Top 10 Pond Fish to Have In Your Pond

To be honest I think you can put any fish in a pond you just need to take precautions to keep them healthy and alive
The Top Ten
1 Tosakin Goldfish
2 Koi
3 Pleco (Algae Eater)
4 Lake Fish
5 Oscar Cichlid

For any of you who's had a large Oscar can agree these fish can get very aggressive. Oscar's are the largest member of the cichlid family and since they get pretty good size there's no need to worry about predators this fish can scare off most intruders they are jumpers keep screen over pond

6 Archer Fish
7 Pacu
8 Arowana
9 Axolotal

I want one of these!

10 Lungfish
The Contenders
11 Catfish
12 Sturgeon
13 Carp
14 Heterandria Formosa
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