Top Ten Offensive Words Least Likely to Become Swear Words


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1 Fat

Its not offensive. It is describing how a certain person is. There not going to be called skinny if they weigh loads and are rather large (outwards)


If I were fat, I would like it more to be called fat than overweight. Overweight sounds like coming from the doctor. - Alkadikce

The word fat isn't offensive, being fat is, though.

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2 Autistic

It's a diagnosed disorder (I'm not saying it's a bad thing). I highly doubt people would consider it vulgar. - Ashes

I really hate it when people use this as an insult, makes me want to kill myself.

HEY! I’m autistic and I am not a swear

Then what will they call the autistics like me? - Extractinator04

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3 Nerd

Less likely than autistic. - Extractinator04

Basically means 'obsessed person'

4 Weak

Glad you agree that it won't, jmepa123. - Extractinator04

I don't agree with the words "geek" and "nerd" being offensive.
By the way if the rest become swear words (except the two I mentioned cause they aren't offensive), I don't know how would I vent my FRUSTRATION on the internet. Putting "*" for these would be hella more offensive than using them without censoring. - Kiteretsunu

5 Ugly

It means disgusting, I can't see it being one. - Extractinator04

6 Weedy

In terms of cannabis, I can see it being one. - Extractinator04

7 Stupid

Stupid wouldn't be classified as swearing, but people should never call anyone stupid at all.

My middle school considers this a bad word - NicholasYellow

8 Dumb

Only elementary schools consider this as swear words.

It means the same as stupid, don't think it could be a swear. - Extractinator04

9 Weird

Just means different. - Extractinator04

10 Geek

Geek means nerd, - Extractinator04

Nerd means someone who knows a lot, so wouldn't your bully be complementing you? - Qryzx

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11 Retarded

What are you talking about?
This IS a swear word!

Technically, it's not a word. It's an outdated medical term, a NOUN, made into an adjective. Now consider yourselves dictionaried. - Ashes

12 Emo

You called? - Ashes

It isn't offensive. - Extractinator04

13 Goth

Goth isn’t a swear it is to describe who Lucy loud is

14 Midget

Why the hell is this word offsnsive

Inoffensive. - Extractinator04

I’m a midget and I don’t find this word offensive but many other midgets do

15 Dick

That's a name but it can be a swear too

Is a swear - Leofeldman91

Means detective. - Extractinator04

16 Frick

Sorry sir, but this is a Christian server so no swearing - RealUprising

17 Cancer

A disease or if you are reading your star-sign..

Awful Word - JPK

18 Scum

That is and always was a swear then

19 Actress
20 Penis

Totally not swearing, but is a male private part - RealUprising

21 Git
22 Weirdo

Same as weird. - Extractinator04

23 Jerk
24 Screw
25 Flip
26 Fanny

Also a contestant on BFB (Battle For BFDI) On YouTube - RealUprising

Outdated name. Has different meanings in UK/US.

27 Liar
28 Seventy

Seventy is a number that is NOT likely to be used as a swear word at all.

29 Dwarf
30 Gay
31 Lesbian
32 Punk

It's really not that effective to use when you're angry at someone.

33 Stink
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