Top 10 Worst Things Rainbow Dash Has Done

Rainbow Dash is the blue pegasus with a rainbow mane from the beloved series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Known for her incredible speed, loyalty, and a bit of a cocky attitude, she's a character who never fails to make an impression. But not all impressions are good ones, and even the most die-hard fans have to admit that Rainbow Dash has had her share of controversial moments.

What are the worst things Rainbow Dash has done? The question isn't about tarnishing her reputation, but rather understanding a character who's multi-faceted and human (or should we say, pony-like) in her imperfections. It's about diving into those less-than-stellar choices and what they mean, not just to Rainbow Dash but to those around her and the series as a whole.
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1 Made Fluttershy cry because she was not good at sports

What do I have to say? I HATE HER GUTS! I don't care that this list is not to tarnish her reputation, she absolutely deserves it. Cocky, self-absorbed, can't deal with losing, her pranks go too far, she doesn't study well, doesn't understand the meaning of a pet, and keeps on teasing and criticizing anyone who she thinks is weak, especially Fluttershy. God, if I could, I would vote EVERY SINGLE THING. Plus, there are a lot of people who aren't good at sports, Rainbwo Dash would be bullying all of them. Before I was fine, but now, I think of her as the worst, sort-of a loyal bulliesh friend. ICK.

2 Gave up Fluttershy as a friend just for a book

She almost traded her "friend" over a stupid book! Can't she be a bit more down to earth?!

I would literally do the same thing. I didn't really care about my friends that much.

3 Hurt Fluttershy's feelings, even though she knew she was scared

Can she not accept that people are different and be nice to Fluttershy for ONCE? She is actually a very mean person and a braggart.

Rainbow is just a bully, and I always thought the whole Mane Six did the same thing to Fluttershy.

Can we please get an episode where RD apologizes for being an ass to Fluttershy?

4 Refused to accept that Applejack is a better athlete than her

She is a cheater. She used her wings. If she represents loyalty, then be loyal to Applejack and accept that she is a better athlete.

5 Got mad at Twilight when she was trying to teach her a friendship lesson

She is so immature. She should be thanking her and be grateful.

6 Abandoned Pinkie Pie and Rarity in the desert

Well, she couldn't afford to let AJ go. Rarity and Pinkie should've known that and been okay with being left behind.

7 Was ungrateful to Rarity for making her a nice dress

All of the other Mane 5 were ungrateful!

8 Tried to replace Pinkie Pie with Cheese Sandwich

She never tried to replace her with Cheese. It just looked like that from Pinkie's point of view.

Element of Loyalty who? I mean, what kind of idiot ditches her best friend for someone else? That's just cruel.

9 Threw a temper tantrum about how she is the best

I know, she is so annoying when she does this. Stop complaining about how you are the best, Dash! You can't always be the best. Give the spotlight to some other pony, Dash! Get a life.

10 Treated Fluttershy like a slave

Again, the Mane Six treats her like that.

The Contenders
11 Was mean to Daring Do
12 Harassed Granny Smith
13 Beat up Fluttershy in "The Crystal Empire"

I remember that! I was like, poor Fluttershy, because she can't fight as well. Not saying she can't fight, but she's just too kind to fight, and Rainbow Dash had to prove she's the best by picking on the defenseless one. HOW RUDE!

She didn't beat her up, she just put her head under her butt and started walking. That's not beating someone up.

14 Was mean to Twilight for no reason
15 Thought she was better than anybody else in "Equestria Girls" when she sang "Awesome As I Wanna Be"
16 Acted like a jerk in 'Games Ponies Play'
17 Was rude to Twilight Sparkle in "Friendship is Magic: Part 1"
18 Called Twilight an egghead

I think that was more of a joke. (Even though it might be mean, Rainbow just doesn't always think before acting. I think it was okay because Twilight wasn't very mad. Rainbow would apologize if she hurt Twilight's feelings).

Twilight is clever and smart and wants to do things for the good of her people. Rainbow Dash just wants to join the stupid Loserbolts.

I agree with TwilightKitsune. Twilight is very smart and selfless. Rainbow Dash is just jealous (no offense) and called Twilight an egghead to feel better about herself.

19 Acted foolishly in "Tanks for the Memories"

It's my head canon that she doesn't want Tank to leave because she has problems dealing with loss. In my head canon, I think that her mom either left and never came back or died.

20 Acted poorly towards Discord in pre-"Twilight's Kingdom"

Rainbow Dash was the RUDEST to Discord when he was reforming. I get he was evil, but the past was the past! Get a life!

21 Was mean to Scootaloo because of errors
22 Was overly specific about the animals
23 Tried to stop winter from coming to Ponyville because her turtle was about to hibernate
24 Shouted at her parents

No one should ever shout or yell at anyone. For example, no one should be shouted at just for being annoying.

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