NBA Teams Expected to Have the Best Backcourt Tandems In 2014

These are the NBA teams with the best point and shooting guards teammates. Enjoy!

The Top Ten NBA Teams Expected to Have the Best Backcourt Tandems In 2014

1 Golden State Warriors - Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

The Splash Brothers... Need I say more? - MyRockets345

2 San Antonio Spurs - Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili

These two dynamic players have been together for twelve years. I believe that these two will at least have 15 years as teammates, and will stay a dominant force. - MyRockets345

The best out of them all

3 Charlotte Hornets - Kemba Walker and Lance Stephenson

Ever since the Hornets signed Lance, they are pumped to be a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. I hope that this year, they get a good seed in the playoffs. - MyRockets345

4 Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters

Kyrie "the Bus Driver" Irving and Dion Waiters are two young players for Cleveland who look very promising as a backcourt tandem. In about three or four years, they could win a handful of awards. - MyRockets345

5 Washington Wizards - John Wall and Bradley Beal

John Wall and Bradley Beal are two of the youngest players in the Wizards organization. These two have been on the same team for about two years, and I think that their chances of winning as a pair is very high. - MyRockets345

6 New Orleans Pelicans - Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon

Jrue and Eric are two short players who really don't need height with their amazing scoring and passing abilities. Jrue Holiday is known for his amazing passing, scoring, and stealing abilities, and Eric Gordon is known for his stealing and scoring talents. M - MyRockets345

7 Portland Trail Blazers - Damian Lillard and Wesley Matthews

Portland has one of the youngest clutch players in the world in Damian Lillard. Damian is very productive on the offensive end and decent on the defensive end. Wesley Matthews is a good shooter and a ball thief. This tandem on Rip City's basketball squad ensures that they get good records for years to come. - MyRockets345

8 Boston Celtics - Rajon Rondo and Evan Turner

When Beantown signed Turner, they were saying that they wanted to win the title. One player doesn't make a franchise, so if Rondo stays healthy, Boston might win a lot of games. - MyRockets345

9 Minnesota Timberwolves - Ricky Rubio and Kevin Martin

These two elite players with different abilities: that describes these two players. Ricky Rubio's passing, stealing, scoring, and rebounding game are all stellar for a point guard. Kevin Martin's three point shot is something to marvel at. These two are possibly two of the best guards in the NBA. - MyRockets345

10 Phoenix Suns - Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic

Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic are actually two point guards. But considering their talents together, Jeff Hornacek put Dragic at shooting guard and Bledsoe at point. Together, they could be a successful tandem. - MyRockets345

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