Top 10 Most Powerful Metal Fury Beyblades

This legendary lineup of Beyblades brought intense battles and some of the most powerful designs in the entire franchise. But the question remains - which spinning tops truly reigned supreme?

Have you always had a favorite that seemed unstoppable, or maybe an underdog that surprised you with its hidden strength? Think hard about the battles you saw, and those you fought yourself. Which Metal Fury Beyblades were the most impressive when it came to stamina, attack power, or sheer resilience?
The Top Ten
1 Phantom Orion

I want to get Phantom Orion for Christmas so it could beat my best Beyblade so far. I also like the owner, Chris. He beat that Masamune guy. He calls Masamune monkey.

My friend has Phantom Orion and it beat Jade Jupiter, Galaxy Pegasus, Blitz Striker, L-Drago Destructor, Cosmic Pegasus, and Beat Lynx. I feel like it's the strongest Bey in the world. No one could stop it.

I have Phantom Orion and L-Drago Destructor FS. Phantom beats L-Drago every time. It beat my friend's Diablo Nemesis 10 times in a row. Other Beyblades it beat are Basalt Horogium, VariAres, Beat Lynx, Cosmic Pegasus, Lightning L-Drago, Gravity Destroyer, Flash Sagittario, Hades Kerbecs, Dark Bull, Rock Pisces, and many more.

2 Cosmic Pegasus

It is the best and ultimate Bey I've ever gotten. It knocked out all the Beys I have, including L-Drago Destructor, Diablo Nemesis, Phantom Orion, Fang Leone, Jade Jupiter, and many more. It is best in upper attack mode. So, please, I request you to vote for Cosmic Pegasus.

It has the best attack power. It can end up any Beyblade, including Diablo Nemesis, Phantom Orion, Flash Sagittario, and Fang Leone. It can only lose to Samurai Pegasus of Beyblade: Shogun Steel.

Awesome Bey, it knocked out my Phantom Orion cold! I just said LET IT RIP, and it went on the stadium in a flurry. It just hit Phantom Orion, and he flew out of the stadium! And yes, Phantom Orion!

3 Death Quetzalcoatl

It's a pretty amazing bey. You should definitely get one, just make sure that it's made by Takara Tomy. I tried to buy one made by Takara Tomy on the cheap and ended up getting sent a poorly made one by Rapidity.

So, I haven't experienced it with the RDF performance tip, but the Death fusion wheel is amazing. It's extremely good at punishing taller beys and repels attackers with a lot of force. Since mine is poorly made, it has lines around it from the casting, which causes a lot of damage to other beys that come up against it. Think of what Poison Serpent did to Rock Aries in the Metal Fusion show - it did that to my Earth fusion wheel and cut into one of the wings on my new Cosmic Pegasus.

Luckily, I got my money back, and they even let me keep the bey because they didn't want to risk getting reported for selling fake stuff. So, I can't wait until I can afford to spend the extra money on a genuine Takara Tomy Death Quetzalcoatl.

4 L-Drago Destructor

L-Drago Destructor is a left-rotating Beyblade. It can also absorb the attacks of any other Beyblade. So, in my opinion, it is the champion of champions because of its advantages.

I recently bought an L-Drago Destructor, and it has broken my brother's Fang Leone. It has also defeated Pegasus and Flash Sagittario. The only bey to challenge the dragon emperor is Diablo Nemesis. So, please vote for L-Drago.

L-Drago Destructor is the best. It had crushed my Cosmic Pegasus, Ray Striker, and Hell Kerbecs! My Gravity Destroyer had lost to my L-Drago Destructor. Nobody stood a chance against the great L-Drago!

5 Diablo Nemesis

Its Fusion Wheel is heavy. It can change between attack and balance. Its Performance Tip is also a mode changer. It can change from attack to balance mode. It is a very thick Bey. It can beat any Beyblade from Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, and Metal Fury.

I have it, so I know. It's all true. Please vote for Diablo Nemesis to make it number 1.

I tried a lot of great Beyblades with it like Gravity Destroyer, Earth Eagle, Meteo L-Drago, Galaxy Pegasus, and many more, but the other Beyblades which challenged Diablo Nemesis flew out of the stadium!

6 Rock Leone

This Beyblade is the coolest and strongest. This Bey has an incredible defense.

It's the best. I bought it today. It is amazing!

If you put a 100 spin track and a WB metal one, it is the best. It is an attacking defense-type Bey, having good stamina.

7 Duo Uranus

This is seriously the most underrated Beyblade in the world. I don't have this Beyblade, but I've watched so many YouTube videos of Duo Uranus beating other Beys, such as Phantom Orion, Scythe Kronos, and lots of other crazy stamina types. I really want this Beyblade, but the Ultimate set it comes in is like $200.

Yeah, right. Every time I've watched Duo Uranus up against Phantom Orion, it wins. You probably have a fake one if it doesn't win. I have the fake one (got it on accident) but really want the real one.

8 Flash Sagittario

Flash Sagittario was my first Hyperblade. This Bey is so strong in its stamina mode that it defeated my friend's L-Drago Destructor and Diablo Nemesis at the same time. It should be at the 1st spot and not the 6th.

This Beyblade is cool. This Beyblade has a 230 spin track. No one can reach the fusion wheel because it's really tall.

It has perfect stamina. Its attack mode might be quite lacking, but it's useful as well.

9 Scythe Kronos

It is one of the best Blades in Metal Fury. My Scythe Kronos beat a Cosmic Pegasus, L-Drago Destructor, and Phantom Orion all at the same time.

It is the best Bey ever. It beat my friend's Lightning L-Drago, Rock Aries, and Poison Virgo. I like it so much.

It is really the best Beyblade ever. This Beyblade should be at the top of the list. Really incredible power!

10 Blitz Striker

This Beyblade has an incredible attack. It beat Rock Leone. It's not the strongest, but still the best.

Blitz Striker is cool. It beat Ray Striker in a battle. This Bey is cool but not the strongest, but still the best.

My favorite Bey. I like it a lot, and I think it should be number one! Best in the world!

The Contenders
11 Hades Kerbecs

It is a most powerful bey. It is a powerful defending and attacking bey. When I was watching Beyblade: Metal Masters, it beat 4 beys together continuously. It is the only bey which has its own world - where it is spinning, the whole place is blasted.

It is a brilliant bey. It is the most powerful bey in the Star Breaker team. Its blade's name is Dabiane. I want to buy this Beyblade.

I think Hades Kerbecs/Hell Kerbecs is the most powerful because it's quite balanced with its attack and defense percentage. And it's heavy. The heavier the bey, the stronger it attacks. I have Hell Kerbecs, and I have 10 beys - it beats 8 of them.

My suggestion is: Metal Wheel = Kerbecs / Clear Wheel = Diablo Nemesis / Face Bolt = Kerbecs / And the extra disk and the track (BD145 )/ Performance Tip 3 modes: For Attack = WD / Stamina = Virgo's BS (Ball Sharp) / Defense = don't know the name.

12 Earth Virgo

I have every Metal Fury Beyblade. I've used my Earth Virgo so much that the tip has become perfectly rounded from spinning. It is by far one of the best Beyblades out there.

I also have every Metal Fury Beyblade. Earth Virgo beats them all 99% of the time. My Phantom Orion doesn't stand a chance!

13 Fang Leone

Fang Leone is the best Bey there is because of Kyoya's blader spirit and wind power for both attack and defense. Leone rocks!

Fang Leone is the strongest Beyblade in the world. Its Counter Mode and Defense Mode are the best.

This Beyblade is the best and strongest defense type. It beat Rock Leone, Earth Eagle, L-Drago Destructor, and more.

14 Big Bang Pegasis

This should be replacing Cosmic Pegasus. This one can mode change. The other can't. And with my experience, this thing is a nuke if you know how to use it.

It is awesome. It can defeat almost all the Beyblades. And yeah, Cosmic Pegasus and Big Bang Pegasus are both the same.

It knocks Phantom Orion off the Bey stadium in the fifth hit. But sometimes it's very bad.

15 Vari Ares

It's an awesome Bey that can change its fusion wheel from attack to defense. Plus, it took out all of my Beyblades, so I recommend this Beyblade to the people who are going to buy another one.

It is so strong and can change Fusion Wheels, which is cool. My Beys faced it, and none won against it.

So nice, I love it. I won with it against all Beys except Hades Kerbecs and Twisted Tempo.

16 Forbidden Ionis

Even beats Galaxy Pegasus. Opt for this one. The best.

17 Jade Jupiter

He is so cool. My strongest Bey. I respect other people's opinions on Jade Jupiter. He broke all Beys in his path. My soul partner. He hasn't been defeated once. It's impossible to defeat him.

He is so awesome that I don't know why he is not in first place. It has got quite a lot of weaknesses but is still one of my favorites alongside L-Drago.

I have it, and its only problem is the RB tip. If it is changed with any other plastic tip, it can beat Pegasus and L-Drago in a single battle. I have tested it. That's why it is my favorite. Jade just rocks!

18 Rock Zurafa
19 Kreis Cygnus

My Kreis Cygnus has beaten all my other Beys, including my Phantom Orion, which is currently voted number one.

It can beat all Beys if you modify the Fusion Wheel so it goes 360%.

20 Storm Pegasus

It is a good Bey. Has a brilliant attack but poor stamina, I suppose.

Storm Pegasus is so powerful it won all the matches in one attack.

21 Forbidden Eonis
22 Mercury Anubis

Anubis is so cool and great. You should get him or at least vote for him because he is a legendary Bey and he is the god of Mercury!

Is an awesome attack Bey since it has Extreme Flat and an 85 Spin Track.

23 Vulcan Horuseus

Good defense. It beat Ray Striker in one shot.

Incredible defense. Vulcan Horuseus beat Ray Striker in a fight using defense.

24 Basalt Horogium

Heaviest Bey. Best defensive Beyblade available.

25 Flame Libra
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