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1 Jungle

The jungle is easily my favorite biome. It is difficult to navigate, but there is a huge abundance of melons to eat, a very lush grass and foliage cover, and tons of wood. I LOVE making treehouses (my favorite type of house) on the big jungle trees. You could fall, but mobs can't reach you.
Also, jungle trees have cocoa beans, and I believe you can only find cocoa beans in the jungle. Cocoa beans+Wheat=Cookies!

What more can you want? Beautiful grass and leaf, 2 exclusive plants (cocoa beans and melon), tallest trees, exclusive structure, 2 types of wood (no biome have more than 2 types of wood), exclusive mob (ocelot). If you build a house on top of a tree and light it up well, it is almost completely mob-proof

2 Extreme Hills

Looks like a cross between Middle earth and Pandora.
Mountain houses are cool as well as bridging mountains. Emeralds and crazy face generation too.

No trees that take years to cut down, some wood, and great space for houses!

I love the epic terrain, and it has the best caves.

3 Mushroom Fields

My personal favorite. So fun to build complex housing developments on top of the giant mushrooms. And if you ask me mooshrooms are the most amazingly helpful things ever!

Other minecraft biomes: We are all so unique with wood and grass.

Mushroom island: Noobs. I have purple grass, mushrooms, red cows, and unique.

No mobs spawn! It's the best ever except for the fact that there is no wood.

4 Forest

A forest neighboring a jungle that is situated near an ocean. That is where I built my Minecraft house. There is also a plains biome faraway and a desert biome near that. I built boat stops every once in a while along the shore. I just take the boat and go along the shore past the jungle to reach the plains and desert. I love my Minecraft world!

Filled with plenty of wood for crafting and when cutting down trees, there is plenty of fairly flat land for construction. Also, there are wolves to tame.

Lots of trees and usually lots of cows and pigs, too.

5 Plains

These are good for building but they kinda boring and go on for a while like I'm walking loking for adventure but it's really crap cause I wanna see something g new, you know they should really make like city's, similar to villages but WAY more cool.

Fairly flat space for houses and NPC villages for free houses, trading and blacksmith chests. Also, there is easy to spot caves, flowers and lots of tall grass to get wheat seeds from.

You can find almost everything in a plains, you can build your house the best in plains, need I say more?

6 Taiga

Taiga is honestly the best! Berries, foxes, wolves, a lot of trees, nice looking grass, I love everything in it!

Easily my favourite biome, you can find wolves and foxes easily!

7 Desert

Why is it that deserts are better in video games than in real like, I mean this isn't the first time I like being in the desert, Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire also had a super fun desert. You can also find desert temples and sand villiages here

Great for finding desert temples, dungeons and villages too.

These are best in survival if you're right next to a forest!

8 Swamp
9 Badlands

I like red sand and all its variants a lot. The orange is pretty, and you don't get rain. The plateaus make for good spots for homes.

Lots of gold and caves, helpful to have tree biomes nearby, I have a swampland and forest nearby.

Really rare and cool to play on, with variety of stained clay. Looks swag too. Best if near another biome for trees

10 Giant Tree Taiga

A seriously underrated biome. It has mossy boulders, beautiful trees, great ground variety, lots of little features that make it even better and more. It is very diverse and majestic, not to mention its sunsets. It has massive amounts of wood and is great for surviving in. That's why Mega Taiga is my favourite biome.

It's got a nice amount of vegetation+ mushrooms don't need shade.
Lots of big trees that don't give hostile mobs shade.
Wolves, foxes and rabbits are all located here.
It's like a more habitable version of the jungle but more easy to survive in.

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11 Snowy Tundra

I like this biome whoever thinks its ugly will be killed by a total pro in Minecraft PVP.

12 The End

The outer end are really interesting because it has one of my favourite mobs in the game: Shulkers!

13 Birch Forest
14 Ocean
15 Savannah

You've got lots of trees, but not in annoying places. You've got plateaus, plains, horses, you name it! I love this biome because it's just so versatile (and great for building). The color of the grass is one of my favorite things about savannas, although there are probably some out there who aren't a fan. All in all, the savanna is quite unique with a warm atmosphere, but not barren, like a desert.

Exotic trees, horses, a fantastic colour of the grass and leaves. Great for a safari like buildings. Very refreshing and unique choice of a biome. I love warm Australian/African biomes.

16 Ice Spikes

While this biome is very inhospitable on the surface it's very good for people who secretly base underground.

Ice Spikes biomes look SICK. I'd say no. 2 to the Mushroom Island/ Mushroom Beach.

You can make a village and a house out of the ice spikes, I did that once and it looks really cool

17 Flower Forest
18 Beach
19 Warped Forest
20 Sunflower Plains
21 Deep Ocean

Has anyone ever tried underwater building? It looks cool for shops on the server I go to, with all the guardians swimming around.

22 Dark Forest

It has 3 types of wood (most biomes have 0-2 types of wood) and if you don't like them you can easily travel over them. plus woodland mansions

23 Soul Sand Valley
24 Crimson Forest
25 Basalt Deltas
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