Top Ten Worst Traits to Have as a Leader

Obviously, someone has to be in charge, but there's no perfect way to lead a crowd. Someone will always have an unpopular opinion, someone will always try to become a leader when they aren't meant to be one, and some leaders are a bit too aggressive.

Keep in mind some of these traits are frequently followed, and it's rare to find someone who doesn't use any of these ten at least once.
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1 Mass Aggression

There are plenty of aggressive leaders out there... And there will never be a shortage. The approach of the aggressive leader is that they'll stop being aggressive once the issue is fixed. Many aggressive leaders use derogatory cuss words (which aren't offensive unless you're hypersensitive), and it's impossible to cope with an aggressive leader the right way.

2 Trying to Keep the Power to Youself

The idea of having one person in charge is a terrible idea. Most people have second-in-commands, but some act as a lone wolf. Some individual leaders do fine, but many of them try to retain their power with oppression (see Mass Aggression for more details), as well as distractions. This particularly bugs me since it makes a lack of p a flow of ideas, which is a necissity for good leadership.

3 Always Siding with Unpopular Opinions

Plenty of leaders think that it's fine to change the whole course of a task for a group of people, or even ONE. The exceptions here are people who are trying to end issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. But when a leader sides with one person, it shows bias and it can upset the larger group. Also keep in note the unpopular opinion is usually hypersensitive. An example I have had in real life is a band camp tradition involving the initiation of new members that had been running for fourty years. I was among the last group to do the initiation because a kid with special needs (who by the way was asked if they wanted to do the initiation and was warned beforehand about what it was) had asked to leave because he was scared. The other reason was because "people got hurt" but that issue was apparently addressed with recent initiations and it was not a problem in my initiation.

4 Complete Bias

Bias is often a result of a friend, family member, or sponser wanting more authority and using the idea of working with someone else above them to pass more deserving canidates. Bias is tough to get past for most leaders, and almost all are guilty of bias at least once. And let me just say this: this leadership tactic practically drives school boards/school staff in my school district.

5 Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy has been a thing since... Forever. Tons of leaders are hypocrites these days, and they're the biggest culprits for two reasons: authority gets to their heads and having to worry about keeping everyone in check and doing the task at hand without it ending up screwed up in the end. Many leaders forget to realize they could make some changes themselves, and this combined with someone trying to keep power to themselves makes for a poor leader.

6 Never Taking Criticism

This one compliments hypocrisy and pretentiousness very well. Some leaders don't even know why criticism was made: CRITICISM IS MADE TO MAKE YOU BETTER OFF. When a leader doesn't accept criticism that is fairly given (more emphasis on the word fairly), it not only gives a bad reputation to the leaders themselves, but it can also compromise a group's togetherness due to the fact that they dislike their leader.

7 Relying Too Much on Technology

You know that teacher who wants you to get all your assignments online or use digital textbooks? Some of them fail to understand that some families cannot afford computers or laptops. Facebook has been relied on too much for me, and since I rarely get on Facebook, I know little about some changes that go on. Last second changes are the only time you should resort to using the Internet for some things, but otherwise, teachers and other leaders should stay away from technology

Leave it exclusively in the hands of wet-behind-the-ears, know-nothing know-it-alls.
ADULTS, not whiny cubs, invented and developed all the technology you think you can't live without.

8 Lack of Communication

Communicating with a large crowd is difficult, especially with last second changes. Not communicating well enough can lead to very few people actually understanding what you said, and inadequate communication in an emergency situation can turn an accident into a tragedy. But let's say it's something as simple as this:

Tammy is moving to a new house. She needs help moving everything, as her new house is far away and in a new town. She calls her truck driver, Rochelle, and Tammy said she had "a few things", so Rochelle brought a small truck when Tammy needed a larger truck. This made Tammy pay almost twice as much due to her poor communication.

9 "Last One In, First One Out" Mentality

This is a well known description of what the work force is like. Many corporations fire or demote their youngest employees for the sake that none of them have had as much experience. There should be a two year shield for employees, as well as a shield for after fifteen years of working. For the people who had been working hree to fourteen years, the only protection possible for them would be if they were the sole or greater income providing for a family. The idea that firing the youngest makes you the best off can rid of some of the potential the corporaion had to advance, since many young employees are knowledgeable and resourceful.

Thanks for reading!

10 Pretentiousness

Some leaders have huge egos, especially trumpet section leaders (yes, I had to throw in a band joke). How msart you are isn't proven by authority, in fact, it's proven in your overall knowledge on the topic. It could be possible a person working at an office for just two years could know more than his boss who had been working there for twenty years. Leadership and the ability to lead a group isn't always about who has the most experience, it's best explained by who has the most knowledge on the topic.

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11 Lies
12 Narcissism
13 Ugliness
14 Greed
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