Top 10 Sunglasses Color Trends for Women

Women love to follow the fashion trend and when it comes to the summer season, sunglasses are one of the most favorite fashion accessory among the women because of its look. The selection of proper color is must to follow the fashion trend and look stylish.

The Top Ten

1 Black Sunglasses

The black shade of sunglasses is best for outing and it is evergreen in fashion. It best suits on fair skin, which remains irreplaceable. - ErinShand

2 Red Sunglasses
3 Blue Sunglasses

The blue mirrored sunglasses is the perfect choice for summer days. It looks flawless and there are various options in size and shape to choose from. - ErinShand

4 Gold Sunglasses

When The summer sun gets shine with beautiful sunlight why not you. The gold Shade is perfect to shine in frames. - ErinShand

5 Green Sunglasses

The green shade will give you a chic cool retro look to shine this summer with mirrored green shade sunglasses. - ErinShand

6 Marble Sunglasses

The marble sunglasses is perfect comp,liment for all fashion apparels. This will give you bold and courageous look this summer. - ErinShand

7 Nude Sunglasses

The nude shade is perfect when you want to show your natural beauty. This will always be useful when unable to decide the color frames. - ErinShand

8 Silver Sunglasses

The silver sunglasses is perfect to have spectacular impact on others. This provides more protection from sunlight and UV rays and high level of color and contrast vision. - ErinShand

9 Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses gives you the classy look and easy to style. You can select any frame shape or size in this according to your personality. - ErinShand

10 White Sunglasses

The white shade sunglasses will give you fresh and cool look. This will also give you a retro look. - ErinShand

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