Top Ten Moments From The Ducktales (2017) Episode "What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!"


The Top Ten

1 Della's Lullaby
2 Della's Messages to Earth
3 The Reveal that Della Amputated Her Leg
4 Della vs. the Moonmite
5 The Moon City is Revealed
6 Della Shows Compassion to the Moonmite
7 "Ugh! Black licorice?!"
8 Della Rebuilds the Spear of Selene
9 Della's First Attempt to Get Home
10 Della's Way to Get Scooge's Attention

The Contenders

11 Della Waking Up After The Crash
12 The Moon's Skyline Being Shown To Emphasize How Much Time Has Passed
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