Top 10 Objects Displayed In the Imaginary Dank Museum


The Top Ten

1 The smallest brain of a holified mutated sub-human lunatic ape man founded in Liberia

This list is cringey. - RockFashionista

These sub-humans are known to carry AK-47s and cause civil war - CerealGuy

2 Butt sculptures

This masterpiece was created by Sir M. Sanjay - CerealGuy

3 The early known prototype of a TheTopTens: The Game 64 cartridge for the Nintendo 64

Developed by Cereal Games, this game is an half FPS and half point & click game, the goal is to shoot votes and create list by shooting ideas and it was going to released to the Nintendo 64 and the 3DO but it was cancelled due to the TheTopTens List Crash of 2015 - CerealGuy

4 A cat that shoots electric bolts and has the ability to float in air

The last invention made by Tesla - CerealGuy

5 A photo of Kyle's butt during a war in Vietnam

Kyle's butt joined the Vietnam War and this photo is the only photo released - CerealGuy

6 72 Virgins

Rumor said that the God of Uncyclopedia bought 72 Virgins to these perverted old mens from Japan I mean these glorious Japanese samurai's equiped with katana's for it's anchestor will but they were killed and later the body were found and was displayed in the museum - CerealGuy

7 The only prototype of a giant floating Deng Xiaoping head used as a weapon of mass destruction

1.2 billion herd of fudging ugly reds had a secret project in reviving the dead Deng Xiaoping into a weapon of mass the destruction to destroy Chin - CerealGuy

8 1000 blunts

You mean none because AlphaQ probably smoked them all by now?

9 The biggest laser disc player covered in poop known to man

And that Laser Disc player is the Pioneer Laser Disc game console only being discovered covered in poop by some nerd - CerealGuy

10 The Frozen Body of a Mad Atari Jaguar Teacher

Founded in Antartica and was known to be a mad math teacher who kept saying "Jaguar" - CerealGuy

The Contenders

11 The Only Displayed Ginger Root Lord's Ginger Root
12 Sir Skelly's Dank Meme Machine
13 Harambe's body

Replica of Harambe made of wax.

14 A whole encyclopedia of XanderMartin98 brain-fetish fanfiction cliches
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