Best Places to Fart

The Top Ten

1 In someone's face

What is this list? - ElSherlock

When I was 2 years old sometimes I would fart in her face as she was changing my diapers

Lol this is funny, but kinda immature. Nobody likes when you fart in their face. - PhilTheCorgi

When I was 2 years old sometimes I would fart in my aunt’s face as she was changing my diapers

2 In a bottle

Coolkidmanboysquirt "Why does this bottle smell bad. *smells fart* Hey! Ki U did this! "

3 In your pants

Maybe it's better to fart on someone else's pants. Lol


4 In your bathroom at home

Well obviously. Fart in the TOILET in the bathroom at home.

5 On their food

Don't fart on my food.
Ki U "Time to fart! "
Rage Guy "NOO! NOT MY FOOD! "

6 In a toilet
7 In bed with a girl
8 In Donald Trump's hair

He sucks! it derserves that. - CedreticFomento

Donald Trump deserves it. - PhilTheCorgi

Donald Trump "Oh No! Not my poo poo hair! "

What a answer Truly 1st Spot

9 In Miss America 2016's favorite pair of high heels
10 On the Breadwinners' Facebook hate page

SwaySway, Buhduce, Ki U & Warren "Time to fart on the Breadwinners hate page! *farts* OH NOO! "

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? In your own face

The Contenders

11 On a Windows Vista computer
12 In a tornado

Ki U "Time to poop on tornado"
EAS "Tornado Warning"
Ki U "OH! NOO! *gets sucked in by a tornado*"

I don't think that's a smart idea. If you get sucked in, you'll probably die. - PhilTheCorgi

13 On TheTopTens list: Top Ten Best Ideas for Comparison Lists
14 In a car
15 Beside Wal-Mart
16 Under a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle

If the pressure is too high, then all those pieces will get lost!

17 In class

This happens a lot. - PhilTheCorgi

18 In a room full of people

They would all run away in chaos and disorder. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

19 in space

Would it even travel? There is no air, so how could you fart? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

20 At Wendy's
21 On a picture of Adolf Hitler

Not sure who’s worse: Trump or Hitler.

22 On someone you hate
23 In someone's mouth
24 At a funeral
25 In Justin Bieber's face
26 On your least favorite sports team

That would be all of them. Time to eat some beans! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

27 On Mr. Enter

I don't know who that is. Lol - PhilTheCorgi

28 On LeafyIsHere

If this is a Top Tens user, he/she would probably see this, and probably wouldn't like it. - PhilTheCorgi

29 In the corner of a wall
30 Out the Window

I know somebody who does that. - PhilTheCorgi

31 On your computer
32 In a diaper

I farted in diapers when I was 2 years old

33 In the bath

I farted in the bath as a 2 year old

34 In an elevator
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