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61 Dog haters

How could anyone hate such a faithful, loyal animal? I understand they have their opinions, though, but... I don't agree with them. - Blight

No one hates a dog. People hate cats way more than dogs - ParkerFang

62 Cat haters
63 Wendy Koopa haters

Wendy SUCKS! Shut up, Wendy Fan - ToadF1

64 Nickelback haters
65 People who play the jealousy card
66 The ones who say their videos are funnier, cooler, etc. than the one whose video is actually cool

Nigahiga, SkyDoesMinecraft, PewDiePie, and others get people like this all the time. Each one of those haters are never funnier or better than the one their hating on

Danisnotonfire is GOOD. So is Amazingphil. - FennikenFan9

Meanwhile they don't actually have videos. - DCfnaf

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67 Rocko's Modern Life haters
68 Pop haters

Anybody who hates Pop is so rude to the fans who do like it. They say that it's all about drugs. Have you heard Taylor Swift? Ariana Grande? One Republic? None of their songs are about drugs. And Adele is probably the best singer ever.

We have a right to hate bad music - bobbythebrony

69 Justin Bieber haters

JBL alert! JBL alert! Get the guns! Prepare the machines! PREPARE. FOR. WAR!

Wow... Just wow Nice troll! - Aguythatpeopleignores

The hate for JB is plain ridiculous. People keep saying he should die act as if they're the most perfect human beings ever.

Have you seen the about of "KIll JB" levels on Happy Wheels? They're getting out of control!

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70 Luigi haters

Uhm... almost nobody hates Luigi. - DaisyandRosalina

Danteem want theme all to die!

71 Rugrats haters
72 Ed, Edd n Eddy haters
73 Jessie haters
74 Selfish haters
75 Heartless haters

Are you guys so hypersensitive to put this on the list?!

Heartless from Kingdom Hearts?

Rosalina haters for example - yunafreya648

Minion Haters In A Nutshell

76 Minecraft haters

It is believed that most people hating minecraft because of the large quantity of minecraft video on Youtube.

90% of them are parents. - njalabi63989

I wouldn't say I hate it, but to be honest, it has terrible NPCs, terrible graphics, bone dry content. I could go on. But I won't. I guess I'll just stick to Terraria. - LordDovahkiin

77 Haters that hate kids V 1 Comment
78 Fred haters V 2 Comments
79 The ones who won't shut up about the things they hate

These ones are very annoying, they keep posting about the things they hate and keep wondering why the thing they hate is always with them everywhere.

Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

80 Haters of non-Disney movies

If you thought the Frozen hate was bad, then wait until you see haters and negative movies for every non-Disney animated feature out there, even if some are better than others. Most non-Disney movies are mistaken for being ripoffs of Disney's films when not all of them are. Being made and released at the same time period doesn't make it a ripoff. I blame TLK fans big time for thinking that Balto is a ripoff of their precious movie, just because it was made in the mid 1990's and had talking animals in it.

Why would people think Balto is a ripoff of The Lion King?

I meant negative reviews... Sorry for the typo.

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