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1 Hilarious (Louis CK)

My favorite Louis CK stand up performance. His dark, caustic insight and take on life is unparalleled. And the way he talks about his kids is more honest and funny than any comic working today. The "White People Problems" bit is the best piece of social commentary ever done since Carlin's passing.

Louie is the only comedian alive to rival the talent and perspective of the late great George Carlin.

2 You Are All Diseased (George Carlin)

My absolute favorite Carlin HBO special, concluded by the iconic "There is no God" bit. Very intelligent social commentary and my absolute favorite Stand Up performance ever.

Arguably, the greatest orator of the modern era! Not only was George Carlin hilarious, he was wise, intelligent, relevant, and he was eerily prophetic!

3 Skanks For the Memories (Dave Attell)

Dave Attell's unique pacing and delivery makes his amazing writing unrivaled. This whole album is like a joke writing tutorial. It shows that with enough roiginality you can talk about things that every comedian talks about (drinking, sex, drugs, travel... ) and make it hilarious. Attell's one of the best of all time.

4 Rant in E Minor (Bill Hicks)

This was basically a "what's my favorite Bill Hicks album" slot. Hicks is a legend, and also died too young. I would suggest listening to every Hicks album, this just so happens to be my favorite. He's a dark poet, and a genius social commentator.

Don't care what anyone says this is the funniest man to walk the earth and anything he did could be and should be number one.

Bill Hicks is not only the best comedian of the XXth century, he is one that century's greatest philosophers

5 Mitch All Together (Mitch Hedberg)

R.I.P. the king of the one liners. This was Mitch's best work, unfortunately we'll never know what else he could've given us. This album is a must have.

6 The Top Part (John Mulaney)
7 Brian Regan Live (Brian Regan)

Regan is the best clean comedian I've ever seen, and I'm including Seinfeld, Cosby and Gaffigan in that list. The man is such an amazing performer and should be a household name.

His stuff is so funny, it's clean, I
I really enjoy his humor, he is my favorite!

8 Why Do I Do This? (Bill Burr)

Bill Burr is one of the best in the game right now. His take on race is better than any comedian working today, black or white. He's a damn genius.

9 Werewolves and Lollipops (Patton Oswalt)

It's hard to choose between Patton's 3 amazing albums, but I would say this album best shows his comedy prowess. He's a nerdy genius that knows how to construct a joke. Love him.

Besides doing a stand up comedy album, Patton Oswalt also did his comical voice of Prof. Dementor in a few episodes of Kim Possible on television.

10 Impersonal (Paul F Tompkins)

Nothing but A+ bits on this album by alternative comedian Paul F Tompkins. His mocking tone and over confident delivery makes his observations and deconstructions of society even greater than most other comedians could achieve. "Peanut Brittle" is one of the best comedy bits ever performed.

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11 Deadbeat Hero (Doug Stanhope)

As with Hicks, this was a toss up for "Favorite Stanhope album. " This man is a dark genius carrying on the torch from guys like Bruce, Carlin and Hicks. He's a brilliant social commentator.

I wish everyone could appreciate the genius of Doug Stanhope. He became a comedy legend with this album

Absolutely the most intelligent comedian who ever attempted it

12 Midlife Vices (Greg Giraldo)
13 King Baby (Jim Gaffigan)
14 Strategic Grill Locations (Mitch Hedberg)
15 Chewed Up (Louis CK)
16 Shut Up, You F****** Baby (David Cross)

This and Oswalt's 222 are like The White Album, or Exile on Main St, for stand-up comedy. Two discs chock full of awesome bits, that you're a little disappointed when it ends.

17 Death of the Party (Kyle Kinane)
18 I Have a Pony (Steven Wright)
19 Norman Rockwell is Bleeding (Christopher Titus)
20 Tickets Still Available (Marc Maron)

The commentary on his own life is incredible.

21 No Respect (Rodney Dangerfield)
22 My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Mike Birbiglia)

Wonderful long term story telling.

23 Himself (Bill Cosby)
24 I'm Telling You for the Last Time (Jerry Seinfeld)

Whoever made this list knows nothing about comedy. Carlin Seinfeld hicks and danger field are the only good comedians featured here

His wife, Jessica Seinfeld, ran a professional cooking school and released a cookbook.

25 Live from the Hasty Pudding Theatre (Emo Philips)
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