Top 10 Papabile (Pope-To-Be) After Pope Francis

Well, it may be too early to say who could be next pope after Pope Francis. But here is the prospects.

The Top Ten

1 Cardinal Luis Tagle

Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle is from Philippines and one of the youngest cardinals! He is tipped as top contender! - eliteraj

Laughs and cries with his sheep. He will definitely be tough on issues like the sex scandal agitating America.

It would be a wonderful gift to the church

2 Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Simple and very effective man

The right man.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is from Austria - eliteraj

3 Cardinal Pietro Parolin

From Italy. He is the one of youngest (by age) cardinal available from Italy and this time Italy would really want an Italian Pope. - eliteraj

Love this man. So charismatic, with him as Pope, I believe people would flood to the catholic church.

He is Peter the Roman.

4 Cardinal Robert Sarah

This 70-year old cardinal from Guinea is considered successor for Pope Francis. - eliteraj

5 Cardinal Blase J. Cupich
6 Cardinal Vinko Puljić

He is one of the oldest serving cardinal from Bosnia and Herzegovina - eliteraj

A hidden treasure of the Church.

7 Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard

He is from France - eliteraj

8 Cardinal Angelo Scola

From Italy. - eliteraj

9 Guido Marini
10 Cardinal Raymond Burke

The Contenders

11 Cardinal Sean O'Malley

No other Cardinal could have the trust of the people on the Sex Abuse crisis than O'Malley. A man accepted by both the left and the right.

A natural follow-up to be Francis II

12 Cardinal Vincent Nichols
13 Cardinal Willem EIjk
14 Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith
15 Cardinal Thomas Collins

Cardinal Thomas Collins, if elected Pope, would bring the whole Church, including the curia and the all the landmasses where the Catholic faithful reside.

He would eliminate present and devastating confusion.

16 Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung

This is would be an absolute surprise. He is from South Korea. - eliteraj

17 Archbishop Sérgio da Rocha

From Brazil. Age on his side, we never know. - eliteraj

18 Cardinal Peter Turkson
19 Bishop Athanasius Schneider
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