Top 10 Best Enneagram Personality Types

The Enneagram is a complex and fascinating system of personality typing that breaks down human psyche into nine interconnected personality types. Each type has its own unique strengths, motivations, and characteristics. Some might resonate with you more than others, and that's perfectly natural.

Are you a perfectionist like a Type 1, or maybe a caring and nurturing Type 2? Perhaps you see yourself in the ambitious Type 3 or the individualistic Type 4? Every type has something special to offer, and it's those special qualities that make this ranking so exciting and personal.

The great thing about the Enneagram system is that it doesn't just categorize you into a box. It's a dynamic tool that helps people understand themselves and others on a much deeper level. From personal relationships to professional development, the insights from the Enneagram can be life-changing.

So, as you scroll through the choices, think about what resonates with you. What types do you see reflected in your friends, family, or even yourself? There's no right or wrong answer here, just an opportunity to explore and celebrate the diversity and complexity of human nature.
The Top Ten
1 6w5 Type 6 with a 5 wing, or 6w5, is characterized by strong tendencies towards caution and curiosity. This type often has a need for security and is driven by their fears, yet the influence of the 5 wing adds a layer of analytical thinking and desire for knowledge. They tend to be serious, responsible, and value loyalty, integrating their concerns with a logical perspective.
2 1w2 The 1w2 personality type blends the principled and perfectionistic tendencies of Type 1 with the empathetic and caring attributes of Type 2. These individuals are often driven by a sense of justice, guided by strong ethics, while also showing warmth and a desire to connect with others. They strive for integrity and often serve others selflessly.
3 4w3 4w3, or Type 4 with a 3 wing, merges the introspective and unique qualities of Type 4 with the drive and adaptability of Type 3. These individuals are often creative and seek to express their individuality, yet they also desire success and recognition. They balance their need for authenticity with a motivation to achieve and connect with others.
4 2w3 2w3, or Type 2 with a 3 wing, marries the helpful and nurturing nature of Type 2 with the ambitious and success-driven characteristics of Type 3. Individuals of this type are often warm, engaging, and strive to be recognized for their efforts to help and support others. They balance their love for others with a focus on achievement and personal growth.
5 7w6 Type 7 with a 6 wing, or 7w6, combines the joy-seeking behavior of Type 7 with the loyalty and commitment of Type 6. These individuals tend to be adventurous and fun-loving while showing concern for relationships and security. They seek excitement but are also attuned to their responsibilities and the needs of others.
6 6w7 6w7, or Type 6 with a 7 wing, combines the security-seeking nature of Type 6 with the playful and spontaneous characteristics of Type 7. These individuals are often engaging, loyal, and anxious, with a lighter touch that comes from their 7 wing. They balance their desire for stability and trust with an enthusiasm for new experiences and optimism.
7 2w1 Type 2 with a 1 wing, or 2w1, unites the caring and helpful nature of a Type 2 with the moral seriousness of Type 1. These individuals often show a strong desire to assist others, motivated by love and compassion, and guided by a sense of right and wrong. They are nurturing and selfless, often putting others' needs before their own.
8 9w8 Type 9 with an 8 wing, or 9w8, blends the peacemaking tendencies of a 9 with the assertiveness of an 8. These individuals are often easy-going and accepting, but they can assert themselves when needed. The 9w8 often strives for peace and harmony but can tap into the strength and intensity of the 8 when the situation calls for it. They are supportive yet strong-willed.
9 5w6 5w6, or Type 5 with a 6 wing, unites the analytical and independent qualities of Type 5 with the loyalty and caution of Type 6. These individuals often seek understanding and knowledge while being attentive to safety and security. They can be intellectual and curious, yet also dependable and aware of potential risks and uncertainties.
10 3w4 Type 3 with a 4 wing, or 3w4, marries the ambition and achievement-oriented nature of Type 3 with the introspective and expressive characteristics of Type 4. These individuals often pursue success and recognition but also value authenticity and individuality. They strive to be unique in their achievements and to create a personal identity that reflects their true selves.
The Contenders
11 9w1 9w1, or Type 9 with a 1 wing, blends the desire for peace and harmony of a Type 9 with the ethical and moral rigor of Type 1. This type tends to be calm and accepting, with an underlying drive to do what is right. They may seek peace and avoid conflict but also have an inner sense of purpose aligned with their values and principles.
12 5w4 The 5w4 personality type blends the analytical and detached tendencies of Type 5 with the expressive and individualistic nature of Type 4. These individuals often pursue knowledge and understanding, but also value personal creativity and self-expression. They seek to engage with the world through intellect and personal insight, combining reason with a rich inner life.
13 8w9 Type 8 with a 9 wing, or 8w9, combines the assertiveness and strength of Type 8 with the calm and accepting nature of Type 9. These individuals often display confidence and control, but their 9 wing brings a more measured and peaceful aspect to their behavior. They are leaders who seek to protect others, yet can also be approachable and composed.
14 7w8 The 7w8 personality type blends the joy-seeking and adventurous nature of Type 7 with the assertiveness and intensity of Type 8. Individuals of this type are often energetic, playful, and driven, seeking new experiences while also asserting their desires and needs. They are extroverted and enthusiastic, with an underlying strength and determination.
15 3w2 Type 3 with a 2 wing, or 3w2, combines the ambition and drive for success of a Type 3 with the caring and relational focus of Type 2. They are often charismatic and goal-oriented, but also attentive to others' needs and feelings. Their desire for success is tempered by their empathy and a desire to help and connect with others.
16 4w5 Type 4 with a 5 wing, or 4w5, combines the deep, emotional nature of Type 4 with the intellectual curiosity of Type 5. These individuals often seek to understand themselves and express their unique identity. They are introspective and creative, often looking for deeper meanings, and balancing emotional expression with analytical thought and exploration.
17 1w9 Type 1 with a 9 wing, or 1w9, combines the principled and perfectionistic qualities of Type 1 with the peaceful and accepting attributes of Type 9. Individuals of this type are often motivated by a sense of right and wrong, but their 9 wing brings a calm and balanced perspective. They strive for integrity and justice while maintaining a composed and agreeable demeanor.
18 8w7 8w7, or Type 8 with a 7 wing, marries the assertive and dominant nature of Type 8 with the enthusiastic and adventurous qualities of Type 7. These individuals are often confident, bold, and seek control, but also enjoy the thrill of new experiences. They are leaders who pursue their desires with energy and passion, balancing strength with a zest for life.
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