Top Ten Most Evil My Little Pony Characters

In a peaceful world like Equestria, there is bound to be some evil lurking. Let's count down the ten most evil characters, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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1 Tirek

He is the main antagonist of the Season 4 Finale
He is the secondary antagonist who is a friend of Cozy Glow in the Season 8 Finale. Cozy glow is more evil then him.

Tirek and cozy glow never get along so why didn't tirek take cozy glows magic also why didn't tirek took fake grogars magic. Tirek should have took all magic even the elements magic.

I have seen the episode and when He has sucked magic they were purple green and black sucking away. I mean Grogar is discord and discord helped tired even though if he betrayed him. But that is a load of barnicoles because discoed is the lord of kaos

2 Queen Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling who serves as the main antagonist for the season 2 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She appears again later in the show, and teams up with other villains

This is the most evil villan for a lot of reasons. She is defeted 3 times and she is still evil. She slapped Starlight's hoof and go away to do another revenge. She wants power and a powerful army to rule equestria. The only chrysalis that is not good and she will never be good. She is evil. She is the most evil character I see. I love her. She is THE QUEEN.

I hate how Starlight offered understanding and a new chance, and Chrysalis (She doesn't deserve to be called queen) was super rude and slapped her hoof away.

3 King Sombra King Sombra, or simply Sombra, is a major antagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He appears as the main antagonist in both the Season 3 premiere, "The Crystal Empire", and the Season 9 premiere, "The Beginning of the End". Sombra is a male, initially-umbrum unicorn, and the former tyrannical... read more

He could show the worst fear right? So why didn't he show the Mane 6 their worst fear, taking that time to snatch away the elements of harmony, and the crystal heart?

So in season three Alvin Sanders voiced Sombra and now Scooby doo is... Sombra started a war! And now in season 9 hrs singing a sing! I mean end it on a high note but don't do it literally

Far from my favorite villain, but he is the Evil Overlord type. His plans negatively affect entire city-states.

4 Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon is the corrupted form of Princess Luna, the younger sister of Princess Celestia. As Nightmare Moon, she first appeared as the main antagonist in the Season 1 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Niightmare moon is the best. I love her style of evilness. And yesterday when I was plaaying roblox dragon's life dragon that looked just like her. I LOVE HER!

She almost killed Celestia with 1 blast just 1 blast of her horn. I got to say, I love her too!

She took over the night multiple times. Gotta vote her.

5 Grogar

Surprised nobody added him yet. Anyways, Grogar is the goat behind the scenes. His plan is to usurp control of Equestria by uniting with some of the baddest villains from its past. Grogar went off the radar eons ago, but is making his comeback in Season 9 (hopefully ending the show with a BANG rather than a fizzle).

Just to be clear, this entry represents the *actual Grogar, not Discord pretending to be Grogar. And he created all the other monsters including Tirek, Chrysalis and king Sombra.

The one character so evil, he makes Tirek look like a Saint in comparison.

6 Cozy Glow

Although outwardly adorable, this gal is evil to the core! I just kinda wish that she had a motive, a reason for being so evil! I don't like villains who are evil just for the sake of being evil!

I love her too! She is like so evil and clever! She didn't deserve to be a statue! She was just a 5 year old!

The Season 8 Finale will tell you that she is the main antagonist!

7 Discord Discord, also known as the Spirit of Disharmony, is a former-antagonist-turned-supporting-protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Yes, I know he was reformed. But I mean before he was, he wanted to spread chaos across the land and even after he was reformed he loved the mess with The Mane Six.

I love discord and he's "reformed" but he's still evil that amount of stuff he pulls is ridiculous

8 Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer is a recurring character, initially an antagonist, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She first appears in the season 5 premiere, The Cutie Map. From The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2 to Celestial Advice, she is Twilight Sparkle's student in the ways of friendship.

Starlight is definitely the most dangerous villain yet (from what we've seen, at least). Here's why:
Unlike the other villains, who could be defeated with the Mane 6 and/or friendship in some form, Starlight went to the root of her problem, the Mane 6 getting their cutie marks and coming together in the first place, and stopped that. If Twilight hadn't convinced her to stop in the end, Starlight may as well would've changed the past to ruin the present.

She is almost the most powerful unicorn. Clever enough to take the whole village's cutie marks, And clever enough to take the Mane 6's cutie marks too! She deserved to be Twilight's student. But now she has become good. I don't know why you put her on this list?

9 Daybreaker

Day breaker is so evil she defeated nightmare moon and claims she is so powerful which she is powerful. Also day breaker is my favorite villain.

And is the worst version of Celestia and is very evil.

10 Pinkamena Diane Pie

I am totally obsessed with Pinkamena! She's my favourite pony, I like her way of 'playing' with her victims before slaughtering them, she...well she, she's my type of pony!

Behold the pony personality most likely to become a serial killer...

Our party pony's evil core, Pinkamena.

The Contenders
11 Adagio Dazzle (Equestria Girls)
12 Apple Bloom's Nightmares

From Bloom And Gloom, this figure caused her pain and fear.

13 The Discorded Mane Six

They ruined the elements of harmony and became, the elements of insanity!

I think they want to destroy the Maine six and the tree of harmony that is not cool

14 The Storm King
15 Changelings

They were evil to save their own lives! That is why they are the lowest on the list.

16 Tantabus

Legit wanted to corrupt the Universe into a living nightmare what could be more evil

17 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer is a female unicorn pony-turned-human and former antagonist introduced in My Little Pony Equestria Girls. She is a student at Canterlot High School, a former student of Princess Celestia, and a rhythm guitarist for the student band The Rainbooms.
18 Tempest Shadow

Ha She is not evil she was betrayed plus I like her songs.Open up your eyes
See the world from where I stand
Me among the mighty
You caged at my command. Although I have on eof her songs stuck in my head. TAKE HER OFF the LIST RIGHT NOW!

She is reformed but she was pretty evil before that!

19 Princess Celestia Friendship is Magic." As the ruler of Equestria, she is depicted as wise, benevolent, and possessing magical powers. Princess Celestia raises the sun and governs alongside her sister, Princess Luna. Her mentorship of Twilight Sparkle is a central element of the show's storyline, emphasizing leadership,... read more
20 Midnight Sparkle

She is like so evil. She let others see inside pony world.

She's incredibly OP, she nearly destroyed and not only the human world but Equestria as well, and not to mention she's hot

21 Evil Princess Celestia
22 Sweetie Belle
23 Spoiled Rich

His mother was the reason of why diamond tiara was evil, I'm glad she changed in the five season

24 Principal Cinch
25 Garble

He wants to light Equestria up in flames and kill every pony in it. That's worse than anyone else on this list...

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