Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

A list of the greatest teams when compared to their peers.

The Top Ten

1 1985 Chicago Bears

The one loss that year was to the Dolphins and the delusional boaster, Don Shula, who always fails to point out that the Bears were without their starting QB, Jimmy Mac. From 1984-86 the Bears were 35-3 when Mac played. Name one QB in history with a 38 game streak near that. One may also, and rightly so, say that the stubborn Buddy Ryan single handedly lost that game when he failed to admit making a major mistake by covering the slot back and 4th WR Nat Moore with LB Marshall all game. Hey Shula, if you guys were so great that year how come the wildcard Pats destroyed you in Miami in the A.F.C. championship game 31-14? Had the Bears not fumbled on their first possession, New England actually led 3-0 in that S.B. , and had they not put their second and third stingers in for most of the 4th quarter, the final score could easily have been 53, or 60-0. As it was they still set the record for most points scored, the biggest margin of victory, and 3 defensive yardage and sack records that ...more

72 Dolphins had an easy schedule. Only two of the teams they played during the regular season ended up with a winning record, and their opponents had an aggregate win percentage below 40%.

In 86, passing teams were able to beat the 85 Bears, but we're not talking about the 86 Bears. In 86, the Bears' had a new defensive coordinator after Buddy Ryan left, so it's rather hard to draw comparisons between the two seasons with regard to defensive prowess.

The 72 Dolphins failed to win in the playoffs by more than 7 points in any game, whereas the Bears beat their opposition in the playoffs by an average of 27 points. Marino was able to help the Dolphins win in 85 because Marino had a legendarily quick release, so he was able to stay in the pocket longer than other quarterbacks, on top of the fact that McMahon was hurt. The only thing keeping the 85 Bears from winning NFL defensive player, offensive player, AND coach of the year was Marcus Allen's career year for the Raiders, ...more

Best team ever!

Just to prove how amazing we were I'll name off the bears that made the hall of fame or that should of been there: Walter Payton, Dan Hampton, Wilber Marshall, William Perry, Mike singletary and just about everyone on the 1985 Chicago bears team because everyone pitched in.

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2 1972 Miami Dolphins

17-0 says it all! Not only that but this is also the only team that had the #1 offense AND #1 defense. This team scored more points than any other team that year and ALSO allowed the fewest points that season. Only team in NFL history to do this.

People also get confused when they say that this team played close games. In their 14 regualr season games, they won 11 of them by more than 8 points.

As for the playoff games, Dolphins were not on their game against Browns or Steelers, yet they managed to beat Browns when other great teams lose.

1985 Bears were not on their game against 1985 Dolphins and Dolphins destroyed them 38-24. I could say the same thing about each of the other great teams on this list.

Let me also say that Dolphins were not on their game against Steelers and won 21-17 AT Pittsburgh. This is the same Pittsburgh team that would go on to win 4 Super Bowl titles, yet the Dolphins were not on their game, were at Pittsburgh and still won ...more

I hate to say it to you Bears fans, but the 72' No-name Defense was better than the 85' Bears defense. Why? It didn't have the flash of the 85 Bears, but as far as run and pass defense it was better. The Bears looked prettier because they played their playoff games against running teams in the snow. The 85' Dolphins exposed their huge weakness in their pass defense. That explains why the Bears were a one-year wonder, passing teams that used the short pass beat them every game the next year. The No-namers won another Super Bowl in 73 and lost on the last play against the cheating steroid laced Raiders the next year. They may have also won in 75,76, etc. Had it not been for the WFL (now defunct World Football League) buying their 3 top players. The 70's Dolphins had a winning record over the Steroid Steelers in the 70's. The 72' Dolphins had a much better offense than the 85 Bears, Walter Payton in his prime was arguably better than any of the Dolphin runners, but in 85 Payton was old ...more

In the 47 years since the Dolphins perfect season, no nfl team has been able to have a perfect season. The 1985 Bears got beat by the Dolphins that year. The 1972 Dolphins are the best NFL team of all time. The numbers don't lie. do the math.

You Dolphin haters can't have your cake and eat it too. They just had an ESPN show saying how Elway was better than Marino cause he won the "Big Game", although he did it when his owner bought about 12 High Dollar Free Agents to spruce up his team and it was with a powerful running attack. I guess Marino beating Elway one on one in just about ever game they played doesn't matter? Marino never won the "Big Game"? Well according to your list he beat the "Beat NFL TEAM EVER" and beat them soundly in the most watched Monday Night Football game of ALL TIME! Howard Cosell on the mike and MNF, that's America's real football game! Not the Hoopla Bowl! I kind of wish the Bears would have won that game, it would probably motivated Miami into beating the Patriots who had a good running game and put them in the Super Bowl against the Bears. How knows what would have happened? You really can't match up the 72' Dolphins against the 85' Bears, but the only guys involved in the game that were on the ...more

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3 2007 New England Patriots

You have one of the greatest defenses ever featuring Samuel thomas vrabel seau warren green brushci harrison wilfork seymour and a good ellis hoobs year there weakest position (2nd corner) was considered above average by every other standard and the dominated the offense was lead by a line that has and is one of the greatest led by one of if not the greatest quarterback in brady and a great receiving core of welker and THE FREAK the only knock on this team is they couldn't but for god sakes did they even need to

The patriots should be higher. A lot of great NFL teams choked in the biggest moment of the season ( 1983 raiders, 2013 broncos,2006 cowboys, etc.)

Six Super Bowl championships (#1). Eleven conference championships (#1). 20 division championships. The #2 all-time winning percentage in the NFL (Cowboys are #1). And we have the GOAT.

New England was honestly the best because... Lemme think - They had arguably THE best QB of all time, arguably THE best offense in history, and they finally had a above-average defense at that time. If this team doesn't make it to the top 3, it would be a crime. Go Pats!

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4 1989 San Francisco 49ers

George Seifert was the head coach of the 1989 49ers team. It was not Bill Walsh. Walsh built the team but he retired after the '88 win. A lot of people forget how close this team came to a 3-peat the next year when Montana got hurt and Craig fumbled. The Bills would have been a tough opponent, but the Bills also found a way to lose Super Bowls, so I doubt anyone would argue that had the beat the Giants in 1990 that they would have won 3 Super Bowl's in a row. The incredible thing about this team is how deep the talent was. They had guys like Steve Young and Romanowski who were not even regulars. The '84 had a better record but this was Montana's most dominant year ever.

Some of the best players ever on this team (Craig, Taylor, Lott) and THE best quarterback and receiver ever to grace the game (Montana and Rice, respectively) with a strong offensive line and THE best coach ever, the late, great Bill Walsh, who led his team to 7 playoff appearances and 3 super bowl victories. They had the most productive offense, the 3rd strongest defense, and the second best turnover ratio.

This is simply the greatest team of all time. Montana was the best. Rice was the best and they had to play against great teams.

Forget the rest, they were the best.

montana, rice, craig, taylor, lott... the west coast offence when nobody could defend it...

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5 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers

14 hall of farmers, Blount was the creator of the Blount rule, having The Steel Curtain as a great name, a fan club for just about every player on the team, Joe Greene and Blount came from small colleges to belong into the NFL, 4 Super Bowls, greatest center of all time (mike Webster), THE DEFINITION of POUND IT FOOTBALL. All contributed to their success, Two of the best coaches of all time Chuck Noll head coach and Tony Dungy as a player. All time team: mike Webster, joe Greene, jack lambert, jack ham, and Mel Blount. Killed the raiders frequently and the Vikings (in first Super Bowl they held the Vikings to 12 rushing yards and less than 200 total! ) THEY HAD THE LARGEST ATTENDED SUPER BOWL AND GAME OF ALL TIME IN NFL HISTORY. Why the HECK would you pick any other team to be #1?

The steel curtain was an amazing defense overall but I still think the monsters of the midway are better

This team is the best plus having the most wins in NFL history until stupid patriots won against rams 2018. Now there both with 6 wins. But the Steelers are much better.

They should be number 1

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6 1992 Dallas Cowboys


Tony romo jason witten are my favorites

My favorite team

I think the should be number one we do have the most appearance go cowboys win lose or tie I'm a cowboys fan till I die

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7 1998 Denver Broncos

Definitely this one. Terrell Davis is one of the greatest RBs of all time, and paired with Elway and Sharpe (also goats) you get a team that wins Super Bowls with ease. 100% 1998 Broncos

Good quarter backs nice uniforms great receivers and the defensive team is great

Started 4 future Hall-of-Famers on offense: Elway, TD, Sharpe, Zimmerman

Not gonna be biased and say my Broncos were the best team of ALL TIME in 98, but they sure are up there. I mean the running attack was brutal and wore defenses down, and if you happen to stop that you've got this guy named John Elway to worry about. The whole fiasco with the Dolphins was just poor gameplaning and even poorer effort on out part. Did I mention the defense? Yeah because it was underrated as hell and may not have had any big name guys outside of Atwater and Neil Smith, but they had great chemistry, flew to the ball, and made plays in the biggest moments.

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8 1984 San Francisco 49ers

The team was a missed field goal (Steelers) from a perfect record. It was ranked number 1 on defense and number 2 in offense. The team did not have Jerry Rice. It rolled through the playoffs including a 23-0 beating of the Chicago Bears (the same team that would win the next year Super Bowl) and crush the Dolphins in the Super Bowl.

This was the best of the best of the 49ers. any questions?

15-1 Great team before Rice. Not too many Superstars but definitely a complete team.

The 49ers are the best football team EVER and always will be!

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9 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers

Totally agree

Go Antonio. I Live near the Pittsburgh Steelers. I just so happen to live in New Cumberland. About 80 miles East from them. I live closer to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers set a Guinness record from Antonio Brown just for a 40 1 handed catch in a row beating Odell Beckham Jr. by 4 catches. Ben Roethlisberger also is a good [QB] for the team with him letting Antonio Brown make a one handed catch. Someone had also added Ben to a complication of the most hated NFL players but I disagreed with it. It is probably because whenever he's [QB] and runs to make a touchdown he gets tackled but I don't focus to much on him so I'm not sure. The Steelers are also going to be one of the last football teams playing in 2017. They are playing to the Browns Dec 13 2017. The 2nd last football game of the year. The last game will be Chiefs to Eagles. Anyways this was my opinion. What's yours?

The Steelers are the team that just mess up other teams it has been a rough season this year we have the patriots coming up and we hoping we win we tied clevland that is embarissing but I believe that they will get it together GO STEELERS.

85 Bears #1, seriously? Lets break down how bad the 74, 75, 76, 79 or in this case, 78 Pittsburgh Steelers would beat them down!

The 85 Bears struggled against the pass if they faced an o-line that could protect their qb, reference Danny Marino taking it to them that year. Mike Webster and that Steelers O-line would have given Terry Bradshaw enough time to find open receivers. Those receivers were Swann and Stallworth, they would have been wide open. Franco would have got his fair share on the ground too. Steelers Offense scores a few times on the Bears D.

85 Bears offense vs the Steel Curtain. Give me a break! Walter Payton would have got a few yards vs Mean Joe, Jack Ham and Jack Lambert, but he's not breakin 100! Bears gotta pass, who do they got? Jim McMahon? Wide Receviers nobody can remember? Yeah that's gonna work well vs the Steelers pass rush, Mel Blount and Donnie Shell. Bears get into the redzone once or twice the whole game.

Final Score: Steelers 24-3

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10 1999 St. Louis Rams

Best offensive speed team ever

8-8 previous season and some huge early troubles during the 90's when in LA, then 98 Warner comes out of nowhere, and the previous season the Greatest show on turf is born. One of the best teams ever. Would beat 07' patriots in my mind

I was a season ticket holder during that year. I remember when Trent Green went down. We all tailgated saying at the best 8-8. There is not at fan during that time that ever expected more! I to this day think it was one of the best seasons ever! I am now stuck in Houston were I have season tickets also, hope one day they will do the same!

The 1999 Rams help mold what the NFL is about today. This type of aerial offense makes this game exiting to watch and the only number offense to win the Superbowl. I mean this unit scored 500pts for three seasons. WOW!

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11 1962 Green Bay Packers

how are the CHICAGO BEARS the best team?!?! They only won 1 superbowl, last time I checked the Packers won 4/5. Vince Lombardi, one of the greatest coaches of all time if not the greatest served the Green Bay Packers for almost 10 years. Yeah the Bears have won more games against the Packers but the Green Bay Packers have 13 championship titles, 4 superbowl wins, the atmosphere when you go to one of there games is phenomenal! If you support the other team, yeah we give ya a little crap but we still treat you nice. In Chicago you get booed outta the place. The Chicago Bears should NOT be #1, but the freekin Green Bay Packers baby should!

#1 best Lombardi team

Watching the first football ga
me at age 18 in 1994 I became their number one fan. Remember watching Brett Favre in Green Bay Packers play such and exciting football game. Brett Favre always gave it 200% every game injured or not. First
quarter or 4th those factors never made a difference to him they always seem to be playing from the heart I became their fan not because of there wins or losses or championship rings or any of those things I became their fan and will die there fan. Because in my heart they always played from the heart for the love of the game one thing I would like to do before I die is go watch the Packers play in Green Bay Wow that would b that would be the best thing ever. Did I mention I live in San Diego California big charger fan city. not me I can only imagine how exciting it must be to watch a game at Lambeau Field win or lose I get chills just thinking about it. That's my opinion. I still wear my #4 Jersey on game day. Much love and respect to Aaron ...more

oh ya - buster

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12 1976 Oakland Raiders

The 1976 raiders were the # 2 team of all time. They would have easily disposed of the 1985 bears, not to mention the quarterback difference, the offensive line difference, and the punishing defensive stars the raiders had on this roster, and the head coaching with ownership differences, made this team #2 on the all time list. The only other team that could have beaten this squad in a superbowl would be the 1972 dolphins, and that's it. Putting the denver broncos and other much less talented franchises ahead of this roster, means this poll is badly flawed.

They might not be as good now (2019) but they were AMAZING then!

This team was unstoppable going 13-1 and winning the Super Bowl. Ken Stabler at QB, Fred Biletnikoff and Cliff Branch at WR, great secondary and defense overall, and last but not least coached by THE John Madden. - raiderfan372

The Raiders only lost 1 game that year -the Patriots came back and beat them in the playoffs beat the steelers also killed Minnesota in the super bowl for a single season and the talent level at that time the Raiders are the best of all time

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13 2013 Seattle Seahawks

I don't know how offense would do against a good defense (as there really aren't any legendary in nfl, a side from the hawks) but they are by far the best defense of all time, NFL'S level of skilled offense has gone was up tremendously since the 50s-90s, hawks are gonna dominate against broncos in Super Bowl 2013-2014

The Seattle sea-hawks not only won the supper bowl this year but they dominated the Denver Broncos winning by 35 points. they showed strength at all positions. They had "the best corner in the game" according to 2013 Seattle sea-hawks corner Richard Sherman. they also had a dominating running game thanks to their offensive line and Marshon Lynch. they also had a very strong running quarter back in Russel Wilson. But this team wasn't just dominating on the field they dominated off the field too. They did this through many helping acts in Seattle.

Even though the odds were against them, they destroyed the broncos 43-8


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14 1991 Washington Redskins

Two words: Dem hogs

14-2 Regular season with a dominating Superbowl win over the Bills.

Best offensive line of all time. (Only 9 sacks all season.. ) (Though the Raider's early seventies line must not be ignored, they were amazing. Debate between whose was better continues to this day. )

Darrell Green and Charles Mann ran the second best defense in the league that year.

Joe Gibbs, One of the greatest coaches and game planners ever. (Common knowledge as he is almost always listed in the top 5 best head coaches ever. )

4 Hall of Famers were on this team: Monk, Green, Grimm, Gibbs. They were the backbone to a very talented team.

#1 offense #2 Defense for that year. This team dominated all opposition.

Definitely one of the all time greatest teams.

Not only did they after 15 games prior to taking out starters allow only 6 sacks(! )they led the league in scoring, barely missed leading in points allowed, but they also nearly finished 15-1 and had several shut outs by wide margins at home to start the season 11-0. Kicker outscored an entire team by himself, special teams, turnover differential, running game and receiver corps were stellar. SB score was deceptive, it was not even close. This Redskin team is easily one of the best in NFL history...

Defense led the league with 50 sacks while the offense gave up 9, yes 9, for the whole season. #1 defense in the NFL that year and #2 offense. More than doubled up the points scored against them. Their only 2 losses were by a total of 5 points, which includes the last game of the regular season when they rested many starters. This was done against arguably the toughest schedule any superbowl champion ever faced. Massively underrated team, maybe the best ever.

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15 2000 Baltimore Ravens

That is my team y'all we are going to the super bowl this year in 2019

Boom boom pow am I right

Baltimore > New York

With the defense this team had, it could have beaten ANY of the teams listed above. You can't run on them, and their secondary will create turnovers like crazy. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would have gone home and cried in the fetal position after playing these guys.

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16 1994 San Francisco 49ers

That Young led team would have beaten every other Noners Super Bowl team. They were that dominant. Balanced offense, stout defense. They were unstoppable


Wow, the 2007 Oakland Raiders are ahead of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers. Why are the 2007 New England Patriots number two? They didn't win the Super Bowl so they can't be one of the greatest teams ever. The greatest teams finish the deal and they couldn't. Why are the 1984 San Francisco 49ers so low as well? I have three 49er teams in my top ten, yet I only see the 1989 squad. - SgtPeppersz196715

Neon Deion, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, is that good enough?

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17 2003 New England Patriots

Greatest team ever lived...2019..hmm how many super balls?

I just think that the Patriots remind me of a girl I know in school. She's always walking down the hall thinking she's the best so she can push us around, and shove the people. Please the Patriots may be a good team, but any team that brags, thinks they're the best, and can shove other teams around like they're the boss of all the teams, oh ho... Are they in for it!

I have heard many people say "Hey you like the Patriots!? They suck" I've been saying "Yes I love the Patriots." But now I am proud for who I am! I am proud to be a Patriots fan! I know that the Patriots will rise up top the and be the best in the NFL! Long live Patriots!

This is the greatest best-est NFL team of all time because they are the greatest and the best-est. Anyone who says that this team sucks, don't know what NFL is. The New England Patriots is certainly the greatest and the best-est. BEAT THAT.

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18 2007 New Orleans Saints

Is the best team ever nobody can beat the New Orleans Saints in my opinion the best team in the world they should be ranked number one in to thousand 18 I hope they go to the Super Bowl as they say where not who that nation and I believe we're on talk and that the New Orleans Saints will win the Super Bowl and we will be ranked number one because we in my opinion are the best I have nothing pride and of course there's that star football player Drew Brees and there and all by his side there is Alvin Kamarra and and with those two I think we are unstoppable!


Saints are the best team in the world I watch every game all the time I don't miss out on any minute to saints and brees is going to lead us to a championship victory this year Ingram and kamara are best running backs in the NFL and Michael Tomas don't need to give a description about him he's a beast. my one wish is to meet the saints or play with them in the future in NFL I want to spread stud word about the saints and how good they are so I'm Dre over and out

What the there records was 7 9

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19 1994 Philadelphia Eagles

Fly eagles fly

Fly Eagles Fly!

Go Eagles! I have been a Memphis fan for as long as I can remember, and Jake Elliott was my favorite football player for a long time. When he got picked for the Bengals I was really happy, and when he got cut I was not. But now I am an Eagles fan because he plays for them, and that 61 YARD field goal against the Giants made me go crazy. Unless he gets cut again I will probably always be an Eagles fan even after he retires. Plus, my name is Elliott so that's cool.

I loves the Eagles when I was a baby. It's because my father scream at Eagles when they playing against the Giants. And He uses play semi-football. Eagles rock put the Giants, Redskin and Cowboys out of this World. Eagles all way to the Super Bowl.

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20 1986 New York Giants

There's no way they are number 20, this crazy. They are top 10 all day. I would love to put this team up against the 1985 Bears. Look at their road to the Superbowl and the games they played against top teir teams during the regular season. They dominated the whole Year beginning to end. I would love to be able to go up against '85 Bears man

This team should be ranked in the top 5 look at how they dominated on both sides of the ball. I will give you the 85 bears an
The 72 dolphins and the 71 cowboys and the 62 packers that is it... Remember that team beat a great 49 team 49-3 and during their march knocked countless qbs out of games.

Below two other very mediocre Giants teams (2007 and 2011) the 86 giants rank at 113? Really? They need to be top 10. Why is the 1990 team above them? 1990 was great, but watch how dominant this team was. - therootbeer

How is this possible? 50? Subtract 47. The 85 Bears had no offense; remember McMahon would just throw a Hail Mary down field 3 out of 4 downs. It should be Miami, New England, and the 3rd Greatest Football Team of the modern era; the New York FOOTBALL GIANTS.

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21 2014 Denver Broncos

You're the best

You are an idiot

Good team bad super bowl in 2014

7 super bowls Peyton manning.

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22 1993 Dallas Cowboys

What!? There awesome and WAY WAY WAY better than Arizona by a landslide by the way they are more popular

Back to back rings...

But they lost to the seahawks

Most popular team I have ever heard of and the best

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23 1996 Green Bay Packers

Reggie white is the best defensive player of all time. He was a monster on the field and not even Erik Williams could beat him he had 198 sacks through his career second most in history. Brett Favre has the most passing yards, passing touchdowns, and was the toughest player ever he has the record for the most consecutive starts in a row. And you might say the reason he had so many yards and touchdowns because he played for so long but he broke both records long before he retired.

The best offense and the best defense in the NFL during the 1996 season. Had an average margin of victory of over 17 points through the playoffs and the Super Bowl

NO doubt. Reggie White, Brett Favre, you name it! Reggie white had more sacks than games played. That just proves that he is the greatest defensive player of all time.

There pretty awesome Aaron Rogers is a beast you guys can do it win the super bowl I belive in you

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24 2004 Indianapolis Colts

Manning threw 49 TD passes in the Colts first 15 games, but it took Brady 16 games to beat his record. That season was beast. - footballanytime

That year was great for them but Peyton Manning is no longer my favorite player ever since he moved to the Broncos.

HA who cares about the 2007 patriots... yea.. beasts through season but... wait... oh yeah they can't even finish against the Giants!
2004 colts had a fantastic season - thenorris03

I love the colts!

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25 2004 New England Patriots

I believe in you

This team has a QB who has more super bowl experience and rigs than an other teams QB.

Dynasty in the salary cap era enough said best TEAM ever key word-----TEAM

17-2, one of the best Ds+ great running & passing games

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26 2013 Denver Broncos

You offensive powerhouse and good defense. It's a shame they lost a superbowl.

Prater and Peyton both a record the pats 07 is up there and they lost the super bowl why aren't the broncos

They should be much higher on the list. Manning broke so many records that season

Look at how many records Peyton Manning broke in just this season!

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27 1922 Green Bay Packers

the best

This team just is amazing every year.

They have always been beasts.

The best of all time

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28 2010 Arizona Cardinals


Go cardinals

Best team ever no matter in 2004 2015 2010 any time

The are the greatest

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29 1955 Cleveland Browns

The Browns may be a bad team but just listen to me. The Browns have the 4 most title wins in the nfl. The packers, Giants and bears have the top 3 title wins In the nfl and Browns are number four. And yes the history of the nfl counts. So those other teams who think they are good should really think about that.

Otto went to 10 championship games and won 7. not bad

It was that long ago

Look out London, here we come

30 2009 Indianapolis Colts

Idiots saying they stink, this is the 2009 team the one that went to the super bowl you know the team led by Peyton Manning. Luck is still in collage at this point.

I think the 2009 season was the Colts' best record in franchise history, thanks to Peyton Manning, the best quarterback in the NFL at the time. It was so disappointing that they lost big time to the Saints by losing 14 points in the Super Bowl, but I think they could've done better. - creed99

Andrew Luck was not even in the nfl in 2009. That being said that was a great year with Peyton manning going 14-2

The Colts are one of the most horrible teams this year why are they even on this list?

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31 2012 Baltimore Ravens

Ravens Defense Rocks Cause It’s as Hard as a ROCK!

This team is stronger then most teams great defense and great players.

Because the Super Bowl and their my favorite team.

I like the baltimore ravens

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32 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers

If the 05 steelers, who barely made it to the Super Bowl, are on here... The 2013 Seahawks, who soared to the Super Bowl and won against one of the best offences of all time with a near blow out, should be on here... I'm not saying the hawks deserve a position on this list, I'm saying the steelers definitely DO NOT DESERVE A POSITION ON THIS LIST (at least the 05 steelers)

Steelers are actually the best team in the national football league. Ever most super bowls won and best defense ever. They are the most popular team ever. Steelers are the number one team regardless. I'm only twelve years old so don't judge me ok.

After barely getting into the playoffs, this team simply was on a mission to shut up the naysayers. With a young Ben Roethlisberger, and an aging Jerome Bettis leading the way, this team won three playoff games as a #6 seed, all on the road. After destroying Seattle in the Super Bowl, which we all saw coming, this was a team of destiny and although their record was "only"
11-5, they had just the right pieces for just the right puzzle at just the right time

This team shouldn't even be here once the ref acknowledged that his staff changed the outcome of the Superbowl.

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33 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Best team ever!

They blew out every team in the playoffs including the raiders in the Super bowl. They scored a total of 9 touchdowns as a defense and that's not even including all the interceptions they had as a defense. In the superbowl they had 5 total and taking back 3 for touchdowns. Decent offense but probably one of the top 5 defenses of all time.


The buccaneers are the best team in the nfl they should be number 1 but I'm happy that all people hate the buccaneers I think that the buccaneers are a BOSS

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34 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers

BEST TEAM EVER! Not even close.

The Steelers best year ever best defensive year great offense to 3 not top 45.

They should be like number 10 not 45?


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35 2015 Tennessee Titans

They had 2 wins and they are above the super bowl winners

2 wins why number 1

3-13 da greatest record ever

They won 3 games instead of 2, actually. - creed99

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36 2014 Seattle Seahawks

Those guys rocked the Super Bow

Surprised every one by winning 43-3 to Denver Broncos

They almost beat New England. they would have won if they ran it with lynch then they would win 2014 super bowl.

They are amazing whith Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch on their team

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37 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers

My dads favorite team and they won the most super bowls

This team is always voted as the Best in NFL history by people old enough to have seen the Packers of the '60s, and still alive to have seen the 49ers of the '80s, Cowboys of the '90s. This team was 12-2 in a division that also had an 11-3 team and a 10-4 team. Only teams that can come close to this one is the 1978 Steelers, 1973 Dolphins and maybe the 1984 49ers. 1985 Bears can't be considered in the conversation. As a top ten team of all time, sure, but not as the best team of all time. No team past the year 2000 can be considered, even as a top 10 team.

Steelers are the best

Always been the best

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38 1983 Los Angeles Raiders

One of the best tight-ends of all time Todd Christensen

* They won there 3rd Superbowl
* They went 12-4
* That era was one of there best

39 2014 Cleveland Browns

Hey guys, at least we tried. Brian was pretty good, Hawkins had his moment, and we did have a pretty good defense!

Best team ever easy!

I'm sorry but no

This team will win the Super bowl

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40 2014 New England Patriots

They one the Super Bowl, that's my reasoning

Your reasoning is...?


The best QB ever Tom Brady, Derelle Revis, Devin McCourty, Vince Wilfork, Brandon Browner, Chandler Jones, Rob Ninkovich, Jerod Mayo, Jaime Collins, Julian Edelman, don't'a Hightowernow that is the greatest team ever.

41 2012 Houston Texans

My favorite football team ever!

How are we 48 we were the best defense in the NFL

Good year for the texans, just need a lil more back then

Beast team I should know I was born there

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42 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs are the best team in the league they respect our nation they don't sit down during the National Anthem right now they are making a comeback like in 2015 they made to the playoffs and lost they thought they were the best team they some mistakes in there lifetime and don't forget they made it to the first Superbowl and lost well they didn't play there best.

I love how they went 9-0 and then started losing

They did amazing in 2013 except the playoffs!

You got that right hala

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43 1990 Buffalo Bills

What happened to them. They used to be one of the greats. Yes they lost be a field coal in there first year. But if you think about it back then a 40 yard field goal was hard to make. It was the first 40 yard field goal attempt. They were one of the greats then 4 SB loses in a row can take a toll on you.

Out coached in the Super Bowl but definitely had the talent.

The early 1990 bills teams were very good you have to be to get to 4 straight NFL championships

Greatest team to never win Superbowl. 4 straight, back to back seasons, 4 Superbowl appearances in 4 years. 0 wins.
Buffalo (0-4) losses:
SB25: 20-19 NY Giants over Buffalo
SB26: 37-24 Washington over Buffalo
SB27: 52-17 Dallas over Buffalo
SB28: 30-13 Dallas over Buffalo

44 2002 Oakland Raiders

They are just the best

There the best.

Best team ever

Yes the best

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45 2011 Green Bay Packers

They were 15 and 1, They were AMAZING

But our defense was awful

46 2016 Seattle Seahawks

Been good for the last 5 years

The seahawks are sure the best football team

The 2014 super bowl champions Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks suck

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47 1984 Miami Dolphins

One of the greatest teams not to win the Super Bowl - TrinityTrojan

Arguably the greatest offense of all time.

Greatest season of all time by a QB (Dan Marino) Just so untimely that it was also the greatest season for the 49ers. Best offense (Dolphins) vs. Best Defense (49ers) and it just goes to show you that Defense always wins even when God (Dan Marino) is throwing the ball.

When 14-0 as seson best 3 super bowls and two wins. Go DOLPHINS.

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48 1997 Denver Broncos

Would beat each of the top 8 teams listed here. Can't stop the run and one of best qb's of all time.

They won the superbowl

49 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers

All I know I seen my team the most that's a fact if you ain't steel nation you probably should find another sight.

Five of the greatest linebackers in NFL history. FIVE! That's more than they can even have on the field! - Ironsights51

Love the steelers forever

Best defense that year for sure

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50 1968 New York Jets

Ya Go jets! I love this team they just need to win a couple more super bowls to be considered very good. They are just underrated. That's the problem.

Jets were also good in 98

My dad cherishes his Namath Jersey. I love the Jets. Why aren't they higher? I'm sure I saw the same two teams twice somewhere.
Jets are underrated. Give them a chance.

Best team of all time. New York Sack Exchange.




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