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21 Mars Bar - 1 in 6 mars bars wins another bar

My favorite ad is the Mars bar ad with the dog playing the flute I love it! - RockStarr

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22 Money supermarket with the guy in high heels and prominent buttocks

How ridiculous, stupid and pathetic. Who would want to be associated with that!

Wrose Advert Ever - CiaranSean


Worst. Adverts. EVER.

24 There's so much fun in Toffifee

It's twee and plastic and truly awful

Fun? Where? What? When?

25 NSPCC Adverts

These truly suck and should be stopped they are too depressing

26 Nobbies nuts
27 The Snuggy
28 Trivago

That woman has an awful voice and accent.

Most annoying advert on T.V.

29 Vitality UK Sausage Dog

This ad drives me mad it is not funny and must appear dozens of times each day

30 Touch 'n' fresh

It's all gone.
It's all gone.
Oh grow up

31 O2: Be More Dog

I hate it because it's mean to cats. It stereotypes cats saying they're lazy and they are NOT!

Just cheeses me off when I see these adverts.

32 Chevrolet (guy with the beard commercials)

I hate these so much

33 McDonald's Happy Meal

I hate this damn commercial those stupid boxes diving into a truckload of oranges and claping with there feet

34 Empire Carpets

Haven't seen it in a while, but no advert has surpassed it yet! - argon8

35 OxiClean

Hi BILLY MAYS HERE. Oh my god, that voice is the epitome of mankind. - poilkjmnb

36 Dish Net
37 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

A get the advert out of my head!

38 Geico - The Pig
39 No No Advert

Goes on for ever & very irritating

40 TripAdvisor
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