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Subjects where you definitely don't sleep in their periods.

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1 History

I like History and all, but I hate the students in my class. I pretty sure I'm the only student she likes. - Luckys

I would love to be an archaeologist when I am older. History is actually extremely important. We need to learn from our mistakes in the past! We don't want another war like World War II. We need to learn from that and stop it Fromm happening again. And the famines! We need to learn from them to prevent them from happening again. And we need to stop the famines today! We can also learn about our personality.E.G. Boys are generally rough and like fighting video games. This is probably because in the past boys were hunters and need to be strong to get their food
We also need to learn from the good things of the past. There must be stuff from the renaissance that we don't know that could solve big problems in humanity. We need to find and learn these things to make our world a better place! I hope people have learned from this. Thank you for reading.

"Fools who don't respect the past are doomed to repeat it"~Nico Robin (One Piece)

From a kid in 5th class (I think that's ...more

Our history has so much to tell, so much to teach, and gives so much inspiration and influence. There is so much that is yet to be discovered. I want to discover those amazing, beautiful secrets history has. It is the third top priority on my list (Family, Manga Writer, Archaeologist, Athlete). We need to know history and help the world. Along with science and peace, history is one of the things we need to understand (And use the knowledge) to make the wold a better place

It depends on the teacher but I generally enjoy history more than any other class.

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2 P.E.

PE is kind of good. - Luckys

P.E is on the top of the Subject chain go Sport.

PE is ace, you get to run, play games and sports, jump and throw stuff. My favourite is athletics and I quite like gymnastics (I'm quite independent). Everyone in my old class liked PE, well at least I know no one hated it which was more than could be said for all the other subjects...

P.E. is the best in some ways like how it,s fun, you can get strong, you could get faster but cross country sucks because I keep coming 4th last every bloody year

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3 Music

I'm in choir and it sucks. It's very boring. The only reason like it a little is because of field trips. Yesterday we went to main event and last December we went to an indoor waterpark. - Luckys

Music is the best therapy that makes you feel better, and through it you find yourself more into it. Music was my favorite subject in school because it made me born again, to find passion writing songs. I can listen to music all day and never get tired from it.

Music Is More than life Itself, Life is nothing without music

I like music, but I'm terrible at it. WHERE'S ART?!

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4 English

This is very important subject

I'm going to study it at Uni!

This csubject sucks

English is extremely important. However, it's just not about clause and subordinate clauses and things like that. It can reviews, analysis and sometimes narrative.

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5 Drama

Actually doesn't suck. Only subject I actually enjoy going to. You can see a drastic change in my attitude and mental stability on the days that I don't have drama

Will be good if there's this subject at school

You do plays and its just AMAZING

6 Information Technology
7 Science

I understand how history is first, but Science is awesome! It can be super interesting, and labs are amazing! Once to teach us about how chemical reactions work, we lit a helium balloon on fire!

There are different topics in science, and the variety of options to choose from is the best

How can you not love science? The thing about science is that we know little to nothing about it! There are things waiting to be discovered in this universe and any other universes that might be! It inspires me to learn more. To discover things that no one else has discovered! Astronomy has always intrigued me. How was the universe formed? What exists at the end of a black hole? Is there life outside of earth? Are there multiple universes or even and infinite amount of universes? Is time travel possible? The possibilities are literally infinite!

How is history #1? History is useless

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8 Math

Its best but you better watch your butt when your doing that

Math Is Fun But Hard

Maths is a fun subject for me once you get the hang of its fun the only thing stoping me from liking math are he teachers

I AGREE ITS very intresting

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9 Literature

My favorite classes at school are Drama, English, Art and Literature. I voted for Literature because it's the lowest my list. Come on guys, books are awesome!

Yay books!

10 Art

You can express yourself through Art. Your feelings each and every one of them. And it's just creative and fun, it has more meaning if you understand it.

My dream is to become a great manga writer (Manga is Japanese comic). I don't necessary want be famous, just to be great at art. Art is basically my life.

My favourite subject ever
And my art teacher is handsome

I simply love art, it's my favorite subject.

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11 Physics

By far the best!

"All science is either physics or stamp collecting." ~ Ernest Rutherford

Without physics, let's just say this website, Google, YouTube, the entire internet would not exist.

And don't let me get started with Astrophysics, quantum physics or particle physics...

12 Religion

It is a unique religion...Islam

go islam!

Religion is not the worst. I am Muslim and for me, it's fun to learn Islam

Worst subject ever

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13 German

My favourite subject

Not a lot of schools offer German, but it is pretty cool.

14 French

I think it should be above all other languages here, it sounds better than other languages and is also not too hard (though still very hard) - darthvadern

I love French

15 Biology

No one would understand how much I love Biology, Science, Astronomy, Psychology, foreign languages, drama, math, and Physics - Swiftdawn

Biology is just perfect. It’s the most interesting class, and even of you don’t go into a scientific field in the future, it is still important to learn about the world around you. 10/10

Learning about life is amazing... how were all just chemicals that interact in certain ways. mind blown.

16 Algebra

I think this is the most interesting subject.

its lit

I find Algebra really Good, rather than Stupid Geometry which I cannot Get a word from - darknessmaster909

It's really easy once you know the basics

17 Chemistry

Interesting,I loved it - SpinosaurusExtraordinary

One of the best subjects ever!

Chemistry is so interesting, including the labs.

Chemistry should get more votes.

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18 Archaeology

Its amazing

BY FAR the most interesting!

19 Economics

I love economics it is ingaging and you get to learn about the world.

20 Psychology

I love learning about what makes people act so weird!

Psychology is by far one of the most interesting subjects there is. Learning about the human mind and human nature is just absolutely fascinating in my opinion in a criminal psychologist though so I might be a little biased

I just love the study of mind and behavior, it is related to who we are in relation to other humans as well. Something so worthwhile to learn.

21 Geography

The world is so different, varied! From volcanoes to the ocean, there's so much to learn

22 Spanish

An easy foreign language to learn.

23 Computing


24 Film and Television

You get to make and watch movies all day... SIGN ME UP PLEASE!

25 Food and Nutrition

There is so much to cooking, from what's in food to how it cooks!

It’s good to know this stuff so you don’t die

26 Graphic Design

I love making weird and crazy masterpieces with Photoshop!

27 Astronomy

This is a great subject and I really like it

When I was young I believed a god named billy made the multiverses and he traveled with his mates

28 Paleontology

Paleontology,is fun and I loved those paleo-animals and organisms,especially dinosaurs - SpinosaurusExtraordinary

29 Philosophy
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