Top 10 Most Overrated Singers In Rock

Okay, now I'm going to get bashed on... WORTH IT! (Note: I DON'T HATE ANY OF THESE SINGERS THEY ARE ALL TALENTED! )

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1 David Bowie David Bowie David Robert Jones was an English singer born in London on January 8, 1947, the son of a fundraiser and a waitress. He died in New York on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69, a hero to millions. more.

Number one? If anything, David Bowie is groundbreaking and deserves his attention. - Swellow

How is Bowie number 1 instead of Chester Bennington?

When he started doing ballet on stage with a dancing crew he ended being a rock star.

Overrated? He deserved every praise he gets! He paved the way for glam rock!

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2 Chester Bennington - Linkin Park

Nothing special about his voice. It's pretty average. - naFrovivuS

I have hated Chester ever since he became Stone Temple Pilot's new vocalist. - NuMetalManiak

This list is sacrilegious - Cheese567

Boring, dull, and insipid. - Swellow

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3 Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day
4 Kurt Cobain - Nirvana Kurt Cobain - Nirvana Kurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. In 1988, he started the grunge band Nirvana. He was a talented yet troubled grunge performer. Kurt Cobain became a rock legend in the 1990s with his band. He committed suicide at his Seattle home in 1994.

Should be #1

5 Matthew Shadows - Avenged Sevenfold
6 Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne was born on December 3, 1948. He is also known as ''The Prince of Darkness''. Ozzy is an English singer, songwriter, and television personality. He rose to prominence in the early 1970s as the lead vocalist of the band Black Sabbath. Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath more.

He is not even the best of his band - Lucretia

I feel as if he overhyped himself way too much.

He's so whacked out on narcotics he's bitten off animal heads, and his age has deteriorated his voice. ewww - Swellow

7 James Hetfield - Metallica James Hetfield - Metallica James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3, 1963. He is an American musician, singer and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

Sings One Note. Badly.

8 Jared Leto - 30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto - 30 Seconds to Mars
9 Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer . he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016 .
10 Dave Mustaine - Megadeth Dave Mustaine - Megadeth more.

He is just a talker - Lucretia

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11 Suzuka Nakamoto Suzuka Nakamoto Suzuka Nakamoto, known by her stage names Suzuka and Su-Metal, is a Japanese idol, singer and model. She is represented by the talent agency Amuse, Inc. and has been a member of three musical groups formed by the company: Karen Girl's, Sakura Gakuin, and Babymetal.
12 Axl Rose - Guns N Roses Axl Rose - Guns N Roses William Bruce Rose Jr., better known as 'Axl Rose', is an American singer born on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana. He Is the founder and lead singer of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses. He is a celebrated but controversial figure in the world of rock.

He sucks scums and posers

#1 as well

13 Amy Lee - Evanescence
14 Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar Samuel Roy "Sammy" Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker, is an American rock vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, musician and entrepreneur.

It's a battle but Hetfield is worse.

15 Geddy Lee - Rush Geddy Lee - Rush Geddy Lee Weinrib, known professionally as Geddy Lee, is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Canadian rock group Rush.

I don't think he's overrated.
1. He gets credit for his bass skills not for his vocal skills.
2. His voice is naturally high.

His voice kinda sounds funny. But it isn't the worst. - zxm

This list is for overrated singers. Bass playing skills are not related to singing. - Metal_Treasure

16 Brian Johnson - AC/DC Brian Johnson - AC/DC Brian Johnson is an English singer and songwriter. Since 1980, he is the lead singer of the Australian rock band AC/DC, with whom he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. As of April 2016, Johnson is not participating in the remainder of the Rock or Bust World Tour due to hearing more.
17 Freddie Mercury - Queen

Completely over-rated, he is not qualified to carry Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, or Elvis Presley's luggage. Rolling Stone magazine had him rated at #18 all time rock singers, which is about right at best.

Well said. Freddie Mercury is good, but I find his voice nondescript. Other classic rock singers possess more unique, erotic, or beautiful voices. Including Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Jon Anderson, Justin Hayward, Ian Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltrey, Robert Plant, et cetera. - Crwth

Never produced the range on stage that he did in the studio, post 1980 (give or take). People RIDICULOUSLY overestimate his vocal range; I heard one Queen fan claim it was seven octaves. HA! Map it out on a piano. The occasional studio high note, e.g. the bridge in "Under Pressure," does not equate to a commanding range. He did most of his singing in the high baritone range which spanned maybe 2-3 octaves. Last but not least, an overly emotive delivery with occasionally annoying tremolo rather than a sincere delivery with a warm vibrato.

Who was the deaf idiot who added Freddie to this list? Yes, Freddie is praised but he is praised for a reason. This doesn't mean overrated. He deserves the credits. Overrated is somebody who isn't very good but people believe s/he is. - Metal_Treasure

SO over-rated!

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18 Patrick Stump - Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump - Fall Out Boy Patrick Martin Stumph, known professionally as Patrick Vaughn Stump, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and composer of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois.
19 Scott Stapp - Creed Scott Stapp - Creed Scott Stapp is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of hard rock bands Creed and Art of Anarchy. He also has two solo albums: The Great Divide and Proof of Life.
20 Hayley Williams - Paramore
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