Most Dangerous Areas In Canada

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1 Jane and Finch Toronto, Ontario

You will get jumped at night for sure.

2 East Hastings Vancouver, BB
3 Scarborough Toronto, Ontario

That was where Paul Bernardo began his life of crime, before moving onto St. Catherines, Ontario.

4 Montreal, Quebec

Montreal would rather be a racist city

Montreal is not dangerous, its just the second largest city in Canada and have a lot of immigrants in the city but that dosen't mean Montreal is dangerous you stuped!

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5 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Has been the murder capital in Canada 16 (as of 2012) times since murder stats have been record since 1981. You do the math, that is more then 50%.

Also has the highest violent crime rates yearly.

6 Regina, Saskatchewan
7 Hamilton, Ontario
8 Vancouver, BC
9 Brampton, Ontario Brampton, Ontario Brampton is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is a suburban city in the Greater Toronto Area and the seat of Peel Region.
10 Windsor, Ontario

What a poor cheap crime riddled city. Seedy strip clubs and ugly run down buildings.

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11 Croche à Willy, Pont-Lafrance New Brunswick

Lol, its kids who is always on the road!

12 Huntingdon, Quebec
13 Saguenay, Quebec
14 North End, Winnipeg

It is the most povertised area in Canada, has the highest violent crime rates, and homicide rates.

It is a lot more dangerous then "Jane and Finch" in Toronto.

The most dangerous neighbourhood in the North End is Point Douglas which has a murder rate of about 120 per 100,000 residents. 60 times higher then the Canadian average.

15 London, Ontario V 2 Comments
16 North End Downtown, Halifax
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