Most Overrated Pokemon Types


The Top Ten

1 Fire

So overloved... I don't think that is a word


2 Dragon

Dragon types are good and powerful, but overrated. - RiverClanRocks

Just so overrated. Just because it looks cool in fairy tales doesn't mean it's the best. Morons

They are way less overrated then a lot of other types! Fairy should be a the top of this list!

Salamance. Need more?

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3 Water

Man, Water Type Fanboys, so obnoxious. I always find water type fans hating the fire type starter. "Oh, Squirtle is better than Charmander because of a type advantage! " Geez louise.

I hate this type so munch

Magikarp explains it

Water is my favourite type ;~;

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4 Ground


5 Electric
6 Dark
7 Grass
8 Ghost

Ghost is underrated if anything.

9 Ice

Ice is too overrated

10 Fairy

Fairies are apparently better than dragons just because of a type advantage - yungstirjoey666

Although I wouldn't considered them overrated; it's just unnecessary for them to resist bug types - Yungstirjoey

The Contenders

11 Bug

Well, they are terrible. - RiverClanRocks

12 Poison
13 Psychic

Every psychic explain more better than all another pokemon

14 Fighting
15 Steel
16 Flying
17 Normal
18 Rock
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