Top Ten Offensive Words Least Likely to Become Swear Words


The Top Ten

1 Fat

The pigs at my local farm said it won't be. - Extractinator04

This is used as a bad word - TwilightKitsune

Boo hoo cry me a river

It won't be a swear - Review

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2 Autistic

I really hate it when people use this as an insult, makes me want to kill myself.

Then what will they call the autistics like me? - Extractinator04

Boo hoo cry me a river

This is a medical termine. Never would be a swear. (Saddly...) - ---ChargedZircon---

3 Ugly

It means disgusting, I can't see it being one. - Extractinator04

4 Nerd

Basically means 'obsessed person'

Less likely than autistic. - Extractinator04

5 Weak

Glad you agree that it won't, jmepa123. - Extractinator04

I don't agree with the words "geek" and "nerd" being offensive.
By the way if the rest become swear words (except the two I mentioned cause they aren't offensive), I don't know how would I vent my FRUSTRATION on the internet. Putting "*" for these would be hella more offensive than using them without censoring. - Kiteretsunu

6 Weedy

In terms of cannabis, I can see it being one. - Extractinator04

7 Dumb

It means the same as stupid, don't think it could be a swear. - Extractinator04

8 Stupid

My middle school considers this a bad word - NicholasYellow

9 Weird

Just means different. - Extractinator04

10 Geek

Geek means nerd, - Extractinator04

The Contenders

11 Frick
12 Cancer

Awful Word - JPK

13 Weirdo

Same as weird. - Extractinator04

14 Emo

It isn't offensive. - Extractinator04

15 Goth
16 Git
17 Dick

That's a name but it can be a swear too

Means detective. - Extractinator04

Is a swear - Leofeldman91

18 Midget

Inoffensive. - Extractinator04

19 Scum
20 Jerk
21 Screw
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