The One-Above All is THE most powerful being in the multiverse. If you are a religious person picture this; TOAA is as powerful as god himself. He could destroy every universe instantly, is everywhere, is all powerful, contains all knowledge, and has complete and utter control of the entire omniverse. Goku wouldn't even be able to attack TOAA.

If you're going to put the actual, literal One-Above-All in the list, there's only a competition for second place then. I can't even begin to say how having literally God in a list of the strongest hero's really just doesn't make sense. I could make a list of reasons why this is obvious, but if it's not you either don't know who this really is or you're lying to yourself

The one Above All stupes everyone he literally is God he created the entire universe he gave life. He literally has no limits in strength, energy projection, speed or anything he is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. He is the reason every comic book character is alive not only marvel but he's even stronger than DC's version of God, The voice. He is all the heroes combined and even greater!

He is the creator of the marvel universe. He can obliterate everything

He is the Marvel equivalent to Yahweh, he is literally all powerful. I mean, he is literally the strongest by definition, however he is not a superhero, he is The God of the marvel universe, so he doesn't really count.

This isn't a list of who's the coolest it's who's the most powerful. This guy is literally the God of the Marvel universe. It's not a debate. Any power you can think of he has. Sure Superman is powerful but can he reality warp without limitation? No, it's even close. This guy wins.

The one above all is the most powerful superhero of all time because the one above all is everything and without the one above all their would not be any superheroes or villains

Legit if he's god then why is he not number 1 on this list and the fact he's even on this list is stupid cause he's not even a superhero he's a god, he IS god. This character is actuall based on Stan Lee himself who created Marvel so your basically saying the creator of Marvel and the person who made 2, 3, 4 and 5 on this list is below them then that's not really fair even having him on this list.

He has the greatest powers unmatched speed power strength intelligence time travel telepathy teleportation telekinesis and a lot of other powers due to which he should be on the highest and at top of this list.

He can manipulate reality. He could make himself the most powerful being even just by making the others weak. He has complete and utter control of the multiverse.

He has the power to change reality into his liking (chaos free, hell packed, all time and space rolled into one, etc. ) Even the Hulk can't take him down because the One-Above-All is the universe.

Can anyone beat God? Not a deity, but the real, honest to god, God? A thought and the one-above-all could wipe out ALL of existence. the only challenger he could have is one that he himself creates for the hell of it.

It's funny that we weren't talking about GODS here. Do you think ONE ABOVE ALL is greater than THE PRESENCE!? it took 30 years for marvels to create God just like THE PRESENCE. Marvels copies characters from DC and doesn't even change their names at least like DOCTOR FATE - DOCTOR STRANGE, DEATHSTROKE - DEADPOOL etc. They even copy their powers. Like THE PRESENCE is OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT. Just like that, ONE ABOVE ALL has the same powers. They should have at least given him different powers. - Venkateshk

He is the strongest and his power is unimaginable he should be number 1 because of his godly powers he can actually remove or create new marvel characters and he has no weakness.

This is just ridiculous, TOAA is not only stronger than anyone else on this list, it's likely stronger than any actual god mankind has ever come up with like Yahweh or Shiva, because it's in control of a multiverse full of super-beings. This is like including the Flash in a bid for fastest slug.

One above all should be number 1 because he beat ever marvel character at the same time and I bet superman vs one above all it would be a tie or one above all

This shouldn't be on the list. I mean sure he's a good-guy and all-powerful. But he isn't a superhero. Therefor it's irrelevant to have him on here.

In terms of hierarchy, OAA is the strongest character in existence. It's undisputed that he is the greatest in the Marvel Universe. There's really only a contest if you put him up against the DC Universe. Also, I'm not convinced Goku at #1 on this list can compete with any of the cosmic beings.

He is the one above all come on guys one above all he is the supreme commander of the marvel universe so he should be above every marvel character one above all

He's the strongest and stronger then Living Tribunal and can eliminate all the superheroes in marvel in one second or one attack.

This guy is awesome he can kill anyone else on this list just by thinking about it

Hold up everybody one above all is up on the top people why is he on 6th huh. He can destroy the whole multiverse with the snap of his fingers he has to be on top

He created the universe I am pretty sure that is reason enough to put him at the top, and like the others said he is omnipresent which means he is everywhere and anywhere at once.

His powers are limitless he could destroy everything including cosmic powered beings like infinity and eternity.He could warp superman out of existence by a glance he can create galaxies and loads of universes he is just too powerful to be on this list. That is how powerful he is.

This dude's like god I don't see superman beating up god and I don't think you do either - toptendudes