Most Random Things to Use In a Zombie Apocolypse


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1 Banjo

You would play a mini solo every time before smashing it through the zombie's head jajajaja

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2 Frozen Cat

This made me fall to the floor in laughter and ponder on the fact, of how pineapples never wear Bikinis. It stuns me.

You would talk to it whether to eat macaroni or peanuts for dinner, then realize you were being stalked and turn around and smash it into the nearest thing you saw because you wanted peanuts, but it wanted macaroni.
-Ginger Chick

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3 Bag of Doorknobs

This is just the absolute most creative weapon ever, LOVE IT. It's like you ever wanna hole up in a place, your good man you got a bag a' doorknobs to replace the one you broke.

I prefer the bag of hammers, or bag of pipe wrenches personally... But that is just me.

4 Frying Pan

This isn't random...haven't you seen Rapunzel?

5 Tube Sock Full of Wood-screws
6 Bucket of cement
7 Unloaded AK-47

Sons of anarchy did that! It was sweet!

8 Cap Pistol
9 Hot Glue Gun

Well it is a gun...

10 Potato

I like potato's...

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11 Condoms
12 Bare Hands
13 Flaming hot pockets
14 Whale blubber
15 Pitchfork

Ha hah in Call Of The Dead this is Robert Englund's weapon it is AWESOME

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16 A Spartan
17 Golden Dildo
18 Comb
19 Wooden Spoon

Because I said so. Ginger Chicks are always right, so, yeah.

20 Leaf Blower
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