Top Ten Peppa Pig Episodes That Should Be Created


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1 Every One Dies And The Show Ends

Who keeps disliking comments? If I find the person who dislikes comments I will tell them to stop

I couldn't agree less! Peppa pig really needs to die because I feel really stupid for watching it so I stopped. Plan: Steve and blue from blues clues and paw patrol kill Peppa and her family and then they take over nick Jr and call it the Blues clues and paw patrol channel.

Best idea ever - lincolnloudness

If any of you people are very talented animators they can make these episodes happen based on this list and put them on YouTube for all of us to watch them unless it is copyright then oh well we can all dream about it.

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2 Peppa Pig Gets Eaten

Peppa should be killed by barney

We must roast her first - Neonco31

Dora and Peppa Pig get kidnapped by Barney and they all die by the president of Nick Jr. - Catacorn

Bacon, bitches

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3 Peppa Falls Off A Cliff

Hi it is me Peppa and I am going on an adventure in the mountains look at this exploring oppurnity... ahh! - Lucretia

4 Peppa's Family Dies In A Plane Crash
5 Daddy Pig Gets Fatter And Explodes

That would be hilarious

He eats so much candy and explodes and they eat his organs

Daddy Pig is not fat compared to everyone in the show. They are all fat

Peppa: you've got a big tummy daddy, is there a baby in there?

Daddy: *snort* no peppa... KERBLAM!

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6 George Abuse
7 Daddy Pig Goes To Jail

For killing George

He got fat and he punched Danny dog


LOL! This ia very necessary - TwilightKitsune

8 Deadpool Kills Her


Peppa will get choped up by his blades
Hooray peppy dies after ewok party

9 A Pal for Peppa

SpongeBob and Peppa Pig Crossover.

10 Jurassic George, And Peppa...

Jurassic park ripoff

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11 Peppa Goes To Jail
12 Grandpa Pig Blows Up
13 Daddy Pig Abuse
14 George Gets a Lap Dance from Miley Cyrus and Dies
15 Peppa Goes To Hell And Burns There!
16 Aang Kills Peppa Pig
17 Peppa Pees Her Pants

That would be hilarious

18 Peppa Becomes Stupid & Everyone Dies

She already is though.

19 Peppa Turns Into Bacon

Yay! She was a somewhat hillbilly anyway!

20 Everyone Falls Down a Hole and Dies

Into undertale and undyne kills them all

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1. Peppa Falls Off A Cliff
2. Peppa Goes To Hell And Burns There!
3. Peppa Pees Her Pants
1. Peppa's Family Dies In A Plane Crash
2. Peppa Goes To Jail
3. Peppa Falls Off A Cliff
1. A Pal for Peppa
2. Aang Kills Peppa Pig
3. Daddy Pig Goes To Jail

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