Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

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61 2012 Denver Broncos

THat impossible the 2012 Denver Broncos Are Great they have a 11 game winning streak since they lost to the pats and are #1 in the AFC they should be way higher

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62 2014 Cleveland Browns

Hey guys, at least we tried. Brian was pretty good, Hawkins had his moment, and we did have a pretty good defense!

Best team ever easy!

I'm sorry but no

This team will win the Super bowl

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63 1993 Dallas Cowboys

What!? There awesome and WAY WAY WAY better than Arizona by a landslide by the way they are more popular

Most popular team I have ever heard of and the best

Best team I have ever heard of or saw

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64 2014 New England Patriots

They one the Super Bowl, that's my reasoning

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65 2001 New England Patriots

Tom Brady was absolutely amazing he will surpass many records for the years to come.

This was the season the Patriots won their first ever Super Bowl. - creed99

66 1957 Detroit Lions

The best team of the 50s.

They had a comeback against Pittsburgh and that year and that's it.

Its berry sanders that's there weapon

Best team ever lions

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67 2013 San Francisco 49ers

They were very good for those 3 years they won the NFC championship and even made it to the Superbowl

68 1958 Baltimore Colts

58 colts! I've listened and watched NFL football far longer than many of you so-called authorities most of you clowns probably never picked up a football. 50's had the browns, lions, and the rams. Packers in 60's steelers 70's the 49ers, were the most overrated, Oakland was Avery good team. Who ever rated these teams in that order... ARE ROOKIES! Stay with your game.. Ping pong, golf or cards and stay close to your mommy for protection

One of the best teams ever and run by the best QB ever in Unitas and whats more, they came back and did it again the next year even better. - MackyJay

The greatest team who also played the greatest game in NFL history. They ushered the NFL to what it is today. Unitas, Berry, Moore, Parker, Marchetti, Donovan, Big Daddy and a host of others. Great players and great people in our community. Good Guys Win!

The greatest game in NFL history

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69 1990 Buffalo Bills

What happened to them. They used to be one of the greats. Yes they lost be a field coal in there first year. But if you think about it back then a 40 yard field goal was hard to make. It was the first 40 yard field goal attempt. They were one of the greats then 4 SB loses in a row can take a toll on you.

The early 1990 bills teams were very good you have to be to get to 4 straight NFL championships

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70 2002 Oakland Raiders

They are just the best

There the best.

Best team ever


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71 1984 New England Patriots

The best in the world

72 2014 Dallas Cowboys

They rule the world two years ago and even now

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73 1987 Washington Redkins

Greatest Super Bowl performance if all time.

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74 1934 Chicago Bears
75 1977 New England Patriots
76 2016 Seattle Seahawks

The seahawks are sure the best football team

The 2014 super bowl champions Seattle Seahawks

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77 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars

Could have went to the super bowl, such a good squad

Wow, Great season. Just lost to the Titans 3 times..

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78 1965 Cleveland Browns

Here we go brownies here we go the browns were amazing especially with Paul brown at their side

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79 2009 New Orleans Saints

They went 13-3 and dominated pretty much every team they beat put them on the top ten

Great team good talent

Okay these guys were really good

I like that the '09 colts are 40 spaces higher dispite not winning

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80 1997 Denver Broncos

Would beat each of the top 8 teams listed here. Can't stop the run and one of best qb's of all time.

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