Top Ten Most Powerful Superheroes

These are not the best but the ten most powerful super heroes.
The Top Ten
1 Superman Superman is a comic character. And probably the first powerful superhero in the fictional world. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. It was published by DC comics. The first animated superhero movie was superman. more.

I don't think the original Superman should not be at the top of this list. However when we get into certain variations of this titular hero, then it is clear he should be near the top if not at the top of this list. There's many variations of him, the most powerful versions of him, I will mention in my case as to why Superman deserves his spot at the top. Superboy Prime is a version of Superman that has broken out of the Phantom Zone with ease (a feat thought to be impossible), is immune to kryptonite (which means he has no weakness), kills two other versions of himself and the Justice League (I think) and literally punched through reality. Superman Prime 1 million gets even crazier; this variant of Superman has almost every metahuman power imaginable in his arsenal (speed, strength, matter manipulation, you name it), created a universe out of nothing, can resurrect the dead, etc. Cosmic Armor Superman is nigh omniscient, which means he is nearly all knowing and is also ...more

Let me break this down- If Superman was to hit you with an Infinite Mass punch, his strongest hit, there would be nothing left but a crater. He can move worlds, literally, and once cupped a black hole in his hands. He has died and came back to life stronger. And he becomes a god. (Superman Prime) The big thing a lot of people don't get is that Superman was born without limits under a yellow sun, and he doesn't exactly have to recharge his solar batteries too often. If he was to let go of his own mental blocks, he could (and eventually does) break down the gates of heaven itself. Immensely powerful even before becoming a god, he becomes so powerful that he could survive the end of the multiverse to help The Presence (DCs' representation of the true God) recreate it. If he can survive the end of reality, and then shape and reform it to his will... What chance does anyone have to compare to his power?

Superman is invincible (obviously besides kryptonite) having an unlimited power source from the sun. Goku uses Ki which is Finite. Sure instant transmission is INSTANT, but it requires concentration. If Goku is in the middle of a battle there is no way he could pull it off. Superman can see the Flash moving in speeds much faster than light and still catch him. Superman has kept a miniature black hole in his hands. He can effortlessly sneeze solar systems away (if were doing pre-crisis Superman). I'm not saying Goku isn't amazing but Goku has limits unlike Superman who has none. "Superman is as strong as he needs to be. "

On death battle they said superman's power has no limit so superman is always and will always be better than super saiyan god super saiyan Goku. So boom. Even if Goku was beating superman the super flare will kill Goku. Also can Goku lift eternity and infinity? Superman lifted Spectre of the ground with some help of wonder woman. And he lifted a book of infinite pages with some help of captain marvel aka shazam. But they have limits to their own strengths so superman is lifting everything else which means everything else. I got this information from death battle and they research this information so superman is better than Goku hands down

2 Thor Thor Odinson is a fictional superhero appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, is the Asgardian god of thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability of flight and weather more.

Thor can ,without question, defeat Superman. Thor is a literal GOD.
1) Superman destroyed a moon and was knocked out after that. When Thor destroyed a moon, nothing happened to him because he's super durable.
2) Superman is weak to lighting
. When fighting Shazam, Superman was badly injured by 4 lighting strikes. Thor is the GOD OF THUNDER, so you can tell how much damage he's gonna do to Superman.
3) Superman held a planet, but Thor moved the world-engine, which held 9 realms, not earths, REALMS!
4) If you think Superman will just grab Thor and throw him in the sun, Thor once had a conversation in the sun and HE WAS CASUALLY STANDING IN THERE. And if Superman goes to the sun to get more power, Thor can just drain Superman's sun radiation that gives him power with Mjolnir. It's not in the movies, it's in the comics, google it. Movies aren't what you use to rate superheroes'powers.
Thor can take Superman's punches and his powers, he's that durable.So yes, I think Thor ...more

Thor is definitely the strongest superhero, with his new weapon the storm break which he can use to kill any thing.The only thing he needs is superspeed which if given to him he will became invincible

Thor is the most powerful mcu hero and asgardian of all time. His powers over lightning and thunder are extraordinary. He is more powerful than his father, Odin and sister, Hela. Not only does he fight for the nine realms, but for the entire universe. With his legendary weapons, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, Thor is an unstoppable and all powerful god.

Thor is a GOD, not some alien from a red planet that was blown up. Every Krypton died from that explosion, with the same powers as superman. Do you think Thor would have died when Krypton was destroyed...NOPE!

Thor has beaten Galactus, destroyer of worlds! Pretty sure Superman would get owned by Galactus.

Thor is enchanted with magic, that is how he derives his immortality, his hammer is magic. Superman is as vulnerable to magic as Kryptonite. Thor would win, no matter how invincible the writers choose to make Superman.

How many battles has Thor fought in over his lifetime. Thor is wise beyond Superman's years.

3 Hulk Robert Bruce Banner, also known as The Hulk or Bruce Banner, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was portrayed by Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hulk is most definitely stronger than superman and all of these other characters up here. Hulk is powerful enough to completely destroy planets with his footsteps, can lift and destroy structures built to withstand the power of gods, has lifted 150 billion tons of mountain dropped on top of him in secret Wars, has survived being blasted by Galactus himself. Hulk has defeated all of Earths heroes and villains effortlessly. He has even held a planet 150 times larger than earth and weighs 100 times as much, so he can lift at least 660 sextillion tons and moved its tectonic plates, and the smallest tectonic plate weighs 5 quintillion tons, so he is much, much stronger than superman, whose most famous bench press is 6 sextillion tons. Hulk has even lifted a star that was 15 times larger than our sun. Hulk has punched through time storms and has even punched through dimensions. Hulk has destroyed an asteroid twice the size of Earth with one punch and has dropped from a planet's orbit and ...more

Oh Guys please this mean green killing machine could kill all the superheroes of Marvel and Dc and beat them up in 5 minutes tops. When he goes on a rampage he could even defeat Goku I mean why is Goku number 1 anyway. His just an alien with a tail. Goku why don't you go out from any planet and go into the Sun. Well if you ask us about superman. Before Bruce even turns into the Hulk he would say oh come on Superman everybody knows your weakness is kryptonite and take some kryptonite from well wherever and just put it in Supermans face. As for Thor they fought many times and Hulk usually wins I mean who couldn't defeat Goldilocks wearing a helmet and carrying a hammer for no reason.

Hulk will defeat superman with ease. He can destroy planets with nothing more than his footsteps. He can destroy asteroids twice the size of Earth with a single punch. Hulk can punch through time storms, and has defeated all the heroes and villains( even Sentry, who has the power of "one million exploding suns"). Hulk can lift and destroy structures built to withstand the power of gods. He can hold planets 100 times larger than Earth and that weighs 100 times as much, so he is capable of lifting at least 660 sextillion tons. Hulk has been encased in pure diamond and completely shattered it simply by flexing. He has even survived being blasted by Galactus himself and can drop from a planet's orbit and been completely unhurt. He has even survived being on the sun. Hulk should be first and will always be the best and most powerful character in the history of superheroes.

As a general base stat, superman and Thor may be stronger. But what people need to consider is endurance. As seen in Planet Hulk, no bomb can kill the hulk, and in world war hulk, he survived the full power of the sentry which is 1000 exploding suns! So there's not much any of the heroes above could do to kill the hulk, it would all just anger him, and the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. So he would just keep getting more powerful until he could kill any of the above with a single touch. The hulk; theoretically, Is unbeatable!

4 Goku Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

No, this list isn't fair if Goku is on it (Is he even a super hero? ). Oh well, normally, I would say Thor or Superman... But no sorry not if Goku is around.

Superman can move planets? Well, Goku can destroy planets in seconds (if not one second). Superman is light speed you say? Goku can teleport, that' much faster than 999,999,999,999 miles per hour!

Thor may have a incredibly strong hammer, but even with all that magical power, it wouldn't make Goku flinch when getting hit (That is, if he could even touch Goku). If Thor is a God, then Goku is... Whats higher than god? Because Goku fits that position well.

Goku is a nice guy though... He wouldn't attempt to mindlessly kill anyone on here. If anyone attempted to kill Goku, they practically set up a grave for themselves.

Goku is very much so a powerful being. He has survived the Earth and other planets exploding and then surviving in space for a bit. He has destroyed the most powerful beings in his universe, some without much trying. Like the god of DBZ known as Omega Shenron. Who is Shenron's physical form according to the manga. If you don't know, Shenron is the most powerful being, being able to grant andy wish, and we'll have to assume he can grant his own wishes. The Spirit Blast: This is his most powerful attic. He has the ability to become one with it and manipulate the energy himself, so he has a x100 Kamehameha. Goku also wrecks things in physical combat with the Dragon Fist and his abilities. In fact he may be the best martial artist in fiction, maybe only to Batman. Goku also flies at Mach 5 in his physical form, as seen in the movie where SSJ God comes in. Also, SSJ God Goku is powerful enough to easily kill Superman. If you did not know, SSJ God transforms ki into magic, which is one of ...more

Almost all feats/ versions of Superman listed above are non-cannon. Almost all superheroes listed below are non-canon feats/ versions. Goku only has one non-cannon form, which is Super Saiyan 4. It has recently been replaced by Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformations, with a probable Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 2 & 3 in the near future.

Do yourself a favor, research what the original version of superman and any other superhero you so desire to see what their abilities are, and you will see that the original versions are disgustingly weak. Goku's abilities and feats have never been rewritten dozens of times, and the Dragonball Universe is not all over the place. As an example, I will use Superman. He can be as weak as not being able to fly, to as strong being able to pull planets.

If you were arguing with another man or woman, and they were bringing up "facts" that were inconsistent and were all over the place, you would not argue with them ...more

Oh. Superman can fly faster than the speed of light? That's cute. Goku can use instant transmission and be in ANOTHER dimension in a second. Didn't Lex Luthor and Doomsday beat the hell out of Superman? Do they even hold a candle to... Frieza? Goku obliterated Frieza. Goku not only saves the weak and protects the innocent, but he is the greatest martial artist EVER. EVER! Remember, wonder woman and batman took Superman out in hand to hand combat because Superman is a sucky martial artist. Goku would land ten punches and kicks before Superman even knew what happened. But the greatest thing about Goku is his fun loving, pure, happy-go-lucky characteristics that make him so awesome. His never-give-up mentality is unmatched in the history of Anime, DC, Marvel, you name it. Superman is a dull character who keeps getting resurrected stronger each and every time just for kicks. Goku always, BY HIS MEANS, pushed himself to the limit and beyond in the quest for being the greatest, and for ...more

5 Silver Surfer The Silver Surfer is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Born Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer's abilities are given to him through the Power Cosmic. His first appearance was in Fantastic Four #48 in 1966 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He was more.

Imbued with the Power Cosmic by Galactus, Norrin Radd should be quite a bit higher on this list. He can create force fields strong enough to block a blast from a Power Stone amped Thor or trap Ego the Living Planet. He is powerful enough to defeat the Hulk on multiple occasions. This guy can even travel through time. Some other powers include transmutation, sealing, size changing, massive portal creation, teleportation, regeneration, the ability to heal others even from the brink of death, life bestowal, dimensional travel, intangibility, illusion resistence, and corruption resistance powerful enough to withstand Mephisto. He should definitely be above Thor, Hulk, Superman, Goku, etc.

The only one that can take on Galactus (most powerful being of all time in any comic universe), which is primarily because he was given powers from Galactus to do his bidding. Good thing the Silver Surfer realized what he was doing, turned to the hero side, and became the most powerful hero. He can manipulate time, matter, energy, has super-genius level intellect, is 100% indestructible, can travel faster than light, and has several other powers I can't come up with off the top of my head. Goku couldn't hold a torch to his powers. Thor and Spider-Man are my favorites, but I can't deny The Silver Surfer's power. I'd have liked to see him and Thanos go head to head.

He can travel faster than light, he has taken on all the marvel heroes and barely lost, he can also travel through matter as well as use his board to absorb any damage that is inflicted upon him, even infinite amounts, but if you took the board away you may think he would be really weak, but he can just make another one.

To continue he also has the ability to manipulate time and travel through it as well as alter it. His cosmic blast of pure cosmic energy doesn't actually have a limited amount strength, he was granted immortality when he received his comic powers from Galactus, so, in actual effect his abilities challenge those of the One-Above-All, making him invincible.

Let me break this down on why this would be number one

Superman: Silver Surfer absolutely wipes the floor with Superman. Why? Well, you see, at full power Silver Surfer can manipulate and control all forms of energy. This is especially true for the electromagnetic spectrum, including solar radiation, which is what Superman gets his power from. The Surfer could just use his power to drain Superman of all his solar energy, leaving the Man of Steel powerless. It wouldn't even be difficult to do. At full power, Surfer could just snap his fingers and POOF! Powerless Superman. So you tell me who would win? The Silver Surfer with the immeasurable Power Cosmic, or a man with no powers. I know who I would choose! Not only that but he defends Galactus... Galactus... you know the guy who Eats planets.

Goku: Hard decision but I'd still go with Silver Surfer.

Hulk: come on the only thing Hulk has going for him is his rage... Iron Man has beaten Hulk... IRON MAN.

Thor: ...more

6 Dr. Manhattan Doctor Manhattan is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. He debuted in the graphic novel miniseries Watchmen, published in 1986 and 1987. Doctor Manhattan was created by writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons.

This man casually walked through the combined forces of Zatanna, Doctor Fate, Etrigan, John Constantine, Firestorm, Swamp Thing, the Shazam family, Captain Atom, Booster Gold, and basically every DC superhero at the time. 'enough said.

Dr.Manhatten is, well, over powered.
1. He can manipulate all matter.
That basically means he can turn his enemies into cake, he could also atomize pretty much anything.

2. Sight of the future
He could see his opponent's attack coming before it even happens but he won't need to because of the next one.

3. Invulnerability to physical attacks
Superman and Hulk and all them can through strong punches but those punches would be useless in a fight with this guy.

4. Super Strength
He is easily powerful enough to be higher than this place on the list because of the last few powers, but yes, there's more. He has strength on the level of Hulk and Superman.

5. Teleportation

6. Time Travel

7. Telekinesis

8. Construct creation (Green Lantern's powers too?!.)

9. Beyond space and time
This basically makes him out of this universe's flow of time (Literally.)

So, I think we can all agree that Dr.Manhatten here deserves a ...more

He has complete control over matter. Can see the past, present, and the future. Matter not being able to be created nor destroyed is an interesting concept to him though not a limitation.

His only weakness is he has surpassed everything and everyone in our solar system; from what we can perceive to what we are not even aware of. He left Earth to create another form of life for Pete's sake.

No one on this list comes even close. With a mere thought and a slight gesture everyone else on this list could disappear, be turned inside out, or converted into snow flakes.

Frankly, I don't even think it's fair to have Dr. M on this list at all.

Dr. Manhattan would be number one or two undoubtedly if he were more well known. He's basically like TOAA but just slowly realizing his infinite power to create and destroy. The only thing that stops him is basically his disconnection from everything. I also have to say that while a lot of people really like Hulk and I love the big green guy myself. All you have to do to defeat him is to teleport him into an absolutely empty region of space. No gravity. Nothing to push / pull against in order to exert his strength on / in / through. He's just be a tiny green angry asteroid thrashing about wildly getting more and more angry. Eventually he'd probably get so angry he would hulk smash himself and create black hole out of himself. Giving him infinite gravity to use to leverage his infinite strength against. Black Hole Hulk would be pretty bad ass.

7 Green Lantern Green Lantern is the name of a number of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Superman is almost immune to kryptonite and superman could take the ring off and destroy him. Superman can go into space and take the sun and kill green lantern with it. It is so easy to beat him basically. Whoever said he can't be beaten by superman is wrong people. Superman is like one above all. No not a god but still like one because no one can pick up the sun like him I'm serious. It's just impossible for anyone to do that except one above all.

Invisibility, impervious shield, can generate any object or form of radiation. (Including kryptonite) Can achieve time travel, travel through space, and jump almost instantaneously anywhere in the universe. Invincibility to intense temperatures, disease, and bacteria. Can distort parts of the body, I.E. make the flashs' head so big he's top heavy and can't move fast. Only weakness is the wearer of the ring itself. These powers are only as intense as the will of the wearer

The green lantern is one of the strongest characters in the universe. Look at hal Jordans comic vine and it shows you all of his powers and abilities. The guy has the most powerful weapon in the universe. He makes hard solid contructs, is nearly invunerable, has energy projection, energy manipulation, energy absorbtion, and I am not liting the rest. You green lantern haters need to face the fact that this guy can beat the likes of superman and the silver surfer

Green lantern could just think of millions of kryptonite and kill super man instantly and take a bazooka and shoot him and super man will DIE! (this doesn't mean I hate superman) BUT the only weakness about him is that the ring powers run of more faster if he use it too much.

8 Sentry

Sentry is superior to superman in almost every way. He has the physical strength of one million exploding suns which makes him stronger than hulk and he can travel to the sun in seconds, making him way faster than light. He was also able to beat molecule man at his own game which is manipulating molecules (Which alone is a very powerful power.)

I'm just going to list Sentry's powers

1. Molecule Manipulation (everything is Made up of molecules)
2. Super Strength
3. Super Speed
4. Flight
5. Super Durability
6. Nigh Invulnerability
7. Extreme Regeneration
8. Immortality
9. Shape shifting
10. Enhanced Vision
11. Enhanced Hearing
12. Aura Detection
13. Force Fields
14. Teleportation
15. Invisibility
16. Telepathy
17. Empathy
18. Energy Emission
19. Energy Absorption
20. Energy Manipulation
21. Weather Manipulation
22. Healing
23. Resurrection
24. Life Creation
25. Constructs
26. Intangibility
27. Power Sharing

Look at this list and tell me that he isn't the strongest being ever "created".

Sentry is the strongest superhero by far. His powers derive from The One Above All himself, most powerful entity in marvel and nothing comes close to it in dc comics. He can unleash the power of "one million suns" though he always holds back his full power potential unless he is forced to. His one weakness is his mind. Robert Reynolds, his human identity, is schizophrenic and is afraid of the world. Even when he is transformed into Sentry, he is not (totally) mentally stable thus allowing him to be manipulated.

Sentry's powers are above those Molecule Man himself.
His current version shows a complete mastery over them, as being totally impervious to physical damages.

9 Jean Grey Jean Elaine Grey-Summers is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character has been known under the aliases Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix.

I don't even need to go into detail on Jean. She can use her mind for LITERALLY anything. She can fly, create force fields and burn your butt.
Oh and if by some miracle she is killed, Jean will just resurrect.

Phoenix Force is Life and Destruction itself. Its hosts are not able to die not even by complete destruction of their physical bodies..It is hosts are the most powerful superheroes because nothing can stop them

Dark Phoenix should be above everyone on this list, minus maybe Dr. Manhattan. Love Supes and Thor but Jean would wink them out of the universe.

This woman should be in top 3. She can destroy all the planets and galaxies, she can control your mind and reality. Not to mention super powerful telekinesis

10 Captain Marvel Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comics originally published by Fawcett Comics, and currently published by DC Comics.

He is shazam and has the power of 6 gods, nothing else to say, he can surpass superman cause he has the wisdom of Solomon, strength Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power Zeus, courage of Achilles and power Zeus. They are all gods so he is definitely powerful than the heroes above (ironman batman etc) and he has no weakness whatsoever in his shazam form if he uses all of the things he has got from gods.

This man should be above superman. On par with superman in everything. But, had the magic of the gods. Superman is vulnerable to magic and kryptonite. Shazam would honestly win. But, the writers won't allow it. Because, superman is THE poster boy for superheroes.

Captain marvel has the combined powers of five gods added to the wisdom of Solomon. He is number one. Cannot be hurt or killed. Stronger than superman. Faster than the flash. Smarter than reed Richards. He has the most power.

No man he would not win because Superman owns, not only does Superman outclass him in feats but the way Billy... marvel tends to be favoured and said that the only reason Superman wins is... Captain Marvel with kryptonite(or allowed the use of magic) beats Superman...

The Contenders
11 Iron Man Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as its associated media. The character was created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance more.

Iron Man's armor possessed standard powers, which he still kept, and always upgrades them. The more modern armors enable him to lift over 82 tons, thought his Hulk buster armors can lift over 200 tons. He is able to fly at supersonic speeds of over Mach 8, and can hover in place. He also possesses remarkable durability, and can withstand the elements of a gamma bomb. His armors also possess powerful armor plating, which greatly increase durability.

Tony can generate weaponry on either his gauntlets, shoulders, back, helmet, and legs. He can make force fields, which he could use to protect allies and himself. Iron Man can control all forms of energy, from kinetic to solar. Tony possesses superhuman speed by jet-propelled roller skates.

While he is most definitely not the strongest hero on the list, he has always been able to talk his way out of situations. Any situation he was unable to talk himself out of, he would build his way out instead. He has already beaten the Hulk with his Hulkbuster Suit. He can most likely create suits that would counter each heroes abilities so he could win. He could probably buy kryptonite from somewhere to deal with Superman. I don't remember what it is called, but there is some type of metal that cancels out the flash's speed. If he can buy that, flash is done. The only problem I see would be the DBZ verse as anyone there would unfortunately destroy him without a second thought. They did beat cell after all, who is (most likely) stronger then Iron Man. Galactus and the one above all would also not even have to think about destroying him. Pretty much anyone that doesn't originate on earth (excluding superman) could kill iron man in an instant.

He maybe human, but his intelligence is beyond human. This man thinks like a god, and uses that to his advantage against his foes. He can come up and create any suit specifically designed to annihilate anyone he believes deserves a dirt nap. So don't underestimate shellhead over here, he's pretty dangerous.

He's encountered many bad guys which are Titanium Man, Whiplash and the Mandarin and somehow has defeated them all. The Mandarin did something that no other villain has done to Tony Stark yet. He blew up his house/base, leaving Tony and Pepper to build Stark towers.

12 Flash The Flash is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. His first appearance was in October 1956 and was created by Robert Kanigher. His main ability is super speed through the Speed Force and can run at speeds exceeding light.

Barry Allen as the Flash should be ranked #1 in any list involving the most powerful beings. Not only does he have super-speed, but once he reaches terminal velocity, he has shown other incredible powers.

During an attempt to measure his top speed once, he strained every muscle in his body to run at about 10 Roemers, which is 10X the speed of light. It's not just his running that is fast, but everything about him. His hand-eye coordination is second to none, and his reaction time is so quick it allows him to process information fast enough that to him, running at many times the speed of light feels slow. Not only this, but he also immune to any form of telepathy, due to his thoughts racing at such speed that they cannot be controlled. In fact, his mind is so fast, when he taps into the speed force, he thinks so fast that he can see and weigh every possible outcome in a situation in order to decide on the best course of action.

In addition to running and thinking fast, ...more

Based on modern physics flash is the strongest because of e=mc2 if he reaches speed of light he can deliver infinite mass punch. Superman ( maybe thor can deliver that too) But flash can travel faster than light so he basically delivers it before you do, and according to to relativity theory the faster you move the slower the time the more mass you gain. So in theory flash can travel through time faster than any hero can and will deliver his infinitely infinite ( basically infinite) punch every second. No comment but this is enough to beat up thor, superman, hulk, odin etc. Also relativity theory says that black hole has infinite mass and time doesn't exist there so basically his infinite mass punch wipes you out from reality destroying time and space...

Flash can stomp anyone. First of all, Flash can be the most powerful superhero ever. He has more abilities than you actually know of. Not only can he run extremely fast, but his speed is infinite. Not nigh infinite, just infinite. And that is before he achieves nirvana with the Speed Force. His power, when he becomes one with a force that is what drives everything forward. The speed force is what pushes time forward. So if Flash achieves nirvana with the speed force, he will be essentially be able to control time itself. With that, the speed force is regarded as energy, hence the lightning coming out of speedsters as they run. We don't know what type of energy yet. But achieving nirvana with the speed force might give flash other abilites instead of infinite speed. He may be able to manipulate matter and bend reality. Oh, and with that, did I mention flash can create black holes? Yeah, with his infinite mass punch, if he wanted to, he could create a black hole if he wanted because of ...more

The Flash is actually more powerful than you think. He should in be in 2nd or 3rd place...Maybe even 1st. He can time travel...So if there's a fight between him and any other superhero...Let's say Hulk. He can go back in time and stop Bruce Banner from gaining his powers, or kill him. He can defeat any superhero like that. Not to forget his ability to phase through objects. He can phase through Hulk and even rip out his heart. Go through the entire list and you will see that he can beat everyone. Ok, One-Above-All is a little tough, but The Flash can dimension-hop too. So he can go to a universe where OAA is weaker and destroy him. And Earths also mildly have impacts on each other, so the OAA might get affected by that. And for all Flash fans here...The Flash also has the "SUPERSONIC PUNCH, BABY! "

13 Ghost Rider Ghost Rider is the name of several fictional supernatural antiheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The Ghost Rider represents God's wrath given form, and can only be permanently destroyed by him should a Rider go rogue. Johnny Blaze is the most famous character to hold the mantle of the Spirit of Vengeance. He sold his soul to the hell-lord Mephisto in order to cure his father of cancer, gets betrayed as his dad dies anyway and becomes bonded to the fallen angel, Zarathos. Zarathos was the Angel of Justice that was dragged to hell and driven insane during his imprisonment as he was forced to learn of all the sins of humanity, causing him to fall and became a demon, the Spirit of Vengeance. As the Spirit of Vengeance, Zarathos is obsessed with punishing the wicked and will stop at nothing to damn those who are guilty. The Ghost Rider possesses a lot of powers, too many for me to list here. All you need to know, is Ghost Rider was created to keep the forces of hell at bay and punish the many sinners of humanity that have spilled innocent blood. To be a pain in the Devil's ass, you'd ...more

He can't die, is stronger than superman, and has no weaknesses except only being able to fight against evil... Should be top 5.

Ghost Rider beat Galactus by himself just by doing the stare. He can't die and has no weaknesses except from only able to fight against evil.

He can't die and he had a battle with the hulk and he didn't fail against him, he actually got somewhere.

14 Deadpool Deadpool is a fictional antihero created by Marvel who appears in their comics. Deadpool's first appearance was in New Mutants #98 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in February of 1991. His powers include self-healing and super strength. He is regarded as one of the funniest characters in comics due more.

He's been cursed to never be able to die by Thanos, on top of his super fast healing factor that tops all other weapon x people. But what really gives him the edge above all others on this list is his crazy ideas. Where Batman and Dr Manhattan have brains and genius intelligence, Deadpool has genius insanity. With his crazy ideas and reality manipulation he can come up with the most inventive ways to do anything. As long as he has an ounce of motivation to do something he can make it happen, with his magic satchel ( a term for where characters can pull stuff out of nowhere, mostly seen in cartoons like SpongeBob and stuff) he can literally do the impossible simply because people deem it impossible.

1. He cannot die.
2. They made a comic where he kills everyone in the MCU and escapes the comic and starts killing everyone else. Need I say more?

He is in a relationship with death. He has a faster healing factor than wolverine. His soul cannot be burned by ghost rider as his half soul is with Satan a, daughter of Satan even his soul regenerates has carbonation swords which can nullify healing factor. Married tto the Queen of monsters. Defeated cap America, wolverine, spiderman, taskmaster in hand to hand combat and killed the entire marvel universe. Rival against thanos. Banned from hell and cursed with life by thanos. This sums it all he is immortal

He had to stay in a prison for 800 years and still didn't die. In one of the Marvel deadpool episodes, he breaks the fourth wall and kills every one of the marvel superheros mentioned yeah he is basically the strongest superhero.

15 Martian Manhunter The Martian Manhunter is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Joseph Samachson and designed by artist Joe Certa, the character first appeared in the story "The Manhunter from Mars" in Detective Comics #225.

How in the hell is Goku Numb. 1 and Superman second?
Martian Manhunter can actually mind-kill anyone including Superman, plus he can just shapeshift and destroy Goku. Superman would be easily killed by MM. Silver Surfer & Dr Manhattan would be a tough battle between them and MM but guess what? MM would win cause he overpowered his weakness to fire and he has no weaknesses now. Plus he can just read their minds and findout their weaknesses and then finish them. MM is the best.

Manhunter has so many powers, he probably could inflict the weakness of any superhero since he has that power. He could destroy Hulk and Superman with telekinesis and psionic blasts. I'm pretty sure his strength rivals Thor's too and if he took away his hammer, he would defeat him. Surfer would loose to him but it would be a close fight.

29? You should better look his full potencial, Martians were the most feared race, and J'onn actually doesn't have fear of fire, he's inmune, he scanned all Earth minds without much effort (forget Kingdom Come and his poor treatment to MM), he was able to cure Joker with a simple order and many other feats, plus his powers are enormous (he can replicate a building with his shapeshifting abilities)

Teleportation, invincibility, telekinesis, flight, strength, speed, shape-shifting, able to phase through objects, invisibility, heat vision, ability to absorb any force against him. He's basically superman with more diversity.

16 Saitama Saitama is the main protagonist of the webcomic and anime series One Punch Man, who could easily destroy a continent with one punch. He is bored with his extreme power. He is registered with the Heroes Association as a C-Class Superhero and is tasked to defend Z-City against Mysterious Beings.

This is a really interesting character to try and rank. Saitama definitely deserves a place on this list, but we have never really seen his full potential. Even so, I can still list a handful of people who can beat him (not including tier 0 characters). Even so this doesn't deviate from the fact that he's killed extremely powerful characters with a single punch.

He's strong but characters like superman and flash would smash him. I will explain. One punch is what it would take to defeat somebody but not superman, well not if he has the power of the sun with him anyway. He would definitely not be able to land a punch on superman or flash because of their amazing speed stats. Superman would kick saitamas ass. Green lantern would probably just trap him in a shield box and throw him into space and make sure he stays up there. Saitama may be powerful but he's no superman

Him being hilariously the most powerful is the entire point of his character, so it's insane that he's this far down the list. Him being physically the best despite his looks is his entire point and joke- the only ones who could begin to match up to him would be high level reality-warpers.

Don't judge him by the anime because he didn't even used his 1% of his power, even batman was able to beat the superman if people think he is slow they don't know that he jumped from moon to earth in seconds, he can create multiple after images just by moving sideways.

17 Doctor Strange Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, best known under his alias Doctor Strange, is a fictional superhero created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical more.

Doctor Strange should at least be in the top 5. He can teleport across dimensions, has telekinesis, can create force fields and shoot optic blasts powerful enough to destroy entire worlds! He can also pause time so he could just stop his enemies from attacking him by pausing them. I bet he could beat superman at least 2 times over. Superman is the current number 1.

Said to be by far the most powerful humanoid in the universe. Can destroy mountains or entire planets with a simple energy blast, he's even destroyed an entire dimension, or can hold a planet together. Once reaching a level where releases of energy would unconsciously destroy galaxies. Has control over time, he once froze an entire planet in time, but can reverse time or move someone forward like when he turned a young Ancient One (conjured by Eternity) into an old man. Defeated the likes of Death herself, the reality destroying Shuma-Gorath in his own dimension, etc. Can call upon some of most powerful beings in existence for a power boost, or can outright absorb/steal the power from other including cosmic entities. His magic has virtually no limits. Then there's black magic, which he rarely used (prior to becoming Sorceror Supreme) and gave up using it entirely after beating Shuma-Gorath (the battles with him and his lieutenants being his only real showing of what he can do, cutting ...more

Really! He should be in top 10. He has fought God's and can crush a human with a twitch of his finger. He is not called the sorcerer supreme for nothing!

Unlike Superman, he is an actually good character and his power is limited, but at it's full potential, he could defeat Superman.

18 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League, a goddess, and Ambassador-at-Large of the Amazon people. In her homeland, the island nation more.

Is a Goddess, and has beaten Superman, Hercules, Thor in the crossover comic, and if she can beat, that means she can also take out The Hulk.

When the world is in trouble Wonder Woman is one of the first on the scene, a warrior who is just and not a psycho. I would prefer Wonder Woman with the notion that things will be set right.

Wonder Woman is the best. Once I was watching a cartoon, Wonder Woman could beat FOUR strong women. So I think wonder woman should be the third strongest hero.

Wonder Woman's sword can cut Superman! So it can kill him. So Wonder Woman with her magical weapons, her strength and her amazonian skills, she could defeat Superman

19 Spider-man Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the more.

I think Spider-Man is the most powerful superhero. Sure he might not have supermans powers, but spiderman is strong in his own way. For example, he's very smart! If he's in a tough situation he somehow always figures a way out. Spiderman also has enhanced strength, he could pick up cars! Climb building! Kick a lizard in the face... But anyways, spiderman also has spidey senses! He can basically know when danger is coming his way! He usually dodges everything! Sure superman can fly... But sometimes strength comes from the person not their superpowers, and I think spiderman is the strongest of them all.

I know he's the strongest. He has his own tricks that do the things. In infinity war, it was only Spiderman who's plan worked out in the space. He always gives us lessons like, With power comes great responsibility, And all his uncle Ben's preaching. I saw the third part starring Tobey Maguire, where he fought with three villains. And bear heavy punches. Come on yar, He taught us too many things, even to the Iron man.
And now with more Powerful suits, he is becoming more powerful. Like that instant killing mode.


He has spidey sense he can only be touched by venom! Everyone else's powers are completely useless! He can lift up to 100 tons for heavens sake! He is most powerful! Get that in your heads!

Spiderman has spider senses and strong powers and other stuff most powerful is his sticky web tricks. He also can punch through batmans armor ok.

20 Captain America Captain Steven Grant Rogers, most known as Steve Rogers or Captain America, is a fictional superhero appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was a World War II veteran and is known as the world's first superhero. The character was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and more.

Cap may not be the most powerful superhero, but he is the best role model out of all the superheroes. Even though he was a small guy he wanted to serve his country! He could get beat up all day but that didn't stop him! "I can do this all day" He wasn't born with physical powers but he was a very brave, humble, loyal, kind man. And because of that, he got powers. He is WORTHY. How many of the people on this list are worthy enough to hold the hammer (besides Thor)? The fact that he said "Language" to iron man for swearing just proves he's a great person. He is also VERY powerful with his words. When he gives a speech to his team it's always amazing. He's a true leader and the perfect definition of a hero. This makes him a powerful superhero.

Captain America is one of the most humble superheroes out there! He is the real definition of a hero he has patriotism and class. He is the most realistic because I mean have you see Chris Evans he's pretty much already Captain America. It's not strength that makes Captain America it's spirit.

He is the definition of a true hero! Unlike the majority of people on this list, the Cap wasn't born with his amazing gift... Instead it was given to him because of his beliefs and his values! Not only does he excel in personal traits but he has gone head to head with the Hulk and Thor!

Captain America is not the strongest superhero, he can't freeze time use laser vision or even fly, but by far he is the most respectable hero out there and you can't say anything bad about him. He has one quality though that only a few other heros posses, leadership.

21 Wolverine Wolverine is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly associated with the X-Men. His powers and abilities include a healing factor and his signature adamantium claws and adamantium skeleton.

Impossible to kill.
Super healing so amything that hurts him will just heal back in seconds.
Alamantium how ever its spelt bones meaning nothing can destroy his bones meaning nothing can destroy him.
Super hearing and smell.
After loads of fights with hulk and no winner in the very very end (50+ years) he kills hulk
All he needs is krytonite to kill super man..
Literally no one can kill him..
He's very fast and super strong
And best of all his claws can cut through ANYTHING except alamantium and vunamantium or something like that...

Wolverine has an innate ability to heal from almost anything and he also has super martial arts skills which allow him to take down his enemies with ease. He has Adamantium claws than can cut through anything, even Hulks skin and he also has limitless strength thanks to his Adamantuim bones.

If I wasn't for his adamantium skeleton he would be nothing. Any way he has that slow really slow healing factor of his. I mean his is more powerful than doctor strange? I mean the dude has talked to eternity before. Wake up and smell the power people!

He is a GREAT hero! He is amazing! And I am sure he died the most tragic death. He is a human not a GOD like superman. He has emotions not like Dr.Manhattan.
He doesn"t know magic like Dr.Strange. He cannot destroy entire planets but he can care and love for somebody. He is the most tragic and GREATEST, not a superhero but a HUMAN.

22 Shazam Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker created the character in 1939. Captain Marvel first appeared in Whiz Comics #2, published by Fawcett Comics.

Shazam, he is literally the best. He is indestructable, has no known weaknesses, flies and can summon lightning. Oh and did I mention he is super smart, fast and is better than superman in every single way.

Shazam the guy who has the power of 6 gods and beat superman is number 53!? I am done with this planet aleins take me please.

Shazam is captain marvel

He is good where he is

23 Doomsday Doomsday is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, usually depicted as an adversary of Superman.

Are you kidding me?! Where the hell is doomsday? Killer of the man of steel and whatever kills him he is immortal too! End of story. Goku or anyone on this list kills him he automatically becomes stronger being impervious to any form of energy or damage dealt to him during battle and causing death (which is near impossible) he has unlimited strength. He doesn't eat, sleep or breath which means he has potentionally unlimited stamina also being able to fight superman for a full day and not breaking a sweat. he's been known to take on abilities on heros and villains just by simple contact of skin, his bones can cut through supermans skin with ease. Killer of beings like darkseid & Imperiex! A blast of energy that wiped out one third of a planet reduced doomsday to ash and later regenerated STILL and came back to finish the job. He is beyond life or death being millions of years old, killed by Gods, Super heroes, villains, beings that could alter reality with a blink of an eye and STILL ...more

Doomsday is by far the greatest. He killed superman destroyed Galaxies and still pose a threat to all hero's. He is so strong that it took the entire justice League to match up with the power of Doomsday and still couldn't kill him but only trap it. He is an immune God.

He is basicly immortal.On top of that every time he dies he is born again with the ability of not dieing in the same way ever again.That makes him the second strongest on the list after sitama.

Mom pass me the knife! Need to stab my self and die. How on earth is he not 1 or 2 this monster killed superman!

24 Invisible Woman Invisible Woman is a female superhero who is a part of Marvel's Fantastic Four. Her powers include invisibility, cosmic rays, invisible force field, and more.

She can destroy you from the inside but doesn't do it because she is a good person. Her force fields can hold back any character even a pissed of hulk.

Whike holding back she turn of the hulk lungs and thus knocking him out. It was stated that if She wanted to she cold have ended his life.

Masturbated to this like 4 times now.

I have a boner

25 Gohan Son Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot, first published in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump magazine on October 24, 1988. Chi-Chi is a strict and protective more.

He may not be as strong as his dad yet, or a few other character on this list, but Son Gohan should really be higher on the leaderboard. Besides maybe Broly, he's got more potential than any other being in the known multiverse.

He's actually the strongest and most powerful unfused Z fighter by the end of DBZ. He doesn't like fighting much due to his pacific nature, but when he does to protect his family and friends, he's a total badass and is utterly awesome!

Gohan is the strongest superhero period. He never even reached his full potential and if chi chi hadn't made him become a scholar he would have been twenty times stronger! Even so gohan has the brains and power to defeat anyone.

He is the strongest unfused character in DBZ even more powerful then goku his only weakness he doesn't like to fight as much as his father.

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