1972 Miami Dolphins


The Best by far and no one else compares... Why? Because they where Perfect and nobody else was... Perfect says it all, not opinion polls, you get a chance on the field and either you accomplished it or you didn't, they accomplished everything and NOBODY Else DID! Sure close is close big whoops, the 1973 Dolphin team only lost 2 games and won by more points on average, but they lost focus a couple of times and lost, they did not accomplish all that was asked of them and they are not even on the list, why? To say that Dolphin team had an "easy" schedule is a statement based purely on ignorance and not factual. It might look easy because the teams in their divisions did not have winning records, but this is not because they were weak teams they just beat themselves up and the Dolphins gave them all 2 losses as well. Namath Jets won the Super Bowl in 1969, Unitas's Colts won a few Super Bowls and even won as recently as 1970, OJ Simpson's Bills could go into the 70's Steelers stadium and ...more

How good were they? 11-0 w/ their backup QB.. WOW! That 70's team was NOT a one year wonder either. Only team to go to 3 straight SuperBowls ever and may have gone to 4 had not for the "Sea of Hands" game.. That was a great play by Stabler, but they never show the other 4 or 5 pure fluke plays that ended the 74' season and in 75' they lost 3 star players to the WFL.. This Dolphin Dynasty changed the NFL completely because players pay went from thousands to millions. + the 85' Bears lost to the 85' Dolphins and the 49ers were a store bought allstar team who robbed the NFL of it's star players whose franchise lost money during their "run" and owner spent time in jail. The 70's Steelers and Raiders were great steroid dynasties. Superbowl's are great but Perfectville population is still 1!

They had to go on the road and beat Terry Bradshaw's and Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain team on the road, right after the Steelers beat the Raiders in the Immaculate Reception game. They started their 2nd string QB and put in Bob Griese at Halftime. He smoked the Steelers in the 2nd half. QB has a lot to do with best team and Griese was one of the best QB's in NFL History but was not used much because of the awesomeness of the Czonka, Kiick, Mercury Morris backfield and the Killer Offensive line. QB is the most important position and Griese was a Hall a Famer and as good as any that ever played. The Dolphins could have scored 50 points a game but just went out to win not rub it in. The 85' Bears rushed their whole team on every play and intimidated young teams like the rookie QB Patriots and Rams who were not good passing teams. Shula taught the NFL how to beat the Bears-quick short passes and devastated the Buddy Ryan defense- The 86 Bears couldn't make it back to the Super Bowl because ...more

This should put the greatest team in perspective. The 1972 & 1973 team went 32-2 and won back to back Super Bowls. The '72 team was undefeated. No team in NFL history had a better winning percentage and as many Super Bowl victories than the Dolphins. Now to add a little more clout to the argument. The 1971 Dolphin team went 12-4-1 losing to Dallas in Super Bowl VI. Looking for dominance? Do the math. The combined 3 year record of the '71-73 Miami Dolphins was an amazing 44-6-1 and 3 straight Super Bowl appearences! No team in the NFL has even been close to that kind of dominance in modern pro football history. The closest may be the 1990's Buffalo Bills who appeared in 4 straight Super Bowls. But their winning percentage was much lower than Miami's and they LOST all 4 Super Bowls they played in. So when talking about the greatest TEAM in pro football history, there is only one team with the winning percentage, back to back Super Bowl victories, and an undefeated season. The Miami ...more

The only PERFECT TEAM and until someone else achieves perfection than this argument is mute. The 1972 team's No-Name Defense was better than the 85 Bears because they not only could stop the run they could stop the pass. Ditka himself admitted many times that the 1985 Bears had a weak pass defense that they masked well with the Blitz everybody approach. They were fortunate to not have gone against a team with a good Quarterback and some good recievers after Miami exposed their weak pass defense on Monday night. And the Bear fan wondering why the 85' team didn't get to the SuperBowl should go do his homework. Every team in Miami's division stocked up on conerbacks and safeties to stop Dan Marino. New England was just matched up better against Miami who also had some key players out in that AFC championship game, still If you can't beat a MEDIOCRE 1985 Dolphin Team with no Defense or Running game, how the hell are you better than the Perfect team?

So if this list is correct then Dan Marino is the Greatest QB of all time because he whipped the 85 Bears? Shula is 1-0 against the "best team of all time" and the only player to have played on the 1972 Miami Dolphins team. Offensive Guard, Bob Kuchenburg is Undefeated, 1-0, against the 85 Bears. The 85 Bears are 0-1 against the coach of the 72 Dolphins and 0-1 against the only player of the team that played against them. If you can't beat the 85' Dolphins how the hell are you better than the 72' Perfect team? Nope... The 85' Bears are disqualified because they lost the one game that might have gave them a solid argument.

Undefeated, best offense, best defense. What else to say. Only 3 or 4 teams all time are worthy of kissing their toes and wiping their butts. 07 patriots, 85 bears does a word champions ring a bell. You lost! Two of the 3 best teams ever lost! How could you be the best team ever if your only the second best team that year. You know who is good? The 49ers under Montana and the Rams with Warner. You know who else is good? The best ever 72 dolphins.

The 85 Bears got their chance to go Undefeated... But where destroyed by Don Shula who figured out that all they did was Blitz on every down. Funny how lots of teams beat them the next year using Shula's formula. Got to be better than Shula's 85' team before you're better than the 72' team. Lots more people live in Chicago so they'll always win polls like this, but they will never, ever, ever be PERFECT!

72-73 Their record was 32-2.. WOW! They also got to the Super Bowl in 71. (Only team to go to 3 straight ever! ) The sea of hands catch game put them out in 74' and 75' 3 of their stars jacked up the NFL salaries when they went to the new WFL football league. This was no one year wonder. They had a winning record in the 70's against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 72' team is the only Perfect team in NFL History and they beat Namath's Jets twice, Unitas's Colts twice, OJ's Bill's twice, Tarkenton's Vikings on the road, Hank Stram's Chiefs at Arrowhead, Brian Sipe's Browns, Pittsburgh on the road, and a their No-Name Defense Shut out a Redskins offense that had just scored 38 points against the Dallas "Doomsday Defense". No need to be jealous that they were Perfect, they were and polls are just opinions, everyone has one. Only one team has Perfect Season on their ring.

The Bears fan whines about not having McMahon for the 1985 Monday Nighter----but Miami started their backup for 9 regular season games PLUS 2 playoff games. AND THEY STILL WON. Every game. Folks talk about the soft schedule. But some of the teams they played were better when Miami faced them than final records would indicate. The Dolphins played the Chiefs in the opener (a rematch of the OT thriller in the playoffs the year before)-----and the Chiefs, hell bent on revenge, were opening Arrowhead Stadium! Pretty tough game, folks. And the Vikings were always a tough game. But those 2 teams finished 8-6 and 7-7 (I think). And as someone said, the Jets were good that year. 7-5 VS the rest of the league. Also, there's no easy pass in the playoffs. And Miami started their backup QB for both AFC Playoff games. Not to mention that the Dolphins started their backup in the AFC Championship Game on the ROAD in Pittsburgh. The 1972 Dolphins had to beat the Steelers on the road with a backup QB ...more

Bears and Patriots both LOSERS. Did not do their jobs week in and week out. Did the Bears or Patriots play the Superbowl the year before and get the NFL sanctioned tough schedule? Is it the 72' Dolphins fault Namath, Unitas and OJ Simpson split losses w/ each other and combined w/ being swept twice by the Dolphins were on their way to.500 or worse seasons? Did the Bears or Patriots have Unitas, Namath and Simpson caliber players when they went on their runs? Nope. Easy schedule is a lame excuse for not putting the 72 Dolphins on the top. I say your jealous because your team does not have Perfect Season on your SB ring. This Poll can't give you perfection. The 72 Dolphins also had to play on the ROAD in the playoffs w/ their backup QB starting against Bradshaw's Steelers who were insanely psyched up after beating the Raiders in the "Hail Mary" game the week before. Then they shut out the Redskins offense who scored 38 points against Dallas's Doomsday Defense the week before. The Bears ...more

They did not run up the scores, Shula was smart not to motivate a team the next time they met. They dominated the game w/ their unstoppable running game and the way they ran the time off the clock. The Bears lost their "mystique" when Shula beat them in 85' and exposed their one dimensional, rush everybody defense. The 72' Dolphins could not be beaten.

Undefeated. Who else has done this? Let me think hmm! NO ONE. Zero in the loss column makes them the best. Even the all powerful in their own mind Cowboys can't do this. It's been 40 years and noo one else has done this.

Marino the Guy Everybody says could not "Win the Big Game", Won the Biggest Game in NFL History and the Highest rated Monday Night Football game of all time. Who cares about Super Bowls? This was about Perfection and he blew the Bores away in the first half 31 to ZIP. Only one team is still perfect and everybody else is a Loser!

This team was great there's no doubt about it. But the 72 dolphins are one of only 4 teams to ever go undefeated. The1934 Chicago bears, 1942 Chicago bears and the 2007 New England patriots all of which were better teams. But I still have to give it to the dolphins for not falling apart in the championship game as did the other three teams.

The fact that the Dolphins were the team to prevent the 85 Bears from going undefeated and Don Shula coached both the 72 Dolphins and the 85 Dolphins is poetic justice enough to preserve the 72 Dolphins as the best ever. Also, the Dolphins did win the super bowl the following year in 73 where the Bears did not repeat as champs

The Moral of the story is the question was, What was the Best TEAM ever, not starting lineup. One team won all their games and 11 with their Backup QB. The 85 Bears looked good because they masked their shoddy pass defense by blitzing everybody on every play... Marino put up 31 in the first half against their hapless pass defense... Even Ditka said their pass defense was terrible, they hid it very well with their rush.. And Played NO Team that had a decent QB.. Their playoff blowouts were against hapless teams in Blizzard environments, not the 70 Steelers or a Redskins team that put up 38 points at Dallas the previous Super Bowl winner... Walter Payton was a great running back but in 1985 he was ancient and just a shadow of himself and not near as good as Czonka, Kiick and Mercury Morris in their Prime... The 1972 No-name Defense was the most unappreciated defense in NFL History because A) you could not score on them and B) You could not score on them.. Almost all the points they gave ...more

1972 Dolphins beat a team better than the 1985 Bears on the road, the Pittsburgh Steelers with their 2nd string QB starting... The 1985 Bears had no Pass Defense and were bludgeoned by the 85 Dolphins who put up 38 points on their defense... That's almost as many points as the 1972 No Name defense gave up in a Years time!

The Bears had their chance to prove this list true when they came into Miami to play the Dolphins on Monday Night Football (the most watched MNF Game in NFL History). I believe it was 31-0 by the end of the first half! The Bears proved they were losers, because their whole attention was to make their Super Bowl Shuffle video. The Perfect Season is on the 1972 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Ring and the Bears got their little "Super Bowl Shuffle" dance.

Poor 85 Bears w/ couldn't win against a weak 85 Dolphins team w/ no Defense.. Yes they had their backup QB in the game who couldn't win... In 72 Miami's backup won 11 straight games... This list says best team not best starting roster... Obviously the Bears backup QB couldn't get the job done... Besides didn't Marino put 38 points on the "blitz on every play Bears"... Shula figured out how to beat them easy... He beat Buddy Ryan in Philly w/ his 3rd string QB... Once Shula showed the world how to beat the Bears they were done... They were just very lucky that they did not face a passing team in the playoffs or the Super Bowl... Where were they in 86? One year wonders... Dolphins won it in 73 snd a "Sea of Hands" fluke sunk them against the steroid Raiders in 74. 75 you ask? The lost 3 super stars to the WFL... Yup the 72 Phins team changed everything as far as salaries. The list is a bunch of non-phins fans who are jealous. You can't argue with perfection.

They went undefeated, no other team has done that in the Super Bowl era, including the 1985 Bears and the New England Patriots of 2007. They fought through all adversity with there back up playing nearly the entire season. Even though they played in a old era they were an amazing team.

The 1972 Dolphins were the only team in one season to lead the league in total offense, total defense, most point scored and fewest points allowed. That, combined with going undefeated, is the "Holy Grail" of football dominance. Miami also had to beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship as home field advantage was not in play in 1972. The Dolphins won 9 of their 14 regular season games with backup Earl Morrall.

Undefeated all year long. Ring on the finger. Seems like players these days are judged totally on a championship or championships. Well though I strongly disagree with this if this is indeed the true test then the dolphins are the best ever. And I am a jets fan

The truest measure of all isn't how many games you win, it's how many you lose. When all is said and done, the "0" at the end of the Dolphins' record stands out because it is the ONLY team with it. They achieved something that has remained a goal for EVERY team ever since.

As a Bears fan I saw a lame Shula coached 1985 Dolphin team demolish the! 985 Bears. The 72' Dolphin team was the best ever because they were perfect. Every year talent gets better so a 2013 Dolphin mediocre team would most likely beat an 85' Bear team so you can only go by record.