Top Ten Reasons Why British Kids are Better Than American Kids

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1 Their slang is cooler
2 They are roadmen
3 They don't find toilet humour funny

I disagree. Some of the funniest things said is via toilet humour.

4 They watch better shows

As someone who lived in Britain for the majority of my childhood and still uses VPN to find British shows, personally I find this true, but I may be bias.

5 They're good at geography

Wrong, anonymous. I'm an American and I know the location of almost every country in the world. (I know the location of around 175 countries or 180 countries, there's 194 countries)

They are good at anything academic compared to American kids, who spend all their time learning the new Woke guidelines.

6 They are less likely to become Karens
7 They are tougher
8 They are more like adults
9 Most of the teenagers look like adults

Do you mean that British or American teenagers look like adults?

10 They don't think McDonald's is the greatest restaurant of all time
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11 They don't start school shootings

Hah hah original list. You can't really generalize them, because some find toilet humor funny, for example.

12 They have a better accent

Honestly, I really like British accents, even though I get teased (by friends) still after I moved countries, for my pronunciation and accent. Haha.

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