Top 10 Best Zodiac Signs

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1 Sagittarius Sagittarius

Archers makes the best lovers. They will try anything in the bedroom, nothing is off limits.
Sagittarius are super competitive so they work and play hard all the time as they hate
to lose. If your not first your last is the archer saying. Yes the archer is forward and honest and most times hurts the people they love, but deep down believe that by being so honest that there relationships only become stronger. Once a archer is fully committed to his or her partner there in it for the long haul. Once again they hate to lose. Sagittarius loves there family more than other signs as they will sacrifice there own body and heath so that there loved ones will have a better life than there own. The archer will go without to see there children get ahead in life. Archers love travel, dinning at nice restaurants and shopping at the finest stores. Sagittarius are perfectionists when it comes to details and can see flaws in workmanship or craftsmanship. Most Sagittarius are generous and will ...more

I have a friend who is a sagitarius and he is really funny and sweet. They can sometimes be super moody and nasty, but when they are not, they are really bubbly and easy to laugh with. They are more of a follower and need others opinions to make decisions for themselves.

Sagittarius is a great sign. Being part of the fire group, I feel like they are always being forgotten because of Aries and Leo. A Sagittarius is great because they have an incredible sense of humor and they can put you at ease no matter what. They are overall happy people and you needn't worry about them. A Sagittarius is playful, and very mischievous, though very impatient and at times brutally honest. Although I can assure you, if you befriend a Sagittarius, prepare for some new adventures, because these people can never sit still, and they are the most adventurous of the signs.

Me: Sagittarius
Little Sister: Aquarius
Mom: Pisces
Dad: Leo
Best Friend: Libra
Boyfriend: Leo
Dog: Sagittarius!

Sagittarius people are not only kind and generous but they also have a lot going for them. They can be very talented and have good looks so it won't be hard for them in life. There's lots and lots of super famous sag people that you most likely know of. And on top of all that they can fight and be mean. They know how to defend themselves and at the same time protect others. Sag for the win 🥇

2 Aquarius Aquarius

My dad is an Aquarius and he is a super hardworking workaholic. He is outgoing, super funny, and shy and quiet. At first when you meet a sagitarius, they are shy and scared, but once you get to know they they are amazing people :)

Some people look down on Aquarians because they don't display much emotion, making them come off cold and unemotional. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Like all signs of the zodiac, they have good and bad qualities. They do have emotions and they do care about things including other people. They just aren't known to let people see their tears. They are humanitarians. They are loyal, honest, intelligent, deep thinkers, imaginative, and they don't judge the flaws and imperfections of others. They also love travel and adventure. I think Aquarius is one of the most unique signs of the zodiac.

As I am Aquarius I love chilling having fun... I make music and I am a rapper I am always free minded I don't give a damn whats people thinks about me cause nobody is perfect.. I love talking to people who needs better suggestions life lesson and I believe that I can give people a better ideas. I always try to bring out new things! But I also have my angry side... I get angry fast.. I can control it tho but when anger reach out my limit I get blind and can't control my self.. most of the time I hide my emotions because I don't want people to see it! I'm proud to be an Aquarius...

Although aloof and unemotional, they actually are very compassionate, sensitive and emotional. Their philosophical demeanor is also generally endearing. Not only that, but they are highly intellectual individuals with the potential to change the world, great innovators and unique, special people. Philanthropist and humanitarian, Aquarians are kind and tries to lend a helping hand. Loyal and devoted to their partner, too and although they rarely love, they love hard and strongly.

3 Scorpio Scorpio

I have a friend who is a scorpio and she is an amazing person. They don't care what others think and she will do anything for me. Even though lots of people say that they are super dangerous and mean, my friend is, but not like that towards me and her other friends lol

I'm a scorpio and it seems that anyone that meets me either hates me or loves. Is this the same for other scorpions or am I the only one?

The sheer power of Scorpio lies in it's resilience, capability to survive in bad conditions, stubbornness, mental strength and their sixth sense - they really don't like a sweet bull and their observations are often true. Scorpio might be seen as weak by the others because of it's tendency to not open the mouth so much, but it's only because he doesn't show it's strength to others - it's power is deep inside him, when someones pushes Scorpio way too much it's a bad thing. Scorpio will do a lot to prove others wrong and can engage in a very long war of attrition - war of attrition is something what Scorpio loves because rivalry and grudge fuels them, they won't stop till their win. Remember that a Phoenix is an image of Scorpio, a badly beaten Scorpio is much more dangerous rival than just a pushed Scorpio. They don't need false friends, public and opinion of others about them, they don't really care about opinion of others what is a huge advantage - they can't be crushed so easily ...more

Scorpio is a tough nut to crack. But it's worth it. We are the kinds of people who give the shirt off our backs to those we deem close friends. Even if we can't afford to. That's how much we value those who take the effort to get to know us. But it's something that takes time to get to as we are rather icebergish in nature.

We also remember actions good or bad towards us. As well as own actions when we act out. In most cases rationality is one of the last things to go in a mad Scorpio. If you ever piss one off, don't run and hide. Instead take them head on like a speeding truck and diffuse their anger rationally. Understand their anger and detail your actions as to why you did what did to anger them. Never half ass an apology.

4 Leo Leo

I'm a leo and the reason I vote for leo is not bcs that's my sign but its bcs of the others leos. Most leos are confident, funny, crazy, extrovert and proud of themselves but they can also be rlly insecure and once someone compliment them, they started to be ego and think that they are the best of all. something I like about leo is that they are funny, energetic, confident and extrovert. Something I don't like about them/me is the ego once someone compliment them, attention seekers, and I think I kinda don't like being a leo bcs in my opinion, most of people like to tease leos and when I find someone funny, I would copy them or be like them to gain the attentions and wanted people to like me and that's just not right so yeah.

Leo is hands down the strongest sign! It's the only one symbolized by a powerful apex predator (the lion) and the only one ruled by the almighty Sun itself which is the strongest force in the solar system.

It even rules the Strength Tarot Card and is a physically actuve fire sign and s strong and determined fixed sign. Earlier astrologers called the sign: "strong, courageous, feral, bestial, and solitary" so despite modern astrologers highly exaggerated claims, Leo does NOT need attention or luxury and in fact Aries was the "luxurious" sign, not Leo.

Plus, people conveniently forget that Scorpio and Capricorn are actually two of the emotionally weakest signs since they are the weakest placements of the moon which rules emotions and the inner self. Leo has no weak placements in either Sun or moon.

So it's high time for astroligers to remember which sign is ACTUALLY the most powerful: LEO.

Being a Leo is almost like an honor. I actually have been told I seem like one and I am proud of that. Leos tend to be considered selfish or egotistic, but in reality we love attention, and have pride in ourselfs. When someone compliments us, it does boost our ego, but for the most part we are flattered by it, and I gotta say who doesn't love flattery. Leos should be the top dog, because I feel like our sign depicts most people. Proud, strong, willing to fight for what we believe in, fierce, loyal, beautiful, natural leader, fearless, outgoing. Majority of the people will say that most of those things describes them. Which makes a leo so important. Leos should be number one, because they deserve it.

Most people are Scorpio and that's whys its 1st. Leo is king of the zodiacs and Aquarias is the loyal duke. Libra is the prince. Sagittarius is the queen and Virgo is the Jester. Gemini is the princess and pisces is the prisoner. Leo is also the knight and genius. leo is the most creative. Taurus is the enemy. The servant is Capricorn and Cancer. Leo is the general. Scorpio is the dummy that makes the king laugh with the funny jester. Aries is the horse.

5 Gemini Gemini

My brother is a Gemini, and he is an amazing person. Yes, I know, sometimes they can blame you for something you didn't even do or be super cocky about stuff, but I could have never asked for a better brother in the world.

The mind of a Gemini is the most incomprehensible out of any of the zodiac signs. Both introverted and extroverted. This creates a charismatic, fun persona and a philosophical genius of the inside. The bias towards Gemini's is because the most important gift human beings can receive is different from everybody else's process of thinking. Gemini's have limitless potential and can venture to boundless horizons. The embodiment of both an ustopable force and an immovable object all in one person. Our differences do not make us less than. We see a frontier no one else can see. We are the lights who shine in darkness. No one needs to understand us, because we're all we need to start a revolution.

Are super intelligent and kind and friendly to everyone around them. They have a true superpower to not only be curious, but be able to understand multiple perspectives of the world around them. Truly amazing people. Oh and who said they were "two faced"? That's not even close to what the twins mean! The twins represent that they're able to see and understand things that no other sign can. Once you learn about the sign of gemini truly means, you'll fall in love with it. It truly is a deep and meaningful sign, no deceitfulness in it all. And besides, geminis only act stupid so they can make the people around them feel better and smile more! They're also really positive and intelligent at the same time.

Have a great day

My friend is a gemini; she was my first true friend and I love her. She's funny and talkative and caring, I don't know about any other Geminis.
My friend is definitely a Gemini with the two faces; by that I mean that around boys at our school she can be easily angry and feisty, but around girls she's the most wanted person in the room.

6 Aries Aries

Aries may be short tempered and cocky, but once you get to know them, they are the BEST drama gossipers and know everything about anyone. My friends are all aries and always have a specific topic they want to talk about.

One of my best friends is an Aries, and you've gotta love her. I can't say she's the most empathetic person in the world, but she's still amazing. Creative, smart, pretty, and funny. And talented in everything (leadership, acting, singing, writing, etc)
I have to admit, I'm jealous. I want her creativity (I'm a pisces)

Okay not everyone who is an Aries actually act like total jerks. I'm an Aries too, and all the Aries I've met don't brag about how 'amazing' they are. The reason people like Aries at my school is because they are outgoing, adventurous, and they also have a huge heart at times too. I'm not just saying this about myself, but this is my opinion on the Aries at my school. Aries aren't cold-hearted jerks, yeah maybe they can be huge hot-heads, but once you know them better, they sound like a good person. Not everyone who is an Aries are bad.

Everyone likes this sign for some reason. I don't know why. They just sound like complete jerks, and a lot of the ones I see online always brag about how "amazing" they are. This is coming from an Aries. I absolutely hate the fact I am a Aries and would be the most happy person in the world if I had any other sign. Besides, the sign doesn't suit me. It just hurts me to think that I ended up with such a terrible sign.

7 Taurus Taurus

I am a Taurus, and sometimes I get annoyed by how people say that they are lazy, and homebodies. I am a homebody, but if you really get to know a Taurus, you will see that they are really hardworking and outing, just an underrated sign in general.

My friend is a Taurus and she is extremely FUNNY! One day at school, she just randomly started saying she was a MUSHROOM, her older sister was an AVACODO, and her younger sister was a CHICKEN NUGGET. I spent the whole day laughing with the rest of our friends (By the way, I'm a pisces, and the rest of our friends are aquarius, aries, and gemini.) Taurus are very loyal and fun to talk to. I once told her that I feel like pisces like me are not cared for. Nobody likes our sign. I'm super insecure about it. She said: I care about you and all the other pisces! I know a lot of pisces. You, my cousins, and other family members. I think pisces are great, and so should you and everyone else!
To conclude, Taurus are amazing and should not be this low on the list.

I agree, Taurus is the best because they are happy, stable, determined, persistent and good at giving advice.
They are a bit stubborn and don't stop until their voice is heard.
They are sometimes short tempered or impatient, but they always make up for it. They are supposedly the most caring sign and will always have your back if you need them.
They remember everything, so don't upset a taurus. It could be as simple as rolling your eyes, starting rumors, or excluding you that makes a taurus hate you, or at least dislike you. This is a good thing because they know the difference between right and kind to wrong and nasty.
They are leaders, not followers, and their opinions deserve to be heard. To them, they like to think they re always right, and if they admit they are wrong you have officially seen their soft side.
They will do anything to find the truth and they make sure you know it. Don't lie to a taurus because they will find out.
I am proud of my sign, which, who ...more

I hate that people always think of Taurus as some lazy person who just sits on the couch watching Netflix all day. That's not true at all. And yet, sometimes I feel that Taurus is rather ignored out of all the Zodiac signs, and when they aren't, their just described as lazy. And that's not fair.

8 Pisces Pisces

I'm a pisces myself and I think people don't understand how hard it is for them to make fun of people, how hard it is to hide our feelings. we hide our feelings because we don't want to show others that we are frustrated or more and we don't like expressing how we are sad or how angry we are because we don't want to make others unhappy too. we tend to obey others a lot wether its making ourselves unhappy or not, we just don't want to show our frustrations with other people infecting them.

Being a pisces is great! But I really dislike how our characteristics call us emotionally sensitive, it makes me feel like Pisces are known for that. Yes we have feelings but there are so many other things that aren't feeling related. Like we have talents, let's talk about those!

As a pisces, I feel like we're under-rated. Pisces are easy to please, fun loving, creative, and very, very generous. We are emotional and sensitive, but we try our hardest to please you other signs. I just wish we could be noticed without everyone giving us stage fright.
I find myself similar to Cancers, and I wish I had a cancer friend, who I could talk to about emotions, and feel like I'm not the only one. You listen to Lukas Graham? Know his song "You're not the only one?" I want to have a cancer around for me so that I can actually sing that song and feel like my life relates to it. (By the way, I am voting for Cancer, too.)
Thank you for reading. Good luck with everything, fellow pisces and other zodiacs!

A water sign, Pisces is very loving, helpful, selfless, intuitive, and the rarest zodiac sign. Gentle, and submissive, they want to do all they can for the people they love. They are very pessimistic. Overly emotional, and sensitive, they have that 6th sense for being a soulmate and sensing others feelings. Weaknesses: Afraid of many things, too naïve, moody, escape from the real world, is commonly a victim. Pisces likes: Solitude, sleeping, music, romanticism, arts, swimming. Pisces dislikes: Criticism, inability to get rid of the past, violence, cruel behavior. Pisces are the prettiest zodiac sign. They love to daydream, and fantasize, to escape from reality.

9 Capricorn Capricorn

I am a Capricorn-Pig, which means my Western zodiac is Capricorn and my Chinese zodiac is Pig.I found that I am not completely Capricorn, so I checked out my Chinese zodiac and it made out my personality EXACTLY! I've certainly heard of Leo s who don't like to be the star of the show, or Aquariuses who like thinking things straightforward.So if you think your zodiac doesn't match you completely, check out your Chinese zodiac.By the way, if you are a Capricorn-Pig you are helpful, smart, and a lot more

Capricorns are awesome! Just because we seemed reserved doesn't mean we can't get crazy. With people whom we have literally been with since forever, you might as well call us psychos. I can't believe how we're number 6, we need to move it higher!

My best friend in the whole world who has always been there when I needed her, cheered me up and helped me get through the darkest of times and is like a sister to me is a Capricorn.

I have a capricorn friend, and I have a lot of capricorn aunts too. I really wish I was as good people, as commiting, and as reliable as they were. I have no bad experiences with capricorns. My capricorn friend always seems to do things for me, and is there and talks to me no matter what.

10 Virgo Virgo

I'm a Virgo myself and I'm honestly so proud to be myself. In school I go to anyone who is lonely or just feeling down. The new girl didn't like talking to people but I still make her feel happy on the inside. Time to time I make people smile with great joy. Even thought I'm not that smart I keep trying and word hard for a great future in front of me. Hope you guys feel the same way.

My best friend is a Virgo and she is honestly the best. She is so intelligent and helps me when I have problems with Algebra. She would literally fight anybody who tries to mess with me. She is so kindhearted and always offers to help others. I have anxiety and every time I have an anxiety attack she would skip class just to sit with me and comfort me. Everyone just stares at me like a weirdo but she tells me to ignore them because I am a beautiful person. Honestly, she is the best

Most loyal sign. The most emotional amongst the earthy ones. Absolutely loving, you can trust Virgos to 100%. They are very critical and if you are able to deal with the truth - ask them. Virgos will tell you. Not because they want to harm you, but because Virgo wants to give you the chance to improve yourself. How to piss them off? Lie to them. They won't look at you again.

You have to be out of your mind to think that we are not the most talented, famous, most recognized good people in this whole entire world.

Examples: Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, Beyoncé Knowles, Keanu Reeves, Pink, Ludacris, Tyler Perry, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, and I could go on but it would be an embarrassment to all of you. Thank You. Virgos for life...

The Contenders
11 Libra Libra

Most Libras are great people. I love how they are down to earth even though their element is air. They are simply "in the middle": they are passionate like the fire signs, communicative like the air signs, sensitive like the water signs and rational like the earth signs. Being with them is such a pleasure. They treat you like you treat them, they are extremely fair. Most of my friends in the past and now are Libras. Libra men are passionate lovers who put lots of effort in making their partner happy, too, once they have settled down. Just that you know, I'm a female Virgo.

I think this should be somewhere on the top 5. All of the Libras I've met are so generous and kind, and also pretty hilarious. No offense to any Scorpios out there, but honestly I think they're overrated (please hear me out I still love Scorpios). A lot of people I know who also like zodiac signs worship Scorpio, saying that this sign deserves way more and that they get a ton of hate. Personally, I don't hate Scorpios, I just think they're overrated. But back to Libras, they should definitely be somewhere at the top of the list, not at the bottom.

I think Libra's are the best sign only because when they walk in a room they can charm everyone with no effort. Libra's have good mannerism, good people skills, and they are the nicest people. Did I mention on how down to earth they are? Now there are some other good signs, BUT Libra's are far by the best. and with this I would like to point out one more thing and that is no matter what the energy is in the room a Libra can always brighten it up. We all need a Libra in our life.

Libra should be at least in the top 5. Dunno why it's down here.
I'm a true Libra myself, I love being intellectual, social and have opinions that constantly change which symbolises the scales of the Zodiac. I can see many sides of an argument. Nice and friendly I like being liked by others. It's so hard to please others though with this sign. Giving people your best and never getting reciprocated the same way. Zodiac Number #1

12 Cancer Cancer

My best friend that has been my friend for almost 8 years is the best cancer ♋ that I've ever met! I do have a lot experience while being her only friend. There's two type of cancers, they can be rlly rlly soft, cute, positive and sassy BUT they also can be rlly sexy(?), emotional, negative, sad and all of that. Cancers need a lot of attentions, care and love. that's all that I could say about cancers I guess

I wish this was last on the list. I'm a cancer. Because I like to be different from others. If I'm in a round table and everyone has finished there drinks and I see all of these cups facing up I will flip my the other way. I don't want to be noticed. You don't deserve to know my struggle in life. I'm won't emotionally hurt myself for you to gain knowledge in me. Being last is best... I like last place. I want to be the outcast. everyone forgets. Yet. I want to be known without being noticed. A legend. If no one cares then I am pleasured. You don't deserve to no who I am. I work alone.

My sign is Cancer! I love this sign because it is said to be one of if not the most loyal sign and Emotional is a good thing. People need to let out there feelings instead of keeping them in to experience the battle inside. I LOVE CANCER!

To some websites that say Cancers are weak or fearful, not all of them can be, so could be wrong sometimes. Some Cancers can also be brave & strong, too. And yes, Cancers ARE caring & kind. Protective & loyal, too. And this sign said to be most patriotic according to Astrology.