Top 10 Reasons to Come Out of Your Shell

Here's what I've seen on this site: People who aren't social outside of it. I don't hate antisocial people, but I don't like antisocial behavior. I was antisocial for a while, but later in 7th grade, I changed. There are many good reasons you should at least try to make real-life friends; 10 of them will be in the original version of this list. If anything might apply to you, just know I'm trying to help, not trying to insult.
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1 You'll be happier

Thank you for writing this list, Skullkid755.

You won't believe that a few people on this website bullied me by writing negative replies to my opinions, and adding certain characters and such to certain lists because of me or what I have said. Talk about disrespecting opinions, man. It's like these people have no life. I swear to God.

The reason I kept myself anonymous (and never created an account) is because no one will find me, and I don't have to worry about spamming or call-outs. I'm not a bad person. I'm just a good one with a good heart. I do have anxiety, unlike most other people on this site, so keeping myself anonymous here has been wise.

I have considered leaving this TopTens website and never coming back in the future because of these lowlife scum who hate me or what I say. I think I would be much happier if I do.

2 Your self-confidence will increase

When you feel well-liked by people who know the real you, and you know they aren't a pedophile sitting behind a computer screen waiting for you to give them personal information, you'll feel more appreciated. This means you'll like yourself more. That is what an increase in self-confidence is.

3 Friends can help you in tough times

If someone cares about you, they'll give you help when you truly need it, and they can give it. A friend can prevent you from taking your own life. Or a friend can be the edge you hold onto so that you don't fall away.

Unfortunately, I don't have any friends, and I am bullied because I like Anime and Cartoons... Help...

4 You'll have more fun

Do I want to listen to Iron Maiden, or do I want to have a good conversation? Iron Maiden is ear porn, but I'll go with having a conversation. I don't know why, but I just will. Be on this website all day, or at a birthday party of a friend of mine all day? Sorry, my fellow toptenners, but the latter.

5 Some stuff will be easier

While deciding between parties for fun or homework so you don't fail your grade is a tough choice, friends can still help you out with education. Like them sending you pictures of their homework since you don't know how to do it at the time or you're doing it at the last minute, and realizing how long it would take if you don't copy. Also, they can help you figure out a tricky math problem. And if you can't remember what happened in the book your class is reading, there's a good chance you'll have a friend who can summarize it for you.

6 It'll be good for others too

If you befriend someone who is also introverted, both of you will benefit greatly.
People who wanted to befriend you but were hesitant since they weren't sure if you'd want the friendship to be mutual have now had their wishes fulfilled.
People who advise you to quit hiding will be proud of you.

7 To find your future spouse

The one person you spend the rest of your life with will likely start off as a friend. And then things will evolve far past the friend-zone if you stay with them.

8 You can make memories you'll look back on fondly

You'll remember hanging out with your friends fondly. You won't remember shying away from people at social events fondly.

9 Success in the future

Having friends will help you be able to work with others better. Having friends will open up your mind to thoughts they have, leading you to find a passion that you can stick with, which can lead to a successful career. Having friends will also help you be confident enough to be successful at something where a big ego is a big advantage.

10 You'll have a more open mind

If you're highly prejudiced against a certain group, giving someone from said group a chance will possibly make you realize that your prejudice was wrong. And you'll change for the better.

No, seriously, this is one of the best items.

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11 Life will be better

You are right. I think that my life would be much better if I wasn't on here. I shouldn't be on this site so much because so many users turn down my opinions. I think it is time for me to leave this website altogether, and only check this site to see the newest lists once in a while. Any advice would be very appreciated.

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