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1 Aquarius

My grandma's zodiac sign. - SpinelliFan

We are the high-rated geniuses and we are humanitarians.

1/.Changing the world by changing yourself first to be being good, through traditionally definition; nor self or any few meaning.

Wow.. I wasn't expecting my zodiac sign to be at the top.. Anyway, I love Aquarius. All the Aquarians I know are fun and kindhearted people!

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2 Sagittarius

I love sagittaurus

Sagittarius rules - CygnusX99

The best sign!

I love being a sagittarius, but almost every other sagi I know are a perfect balance of smart, beautiful and nice!

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3 Aries

Okay not everyone who is an Aries actually act like total jerks. I'm an Aries too, and all the Aries I've met don't brag about how 'amazing' they are. The reason people like Aries at my school is because they are outgoing, adventurous, and they also have a huge heart at times too. I'm not just saying this about myself, but this is my opinion on the Aries at my school. Aries aren't cold-hearted jerks, yeah maybe they can be huge hot-heads, but once you know them better, they sound like a good person. Not everyone who is an Aries are bad.

I am proud to be Aries and there is nothing wrong with the ram we are strong and we are not angry all the time we are the most optimistic people.

Everyone likes this sign for some reason. I don't know why. They just sound like complete jerks, and a lot of the ones I see online always brag about how "amazing" they are. This is coming from an Aries. I absolutely hate the fact I am a Aries and would be the most happy person in the world if I had any other sign. Besides, the sign doesn't suit me. It just hurts me to think that I ended up with such a terrible sign.

They are the most popular

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4 Pisces

Pisces see this world in a way like no one does. They love like no one does. They can go to any extend for love.

Gentle and caring, Pisces can be the best friends that may exist. In fact, they often put the needs of their friends in front of their needs. They are loyal, devoted, compassionate and whenever there is some problem in the family or among friends, they will do their best to resolve it. Deeply intuitive, Pisces can sense if something is wrong, even before it happens. Pisces are expressive and they will not hesitate to express their feelings to the people around them. They expect others to be open to them as they are. Communication with loved ones is very important for them. Poaches women are also the most attractive out of all zodiac signs

Most people think they are weak and too emotional but that's not true! They are the type of people who won't fight but when you want to harm their family or loved ones they can be the strongest person you have ever seen! And remember, emotions are one of the strongest weapons we humans have, so don't even try to fight a Pisces!

Pisces is an artistic they can try any type of art and would do better on their first try. They express their feelings and emotions on their art.

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5 Capricorn

Amazing strong and insparational. They can make it through any hell.

We are god and we are best friends with jesus christ - Nobody101

Same sign as Jesus

Duration : 22 December - 20 January, originating from the constellation of Capricornus - MatrixGuy

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6 Scorpio


I think that scorpios are just the most mysterious and honest people I've met. They will protect you whenever they can.

Not a question if this is the best zodiac sign. We can be your befriend or your Murderer.

I voted scorpio just to let you all saying "scorpio this, scorpio that" to know that chill...Yes, your sign is magnificent and all but please. Every list I go to, this is the top one and I bet there's some pride issue for fixed signs. It's always like this, 1-4 fixed signs. 5-8 mutable. 9-12 cardinal. Being a Capricorn myself, I know why our type is at the bottom. We couldn't care less if others think we're the best or not. We are too busy being epic and initiating stuff. I admire scorpios but in all honesty, chill...please Same for leos, aqua, and taurus.

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7 Taurus

I'm a Taurus, but Taurus is the 2nd dangerous zodiac sign of all time - VeronicaMSP

I'm a Taurus. :) My birthday is on April 25. - SpinelliFan

I think they rock I know because I am one and personally they are all pretty

Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

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8 Libra

Most Libras are great people. I love how they are down to earth even though their element is air. They are simply "in the middle": they are passionate like the fire signs, communicative like the air signs, sensitive like the water signs and rational like the earth signs. Being with them is such a pleasure. They treat you like you treat them, they are extremely fair. Most of my friends in the past and now are Libras. Libra men are passionate lovers who put lots of effort in making their partner happy, too, once they have settled down. Just that you know, I'm a female Virgo.

Libras are balanced and they can step into others shoes and help others. People love Libras because they can leave you alone and can sacrifice their own pinions to help you. Voting for other signs and not Libras is so Pisces of you.

Like if you are a Libra

Hands down libra. Everyone loves a libra.

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9 Gemini

I know a lot of nice people and the nicest out of everybody I know are the Gemini's. They're Funny, great personality, helpful, Nice, loving, and caring. And they often get along great with everyone and make friends pretty easily.

Msot popular in school for sure

They love to talk and communicate with people and my crush was even a Gemini. They're pretty nice and usually really popular whether it's with game, or in school. Mainly because they're so fun-loving and considerate with the people around them.

Never boring.

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10 Virgo

We're the best Periodt.


We're practical and caring and perfectionists!

I am Virgo. I wish I was Capricorn or Scorpio however - Gynidz

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11 Leo

I'm a Leo
and Leo's are the QUEENS/KINGS of the zodiac signs
Leo's are awesome because they are confident, friendly, warm and creative
yeah we have our faults but everybody does

Leo's r amazing idiots

I'm a Leo. - Luckys

Strongest zodiac by far and the nisest

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12 Cancer

They Care About The Ones They Love Most.

Cancers are too misunderstood they are loyal and care for their families and friends no matter what though they may be very moody they are just showing that they are hurt and misunderstood on the inside.

Cancer is most caring, loyal, loving, & protective sign. To some that say Cancers are weak or fearful, they are probably misunderstanding. To me, Cancers can also be brave & strong, & true to say they are homebodies, too, but not all Cancers.

I'm a Pisces, but my favorite zodiac signs are Cancer, Libra and Taurus. - Gorre17

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