Top 10 Words Microsoft Sam Cannot Say Correctly

Microsoft Sam is a text to speech voice created by Microsoft. It is probably the most famous or imfamous of all the Text to Speech voices but that doesn't mean it's perfect, there are some words he cannot say. This list will contain the words he cannot say correctly. There are two versions of Microsoft Sam, the 1st and more commonly heard version is Speakonia Sam which came with Windows 2000 and the other version is known as Natural Microsoft Sam it came with Windows XP, the later has more pronucaiation glitches.
If you want to have a good laugh have Microsoft Sam read this list.

The Top Ten

1 Soi

Sometimes spelled as Soy, this one is most well known word he cannot say. If you make him say this word many times it sounds like a Helicopter, this is the sound of the ROFLcopter. This is why Microsoft Sam cannot work at a Asian restaurant. - christangrant

2 Bing

He pronounces it like Bin

Maybe this is why Microsoft discontinued him because he couldn't say the name of their search engine - christangrant

3 Crotch

Weatherstar4000video:Kick them in the crow's nest!?!?!?!
Taken from microsoft gang reads random windows errors

When he says this word he says "crow's nest" instead of Crouch however if you spell the word like "krotch" or "crottch" it's pronouced correctly - christangrant

4 Certificate

He pronounces the word correctly except for the "cate" part he pronounces it like the name "Kate" instead of "Kit" - christangrant

5 Enjoy

He pronounces this word correctly unless you put a word that starts with "th" (example this, that, then, them) then he pronuces it like "EnjWAH" which is a sound simular to the ROFLcopter sound - christangrant

6 Honest

He pronounces it like "innest" if you have a word before it he will pronounce it correctly. The same thing happens to the words Honestly and Honor. - christangrant

7 Ha

It is produced like "Fa" - christangrant

8 Pixar

Natural MS Sam pronounces it like "Pee Shar"
Speakonia Sam pronouces it like (PICKS- er) - christangrant

9 Wikipedia

He pronouces it like "Wik-eye-ped-ia" - christangrant

10 MySpace

He pronounces it like "MissSpace" it works fine if you spell it as two words (My Space) - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Bling
12 Pling
13 Pointer
14 Pens
15 Wasteman
16 Pow
17 Ped
18 Homepage
19 Cocopuffs
20 Leather
21 Snowman
22 YouTube
23 Nevada
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