Top 10 Reasons My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the Best Show Ever

Over the course of the last year and a half, I have become addicted to the cultural phenomenon that is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. After watching the whole show and catching up on the entire franchise, I can see why this show has such a huge following. It appeals not only to its target audience of 5-year-old girls but also has garnered a cult following of teens and even adults!

I decided to list the top ten reasons why I personally believe that this cartoon is the greatest show of all time. I have not read any other top ten lists on this show yet, and these are only my personal thoughts. Any plagiarism is completely 100% unintentional.

With that said, here are my own personal top 10 reasons why My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is the best show ever!
The Top Ten
1 The Stories

Each episode of MLP FIM presents a unique and interesting story that viewers of all ages can enjoy. Often, the narratives are unpredictable, leading you to expect one outcome, only for the plot to take a completely different turn. This constant suspense keeps you engaged, wondering what will happen next. The storytelling can sometimes be so remarkable that it feels mind-blowing in its scale, particularly in seasons 5 and 6. Overall, the narratives in each episode of MLP FIM are epic and always leave you excited for the next installment.

2 The Characters

Now, every show, movie, etc., is known for their likeable and memorable characters. My Little Pony practically fills the entire dictionary with the amount of lovable characters it has! From amazing main characters like Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, to side characters like Big Macintosh and the CMC, to background characters like the legendary Derpy Hooves. Almost every character in this show is a great character and so easy to side with! Every situation these characters get themselves into, you want to see them get out okay! Some of the show's best characters don't even appear until later seasons! (Maud Pie and Thorax are perfect examples!) Sometimes you have that one character that gets under your skin, like Quibble Pants or Diamond Tiara (before Season 5). But more often than not, these pony characters are so darn likeable and will always have you coming back for more!

3 The Music

Now, we've all heard plenty of catchy music in our lives, and My Little Pony is a goldmine when it comes to catchy music! The show is flooded with so many ungodly catchy songs that will just never leave your head once you've heard them once! Smile Smile Smile, Apples to the Core, and Winter Wrap Up are only a fraction of the examples of the catchy music this show throws at you! Almost every song in this show is so singable and will still be in our heads for as long as we can remember them! Not only that, but there's even some really good emotional songs as well in this show! Overall, the music in this show is amazing!

4 Outstanding Mix of Comedy and Drama

Now, of course, every good show has to know exactly when to be funny and when to be serious, and My Little Pony is no exception! The show is often jam-packed with amazing laugh-out-loud comedy (most of it coming from Pinkie Pie being a weirdo), but will occasionally stop for a few minutes to have a nice, serious, dramatic scene. Sometimes the drama in this show can get so serious to the point of being almost depressing! Every episode will make you laugh, cry, or usually both! This show will make you believe that ponies can make a man cry! (And laugh!)

5 Plenty of Scary or Disturbing Moments and Episodes That May Frighten or Scar Little Kids

If you're going into this expecting another typical girl's show with just flowers, butterflies, and pretty colors, you're in the wrong place entirely! My Little Pony may have originally been targeted at little girls between the ages of 3 and 7, but it has no problem with scaring the ever-loving daylights out of them! Do not, and I repeat, do not, let the show's TV-Y rating fool you! A pony episode may start out all cute and innocent, but then all of a sudden there may be zombies, or a nightmare scene, or sometimes a character just going through a complete and total mental breakdown! Sometimes the episodes can just get downright scary or uncomfortable for little kids. Like one episode where this evil spirit turns all 6 of our favorite Pony Friends into jerks, or even this other episode where the most innocent character turns evil and drives 2 of her friends to tears, or even an episode where the most amazing character in the show goes through the five stages of depression! Bottom line, if you're a parent and you want to show your kids this show, make sure you watch it with them first to make sure they can handle it, and don't be surprised if they suddenly start having an everlasting fear of cookies!

6 Amazing References

References to The Big Lebowski, Trainspotting, and Game of Thrones, in a show made for five-year-old girls. Need I say more? There's also many homages to old classic movies like Gone With The Wind and Singin' in The Rain. And so many other homages hidden throughout the show! Some of the references are even hidden in the background, specifically The Shining reference. Sometimes the newer episodes even give callbacks to older episodes! Not much to say here except, amazing!

7 Highly Quotable

As if this show wasn't already a big dictionary filler with its endless slew of likable characters and memorable songs, the show is also quotable! So many memorable quotes have become famous internet memes. The biggest ones, of course, are 20% cooler and, of course, Eeyup! It's just one of the most quotable shows of all time, hands down!

8 The Show Continuously Improves with Each New Season

Who would have thought that what started off as a little show, spun off of a notoriously popular franchise, would continuously grow to become more and more amazing with every passing season! If you're only just becoming an average fan after the first couple of seasons, don't worry! The seasons after that will give you plenty of reasons to become a diehard fan of the show! As far as I would rank the seasons. Seasons 1 and 2 are both great, Season 3 is really good too despite only being a half-season. Season 4 is great too. And then Seasons 5 and 6 are a whole other category of epicness! To really understand how amazing the show is, you have to binge-watch the whole series! At least all the episodes up until Season 5's masterpiece, "Crusaders of The Lost Mark", which still is and always will be the greatest episode of the whole series. At the current time I'm typing this list up, Season 7 is still in production and is said to be the best season yet! All I can say is, if it's anywhere near as epic as the last two seasons were, bring it!

9 The Franchise in General

Not only is the show itself great, but the franchise itself is awesome as well! It has a really crazy and cool spinoff where all the characters become humans in high school, and a super awesome app game available for smartphones, which is a thousand times more addicting than any old Candy Crush or Angry Birds game. Seriously, download the game on your smartphone and then tell me you're not still playing it two hours later! I dare you!

10 The Fanbase

If there's one thing better than a great show, it's its super cool fanbase, and the Brony fanbase is one of the coolest fanbases of all time! Granted, it is full of plenty of weirdos who sexualize these innocent ponies and are into pony hentai (Eww), but most of the fanbase are really cool people! The fact that there are entire conventions dedicated to this show just shows how much this show is loved and praised by so many. If it weren't for the fanbase, characters like Derpy Hooves may not have even existed! If you think the show has a lot of material, the fanbase is an entirely different category. There are so many cool fan-made animations, fan-made music, and so much more that would have never existed if it weren't for the show's massive cult following! There's even a kickass app for smartphones called Pony Radio full of all sorts of cool fan-made pony music! Bottom line, the Brony fanbase is the coolest fanbase to ever exist and gives an already awesome show so much more material that without them, would have most likely never existed!