Top Ten Most Overpowering Personality Traits

Personality traits can truly define us. While some can leave no impact on us, others simply guide us either the right or wrong way. These would usually lead us the wrong way, but they usually are more present than anything.
The Top Ten
1 Narcissism

People can be full of themselves. They start to think they are the best. This comes from confidence, but a little too much evolves into narcissism or hubris.

2 Vanity

Vanity has been associated with many things, from that sink in your bathroom to believing you are so much better than the rest. While similar to narcissism, it is simply a less severe version. Vanity is mostly associated with exterior beauty (no thanks to the Smurfs).

3 Avarice

Avarice is simply the desire to have as much as possible. While we do need essentials and necessities to survive every day, people usually want to spoil themselves a little because they can't help themselves. Taking this to the next step is a recipe for greed.

4 Vengefulness

A person's usual gut reaction to someone stealing their bag of cookies at lunch is to steal theirs back or to get "revenge." It has become much more common over time and has guided some people in different ways.

Revenge is necessary but only if the sin was too great (murder, injury, etc.). Replace evil with death.

Revenge leaves you with nothing but blood on your claws.

5 Laziness

Of course, when mom or dad asks you to do the dishes, you, for instance, might say, "Can I do it in about 15 minutes?" But laziness goes further than this. Some people fall behind in school, which can slowly rot their hopes of going to college.

A stupid person who is hardworking is more useful than a lazy intellectual. Laziness is the most troublesome of all the anti-traits, based on my personal experience.

6 Jealousy

Someone may have that new pair of shoes you want, or they may have the newest model of the iPhone. But it seems like when they have something you don't, we always seem jealous of them.

A really terrible, soul-destroying emotion.

7 Grudge

You know that altercation you and your parents had? Yeah, you do. You probably held a grudge for at least a little bit against them.

8 Arrogance

Some people think that just because they have more than you, they are better. But this is just someone being full of themselves. It becomes more common with a bigger economy gap.

This is so true! I have seen it in jobs I have had and people around my family.

9 Rage
10 Stupidity

This is one of those common traits that are bad. And the trait of stupidity has actually gotten more common in the modern day, if you think about it!

The Contenders
11 Distrust

I believe in trusting close ones, but not anyone else until I know them better.

12 Delusion
13 Low Self Esteem
14 Prejudice
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