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1 Aquarius

Although aloof and unemotional, they actually are very compassionate, sensitive and emotional. Their philosophical demeanor is also generally endearing. Not only that, but they are highly intellectual individuals with the potential to change the world, great innovators and unique, special people. Philanthropist and humanitarian, Aquarians are kind and tries to lend a helping hand. Loyal and devoted to their partner, too and although they rarely love, they love hard and strongly.

They're really smart and erudite

The most intelligent and gifted sign - shazimi

I'm Aquarius, so I'm basically biased. But I love Leo's and libras as well.

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2 Sagittarius

I love being a Sagittarius. They're known for being super smart, funny, strong, feisty, fiery, adventurous, creative, witty, curious, social, determined, quirky, and optimistic.

I LOVE being an Aquarius, but if I had to choose something else I would definitely pick Sagittarius!

I'm a sagittarius and people say that I make friends in 10 seconds and super optimistic and funny.

Sagg for life

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3 Aries

Aries is the best. The features are eternal... Please vote for aries - anaghamenon14

I'm one oddly I'm shy best signs are aries capricorn sagittarius

I'm Aries and a lot of people can recognizable this easily. I'm pretty popular at school too.

Who here is a Safittarius

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4 Pisces

Because ther most liked and they freaky in the especially boys..

Pisces is an artistic they can try any type of art and would do better on their first try. They express their feelings and emotions on their art.

My birthday is borderline of Aquarius and Pisces, February 19th so I'm a combination of both. - PianoQueen

No other sign as compassionate as pisces

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5 Capricorn

Same sign as Jesus

Duration : 22 December - 20 January, originating from the constellation of Capricornus - MatrixGuy

They the best we nice and love money, n keep it a stack

I'm not a Capricorn but I know a few. They are all incredibly nice and I always love hanging out with them. Capricorns are hilarious as well!

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6 Scorpio

Not a question if this is the best zodiac sign. We can be your befriend or your Murderer.

My boyfriend is a scorpio and is so hot

I voted scorpio just to let you all saying "scorpio this, scorpio that" to know that chill...Yes, your sign is magnificent and all but please. Every list I go to, this is the top one and I bet there's some pride issue for fixed signs. It's always like this, 1-4 fixed signs. 5-8 mutable. 9-12 cardinal. Being a Capricorn myself, I know why our type is at the bottom. We couldn't care less if others think we're the best or not. We are too busy being epic and initiating stuff. I admire scorpios but in all honesty, chill...please Same for leos, aqua, and taurus.

Not sure which is better being a shoff off foolish leo although very popular or being a secretive dominating and smart scorpio but frightening people off. I vote scorpio anywya but for media related jobs leos are definitely better (even libra if you want someone who controls the flow subtle without seeming to rule)

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7 Taurus

Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

I read about Taurus because I am one myself but it said we are the rarest

One of the better astrological signs to have.

I am a Taurus, Taurus rules! MO!

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8 Virgo

We're practical and caring and perfectionists!

I am Virgo. I wish I was Capricorn or Scorpio however - Gynidz

I don't really like earth signs Because they are down to earth which I am the exact opposite - Captaincrunch2015

Ugh. I hate Virgos.

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9 Libra

Most Libras are great people. I love how they are down to earth even though their element is air. They are simply "in the middle": they are passionate like the fire signs, communicative like the air signs, sensitive like the water signs and rational like the earth signs. Being with them is such a pleasure. They treat you like you treat them, they are extremely fair. Most of my friends in the past and now are Libras. Libra men are passionate lovers who put lots of effort in making their partner happy, too, once they have settled down. Just that you know, I'm a female Virgo.

Hands down libra. Everyone loves a libra.

Literally the best

The most balanced and easy going.

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10 Gemini

Really? I had no clue... My fave actor's a Gemini. The dates are May 21st to June 20th. The symbol is twins. And isn't it great? My symbol (along with my fave singer's), Virgo is all the way at the bottom!

I'm a Gemini and although we can be talkative and put ourselves out there we can also be really shy on the inside! 1

Gemini are the funniest people and most talkative

Gemini are the fun ones, lets party!

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11 Cancer

Cancer is most caring, loyal, loving, & protective sign. To some that say Cancers are weak or fearful, they are probably misunderstanding. To me, Cancers can also be brave & strong, & true to say they are homebodies, too, but not all Cancers.

I'm a Pisces, but my favorite zodiac signs are Cancer, Libra and Taurus. - Gorre17

Cancer is the true lover. They won't ever leave you unless you do so.

Considering that I'm Cancer I saw it fit to vote for Cancer. - JAE29

12 Leo

Born leaders and generous, good people with a heart of gold

Hey Leo's do you guys like your element if you do I got to tell you something fire is actually the worst element

First comment and a good sign.

I love my element how is it the worst

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