Top 10 Reasons to Have Faith In the Christian God

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1 He created everything

This list is pure "faith". As a atheist, I am unsure of the creation, but there is proof of evolution and the big bang theory. There is no way to prove that some almighty force created us. If there was there would be proof like messages being delivered or miracles, and not bogus, I would have faith.

You can have faith, but please don't use reasons like this on lists.

This list is the stupidest thing on the whole site. These aren't even reason, they are just things you *think* are true. If you want people to believe in your religion, give them actual proof. Oh wait you can't, because there is none.

God is our creator of the universe!

2 He loves me, as proved by Jesus, his only son, dying on the cross in my place
3 He has proved himself to be true through miracles

Miracles are still happening today! Check out Street Ministries 7 on YouTube!

You mean the miracles which are only in a 2000 year old book?

4 Other practices do not seem as logical as Christianity

So believing in a 2000 year old book with witches and magic in it is more logical than trusting science and facts from the current age?

You mean Paganism? Wicca.
Paganism is ancient, Wicca is 20th century.
It has no ancient book.
But you can make your own book.

Because nothing says logical like an old man living in the clouds impregnating a woman with himself, talking snakes, and a magical jewish zombie

5 The bible is historically accurate in many ways, such as cities and rivers mentioned, along with people mentioned in it

Yes, probably because the people who wrote the bible wrote about those cities and rivers in it. That doesn't prove anything.

Sorry I'd rather write a book of shadows from an older religion called Paganism which was modernised into Wicca.

6 I'd rather spend my eternity in heaven having a party with God than in hell being eternally punished.

...Lol I could laugh for the rest of my life at this. A party with GOD? Where is he? Up in the clouds, sending angels to people he likes and coming up with terrible, unending punishments for those he doesn't like? Or is he an invisible being, travelling the streets, from church to church, collecting the money you gave a bunch of random weirdos that work in churches? Really? Is that your happy belief?
Time to open your eyes, people. If God was real, he wouldn't punish his creations, eternally BURNING them in Hell. He wouldn't allow so many religions to WAR.
He wouldn't even allow WAR!

I don't believe in the Christian God but he doesn't live in the clouds. In Primary school I used to believe when we learnt about the Bible. Its impossible to live clouds I learnt that when I was little. If there is a Christian God he would live on some random planet in another random galaxy, same for Hell.

According to the Bible its adultery to look at someone with attraction. So most people are going to be eternally punished. Do you see some evil God in that?

7 God said that he is the way, the truth, and the life, not a way, a truth, and a life

God is the king of the palace the house to the people and the church to the christians.

But if you're not Christian that won't matter...

8 Without God, what would be the purpose to live. Why not just kill myself now?

And what's makes you think there is a purpose if God does exist? So you can go to heaven? So what? There isn't any point to heaven if there isn't life after heaven, and so on. There is no meaning to life, just enjoy the time you have.

LIFE! That should be our reason to live

9 The chances of evolution are very slim- the probabilities of earth and the universe coming together and eventually forming me are astronomical. Science is supposed to be based off mathematics and good chances. The chances of evolution are not that good.

Actually, many main-line Christians accept evolution. Evolution does not disprove the Existence Of the Creator.

Actually there are thousands of earth-like planets in our area in the galaxy alone, so it's not very impressive.

10 He gave us the sacrament of confession.
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11 He is is good to all people

No he isn't. If god truly did exist and if he created and caused everything, than how can he love you if he caused so many horrible events in history? (WWII, WWI, Black Plague, etc.)

12 Our internal consciousness animals do not show a need for forgiveness, thus showing that we are different than animals

Probably because we're smarter than wild animals, genius.

13 He never gives up on his followers, even through their disobeying times.
14 He gave us life.
15 He will always help you
16 He loves us unconditionally
17 He never turns his back on us
18 Christ is literally present in the blessed sacrament
19 He gave us his own blessed mother to be our blessed mother too
20 He made everything
21 He will destroy you if you don’t believe in him
22 God believes in us to make the right choices and to guide us through our lives.
23 He helps us through rough times
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