping my foot, chewing on my nails, wringing my hands, and/or lolling my head around. I get irritated at the smallest of things. For example, a simple clinking of a spoon against a bowl or my parents simply talking to me. It sounds like dumb reasons to get irritated over, but I can't help it.

This is me. I can't sit still. I always have to tap my knee, or do something.

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11 Forgetting personal hygiene
12 Feeling you would be better off alone
13 Feeling that you're not good enough
14 Feeling that everybody hates you
15 Feeling that no one wants to be friends with you
16 Having trust issues
17 Feeling that you're not like everyone else
18 Feeling that no one wants you to be their boyfriend or girlfriend
19 Feeling like quitting
20 Feeling that you messed everything up
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