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1 7

Now this is a numeral that pisses me off. Not only is it the most overrated number in existence, in my opinion, but how it essentially blocks off 6 from 8 and 9. It looks arrogant and weird and looks like it has no business in blocking off 6 and 9, the two inverted numbers (8 as well as it kinda converts 6 to 9). The version with a horizontal line in the middle is slightly better but that's it. The name sounds annoying too. Ok, "Seven ain't too bad", but lithuanian name "Septyni" sounds so arrogant. Not fan.

Try beat 7 in gambling and there's 7 dwarfs and 7 seas and james bond 007 7UP old no.7 7 is the best

It used to be my favorite number after the seven dwarfs marching on their way home

My favourite is 7 but my least favourite is 6

2 3

3 is one of the most famous numbers both personally and for most others. Most things in the world comes in 3's, such as movie trilogies, circles of friends, etc. Most third installments in movie franchises usually have the third movie being the best one, or at least being really good. It feels better reaching 3rd in a race than 2nd because you still reached spotlight, while 2nd was so close to winning. It sounds and looks awesome as well! I mean that shape makes it look like a really happy numeral. So this is #1 on my list.

3 is a magic number think of the great trilgolys 3 godfather films 3 orignal star wars films 3 films in the blood and ice cream films and 3 indiana jones films

My lucky number.

3 1

Essentially the same as for 8 in that it's generic and not very interesting. Well I do like the version of 1 with a diagonal line a tad, and the name for it is pretty cool. I like how ot looks slightly sad but at the same time it's just minding its own business.

I like 1 because I try to be the number 1 person in what I do. Even though it is a relevant to be call something number 1, it represents a success or lead in a defined way.

Top dog first place the one and only 1 is the best

1 is neither prime nor composite

4 6

Well here in Sweden this is a very controversial number because the name for it is essentially "sex", and yes it means the same thing in swedish as it does in english. Not sure how the english react to this numeral though, but I've always ignored the controversy behind the number because my first impressions of the numeral matters more. You know what I said in 9 about that and this numeral being so similar but this is just lower because it looks more upset. As for the sound..., well just ignoring what "sex" is, I..., think it sounds pretty cool. No hate please.

In music theory, the "roman numeral analysis" is a way to better understand and build chord progressions, each roman numeral from one to seven has a purpose and rule it must follow, but vi (six) has the unique property of being flexible with major and minor chords, it's a Jack of all Trades.

6 degrees of kevin bakon is a game where you take an actor and connect them to kevin bakon in 6 steps or less and 6 is the number of the devil which means 666

In Singapore there is one to six avenue near each other at six was chosen for the MRT or subway station name.

5 0

It's just a simple oval with nothing interesting about it. There's not much to say about it as the shape is boring. The name "zero" is cool for what it is though but that's really it. In every other language it's just "noll" or "nullis", or something like that.

0 is the best single-digit number. If you divide by 0, you pretty much brake the universe and what's cooler than a number that can destroy the universe.

Less is more, 0 is the greatest number who will command the race of numbers and rise above them all

There is not much more that can be said than: zip, zed, zero, zilch, nada, place holder...

6 5

I used to love this number as this is basically the middle numeral of the bunch. However, a video game called "Space Quest V" that scarred my childhood by two years has kinda made my opinion on the numeral itself go down. Just ignoring that game though, 5 is an awesome number! That shape..., it looks like it's really serious but the bottom half-circle makes it look happy nevertheless. The name ain't too interesting, in swedish and english, but in lithuanian it's "Penki", which sounds just badass In my opinion.

This is my life path number, my favorite number, my lucky number! 5 is the coolest number in my opinion, but 7 is definitely my second favorite! I'm the 5th grandchild, My number in class last year was 5, I've come in 5th place in a lot of lists, and My desk number in class this year was 5a

Oh and In Addition to that statement it's my Destiny Number Apparently! 5! Also 5 is the number I've gotten in a lot of other scenarios!

What about the 5th amendment hooray america high five everyone

7 4

This is one of the coolest even numerals. Just the shape..., and the name are so badass in my opinion. Just look at that awesome design, those three lines and how the horizontal basically cuts through the vertical one. And the diagonal one..., it's actually even better when it doesn't even touch the vertical one, but instead goes on to be slightly longer than it already is. So badass!

4 is a good one 4 elements 4 directions 4 seasons which one came first the four seasons the fab four or the fantastic four

A favorite of my Hispanic friend who grew up with very fond memories of this single digit.

8 2

This is a not so famous numeral but a lot of the reasons that makes 3 number one on the list apply to 2. That shape is similar to 3 but with the bottom half-circle being flat instead, but it still looks and sounds pretty cool. There is not much to say else, but it's a very good number.

9 9

I've always liked how 6 and 9 are numerals that have basically been inverted to create a new number. Because of that reason, I've always liked those numbers. What puts 9 ahead though is how it looks relatively happy with that "smile", while looks more upset. Oh well, other than that, "Nine" sounds awesome as well and boosts as well the happiness, as 9 sounds happy.

Well there is nine ring rates dantes nine circles of hell and the beatles song revolution no.9

How can people not love this number?! It's my favorite from 0-9

Definitely didn't vote for 9 different numbers.

10 8

Well this is in the middle tier in my opinion. Not good, not bad. It's pretty generic and only consists of two circles, a smaller upper and a bigger lower. Mostly I've just seen it as "that number that blocks off 6 from 9", but I'm not that pissed about it as it does kinda convert six to nine if you know what I mean. There's another number I'm more pissed off about.

Aesthetically, you can't argue that 8 is the prettiest. Look at those curves! Haha

8 is the best number, It holds a greater Value than most but is not the Highest, 888888888888888888888

8 is a great number why is it at the bottom

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