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The Flash is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. His first appearance was in October 1956 and was created by Robert Kanigher. His main ability is super speed through the Speed Force and can run at speeds exceeding light.


Based on modern physics flash is the strongest because of e=mc2 if he reaches speed of light he can deliver infinite mass punch. Superman ( maybe thor can deliver that too) But flash can travel faster than light so he basically delivers it before you do, and according to to relativity theory the faster you move the slower the time the more mass you gain. So in theory flash can travel through time faster than any hero can and will deliver his infinitely infinite ( basically infinite) punch every second. No comment but this is enough to beat up thor, superman, hulk, odin etc. Also relativity theory says that black hole has infinite mass and time doesn't exist there so basically his infinite mass punch wipes you out from reality destroying time and space...

People seem to think that the only thing flash is capable of is super speed. But that is not true, the speed force gives him the ability to pretty much warp space and time around him. pretty much shows him going 13 trillion times faster than the speed of light, now what would happen if someone got punched in the face with something going 13 trillion times faster than the speed of light?

If you don't know about the Flash, read up on him. The Flash will run a lap around the world, slap you in the face, do your math homework, and solve world hunger before your brain has even realized the fight started! He can vibrate his molecules so fast that he can phase his hand into your skull and blow up your head. Flash is top 5 most powerful, hands down.

Um hello? He's so fast that he can go back into time! He can duplicate himself bringing more of his past selves into the fight! He so damn fast he can run through anything! For goodness sakes people!

The Flash is the most powerful superhero by far. He can steal your speed and add it to his own, he has no speed limitation, no weakness, he can make vortexes, think and move at speeds far beyond the speed of light, slow down time, time travel. The flash is capable of peforming Infamous mass punches (he basically runs around the world like 10000 times and punches you with all of that momentum and has the same power if not more than a dwarf star which is more powerful than World War Hulk's and superman's punches. He is expirienced in chemical science and is a forensic scientist. Not to mention he has access to the speed force (Which is one of the most powerful forces in all comics apart from possibly cosmic and phoenix). The flash rarely has a time to shine but lately DC has given him a well deserved break with a T.V. sereis and Flashpoint Paradox. The flash has shown his full power at some time such as... easily beating a white martian, Kryptonian cyborg and lets not forget when ...more

He is the fastest man alive. I don't think superman can be as fast as The Flash, but then again Flash can't be as wise as super man. My point is every hero has their own abilities that make them special. But I will say flash is the best. Who do you know that can open portals to other dimensions with out any equipment. Who do you know can jump thru time in seconds. Only the Flash can do this things.

Hey people why don't you vote for flash like he is so fast he can just take hulk into the water and drown him and he can touch supes anD he dies because of his speed. He can kill the hole world in less than a split second he is so fast that he ca freese everything and kill the whole marvel universe without them even moving.

He is faster then sound, light, and even time. He is faster than anything and anyone. If he didn't have the speed force with him, everything in his path would explode to ashes. And he can go other worlds and other universes. He is The Fastest Man Alive!

I don't know how people think about speed, but just imaging someone who can run as fast as he wants, I saw Superman at number 1 and I'm like he can't withstand someone who can give him 50 infinite mass punch in a single second, Flash is just OVERPOWERED

I am surprised, how the hell would you beat a person you can't see, why the hell ain't he number one

Barry Allen should be ranked number 1 on this list because he could just time travel and kill the kid version of the villein he is fighting and never have the problem.

He is obviously the best... He runs faster than lighting. He runs so fast that static electricity from his suit creates a strong surge of electricity and can kill anyone. He can run on water, walls, and ceilings... He is the fastest thing ever.

He is faster than light and even time. He can time travel and even go to other universes. If he didn't have the speed force, everything in his path would be destroyed and turned to ashes. He is a The Fastest Man Alive!

He stops time and is the fastest thing existing period. Dr manhattan is also incredibly powerful. It's crazy flash is ranked this terribly. I suppose popularity if the hero is involved

Flash is most powerful he can run so fast and hit someone it could knock someone into a different galaxy and instantly kill them including superman. The flash can vibrate his hand into SOMEONES HEART

Flash has legitimateley no limit to his speed. So silver surfer would not be able to even see him. And his imp (Infinite Mass Punch) can hurt super man a lot. Anyway he can speed steal to the point of making people statues. Which means he can do anything he wants to anyone as they wouldn't be able to react

I don't which is better: Flash or Quicksilver. Quicksilver was able to run to speed of sound, while Flash can run to the speed of light. Quicksilver's original design is great, but Flash's original one looked like he had a bucket or a plate on his head. - LaST_LiGHT

It's been stated in the comics that Flash can perceive events that happen for less than an attosecond. The smallest amount of time that humans can measure is 12 attoseconds. The Flash is faster than sound, faster than light, faster than time, and faster than thought. By the time any opponent has thought of how to attack him, Flash has thought of billions of scenarios, and he can stop them before their reflexes even kick in. He also ran so fast that he rewrote the entire universe on a whim. Twice.

The Flash is one of my favorites. With his super speed (which is both physical and mental, FYI) he can destroy anyone on the list, except maybe Thor. But his intelligence is also superior because of his thinking speed! I think it's between him and Thor, but I say the Flash is the strongest guy, really!

I really think that the flash is underestimated by most people. Come on, he can run faster than the speed of light, go through walls. If he fought superman, he would phase through all his hits, reach his limit speed, and punch superman. Or, he could end it in a "flash", by going back in time with a spaceship and fly to kripton and kill him there, before he gets his powers.

The flash can go back in time and kill who ever he wants before they become powerful

The Flash can time travel, run through walls, can heal fast, and can run up buildings

The flash should be in top ten because he is way stronger the green lantern and green lantern SUCKS!

I know ever thing about the flash but I love vibe better but flash when Cisco made all those guns can he just combine all of them together to make a big force just like the particular executor

Flash can create a vacuum to suck the air out of a place leaving many heroes dead, he can throw lightning can can kill even more superheroes, he can literally go back in time in time and stop someone from being born, the possibilities of his speed are infinite so he can beat any superhero in a nannosecond