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Thor Odinson is a fictional superhero appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, is the Asgardian god of thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability of flight and weather more.


What? WHAT? Thor, god of thunder, guardian of Asgard, is knocked down to second by SUPERMAN? This is just incredibly dumb. Thor is immortal, and could just spin the hammer to open a wormhole to find kryptonite and level off Superman, or just send Superman to somewhere without a yellow sun. You really have to look at ALL the portrayals of Thor, and if you do, it will show you who should be the true victor of this top ten.

Thor should be the second most powerful, and Hulk should be first. Thor can collapse an area and shift the planet out of place. He has lifted the Midgard Serpent, which is said to weigh half as much or just as much as the planet Earth itself, so he lifted between 3.3-6.6 sextillion tons. He can resist the gravemetric pressure equal to the weight of a neutron star. He is unaffected by the sun and has even rested inide of our sun. He can match a savage hulk's strength for an entire hour in a power struggle. He can snap out of Adamantium coils effortlessly and can break out of chains made to withstand the strength of 10 giants. He has knocked Abomination out with a single punch and can survive being crushed by the weight of 20 planets. He can create attacks 1000 times hotter than the sun. He can travel more than 50 times the speed of light, so he can move 9,300,000 miles/second. He can resist mental control from Loki and can transcend the physical realm. He is so powerful that he usually ...more

But seriously, come on, what the hell. Superman and Goku? Are people just voting those they want to win between a battle?

Thor has limitless power. He is immortal and can absorb all types of energy and has MANY abilities. He doesn't have any weaknesses like Goku or Superman. Thor can absorb all the particles a being is made off and kill off immortal beings with his god blast.

I'm not sure if there are any superheroes who are more powerful than him, but it certainly isn't Superman or Goku. I can for sure say with all crucial facts at hand, that Thor would beat Silver Surfer, Superman, Goku, Hulk, etc..

He obviously wouldn't beat omnipotent being such as TOAA(The One Above All), Living Tribunal, etc.. But those guys aren't superheroes. They shouldn't count.

Coming from a comic book fan who knows this .

Thor is a GOD, not some alien from a red planet that was blown up. Every Krypton died from that explosion, with the same powers as superman. Do you think Thor would have died when Krypton was destroyed...NOPE!

Thor has beaten Galactus, destroyer of worlds! Pretty sure Superman would get owned by Galactus.

Thor is enchanted with magic, that is how he derives his immortality, his hammer is magic. Superman is as vulnerable to magic as Kryptonite. Thor would win, no matter how invincible the writers choose to make Superman.

How many battles has Thor fought in over his lifetime. Thor is wise beyond Superman's years.

You guys obviously clicked the wrong vote button because THOR is AWESOME and he could like defeat anyone. Maybe you meant to click the vote button for Thor but your finger slipped and you clicked superman. Then your hand slipped and you wrote a comment about him. Sorry. Well thor is the strongest because he can lift a hammer that probably weighs tons of pounds and no other person could lift it. He also came back to life once he was dead and caught the hammer. Okay bye.

P.S. -he also controls lightning ain't that just cool?
Now really bye

He's just the best nothing more no one should tell me crap about superman and that he has lifted mjolnir once because that's an unbelievable lie thor can simply destroy the sun and take superman to another galaxy without a yellow sun and turn his lungs to mush because even in superman comics and cartoons he needs a space suit to leave the earth and his journey usually end at the sun or the moon I'm not sure if he has the strength for an intergalactic trip that's all bye... And yeah he's also not immune to lightening which thor has! Now for real bye

Thor can control all weather like thunder, lightning, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Thor is so fast, strong. He weighs 600 pounds of solid muscle. He has a hammer that no other person can pick up. Superman is just made up of too many powers. And Thor is a demi god. He's unbeatable, he defeated 100's of frost giants, a large monster, and the destroyer

Goku has defeated people that have destroyed planets using less than 1% of their power - JuiceLandry

He has no weaknesses. The only things that can even effect him is godly magic and newtons. He has the ability to alter matter and absorb all the energy that exist in the 9 universes. He's energy, strength and durability is limitless. He can teleport anywhere, transform himself to anyone, he can sense everything far beyond the solar system.

Thunder God... thousands of years of experience in battle... wields one of the most powerful weapons in the marvel universe... strength is on par with hercules hulk and maybe even superman... also wields magic powers and controls the elements... and currently has the odin force now... yeah nuff said...

Thor has a BALANCE within his character. Superman can do TOO much, which takes away from the effect. It's not believable, and it just makes him look pathetic and overwhelming. THOR IS REASONABLE, and thus much more enjoyable to read.

Thor and Superman are equal. Thor has the edge in power, while Superman makes it for speed. So in a fight it is equal. But as the most powerful Thor would win out of all superheros apart from Dr. Manhatten and Dr. Fate guys. Goku should not even be in the top tens.

Thor is the most powerful! He can lift one million tons, he can cause earthquakes to rage over entire continents! And his hammer can destroy mountains! Lets see superman beat that.

Rune King Thor is the new, way stronger, version of Thor. He has even taken out Galactus with his magical hammer.
He is fast enough to catch bullets and his strength combined with his magic would easily kill Superman (who can't resist magic).

Thor is easily on of the most powerful super humans in the universe. Many believe that superman is more powerful but that is not true. Not everyone knows that magic is super effective to superman. Thor wields lightning that is basically pure magic when powered through his magic hammer. In Thor ragnarok he beat the goddess of death. I don't think superman could do that. Thor should be 1st on this list. Everyone gives superman more credit than deserved.

He is the strongest hero on this list with Silver Surfer as a close second. He could beat Superman any day. Villains don't count on this list, so Galactus, Thanos, and many others are excluded, making Thor the most powerful here.

Not even getting into his incalculable strength and centuries of fighting experience and skills thor is a magical entity which is a major weakness of stupidman oops I'm sorry I meant superman

If people use objective analysis of each character's arsenal of powers, the most powerful superhero would be Thor, Goku or Dr Manhattan with 9 times out of 10 Thor winning. His full arsenal of powers make all others mere cannon fodder.

Don't think Goku should be on this list!

Superman and Thor would be a good battle for the top spot. Superman has a lot of power at his disposal, biggest problem for Thor would be Supes speed and his own glass jaw. Thor is not invulnerable, he has been knocked out a few times.
What does stand in Thor's favour is that Supes is very vulnerable to magic! That's just Thor's area of expertise. If Thor should land a blow it would be all she wrote for Supes. I'm in Thor's corner on this one but it will be a hell of a 'slugfest'

Thor is the most powerful being in the universe he can battle for months without rest heal himself overpower the hulk and he can beat Galactus all of this and we holds back.

It really is pointless arguing either for or against Thor (or any other heroes), the comic books are so convoluted with different era this and that, blah, blah, blah... Strictly from (modern) movies, I think it comes down to Thor vs. Superman, and I would give Thor the edge because of his magical abilities, and his superior combat training.

Thor is a god he can o die and he could beat the crap out of superman with his hammer The Hulk is stronger than Superman and Thor stopped hulks punch

I don't like him very much, but he is too damn powerful, he could fight with Thanos, Galactus, The Void... Anyone who read marvel comics know how much he is ridiculous powerful

Well in the video in you tube Thor beat superman plus Thor's immortal. Thor is a God so basically his powers are unlimited so he should be number 1.

The Thor is the most powerful superhero as some used to say that the Thor is nothing without the hammer but in the movie the avengers 2 Thor just threw down vision singlehandedly and that too without the hammer which leaves no doubt regarding the strength of the Almighty THOR. He has only one weakness I.E. Odin's magic who can control all of Thor's powers but why would he make his son powerless in a battle? So if THOR has any weakness then it has not reached his enemies and Goku how can he reach the top? He died several times and he is brought back by the immortal dragon but THOR he is just invinsible.

So some people may have already said this, but thor was created specifically to beat all others, he was created without any weaknesses which the devs later realised to tune it down as it was ridiculously hard to beat thor.