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1 Leftovers

The leftovers is used by a LOT of Pokemon, but more specificly tank Pokemon, so they use protect and slowly work their way back to full health.

Make a Ferrothorn with the moves Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, Gyro Ball, and Protect and you have a beast! - Pokemonfan10

The best item, especially for complete defensive tanks like: Snorlax, Torkoal, Aggron, etc.

It has saved my "Chara"zarhd so many times I can't even count.

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2 Elemental Gems

I didn't even know these existed!

These are awesome! Imagine you're in a 1v1 battle, you're about to lose. But with the boost of the gem, you win the battle!

There are so many of the gems being used right now (Fighting gem+Hitmontop, Dragon gem+Latios, Flying gem+Scizor/Arcehops etc), that it HAS to be the third most used.

3 Master Ball

Items that you can equip on Pokemon idiots

Catches all Pokemon no matter what and never fails, sucks we can only get one - Pastakirby7

The master of catching. How would you play with no pokemon?

1equip on a pokemon
2display your wealth when battling or trading

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4 EXP Share

Totally beast! (sorry about the exclamation marks! )

Yknow that thing that helps you in every pokemon game?


The new EXP Share is great in nuzlockes.

5 Sacred Ash

Healing is the secret to power if you can't die you can't lose

BEST ITEM FOR TRAVELING: fully revives all Pokemon in party

Sacred ash is cool


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6 Lucky Egg

Whenever I start a new gen 4 or 5 game I make sure I have a lucky egg. Very useful for training and an overall good item.

Halves training time, what more do you want for farming levels?

It is the best item because it gives you extra EXP

I can't deny it. The items above are awesome. But just think about it. It's time for the elite four and you need to do a lot of training. Training can be a pain and it sucks, as anyone who has played Pokemon has trained and should no this. But then, whala. You open up your bag and hold the shining chansey egg. You hand it to your Pokemon. 3 hour training suddenly becomes 1 and a half hour training. Who can say it is a bad. It's obviously bad for competitive, but if your playg the game or training for whatever reason, it is amazing.

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7 Rare Candy

Best item for even leveling

Vey useful, If you need to evolve a pokemon, go get yourself a rare candy or two!

1. Wonder Trade
2. Go to the Poke Miles guy
3. If you have 500 Poke Miles you can get a Rare Candy
4. Profit - RiverClanRocks


8 Pokeballs

Why wouldn't they be here you need them to do your journey

9 TM/HM Moves

Makes mew over powered and the best hm slaves lol

HMs are terrible but, TMs are awesome!

How would you play the game without moves? Also, you don't need to spend *that* much time breeding to get the right Pokemon.

If you count headbutt as a hm and you say it sucks you are so wrong. it has high enough power plus quite high finch chance

10 Mega Evolution Stones

Adds 100 base stats to your PKMN, allows a cool new form also.

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11 Elemental Stones

Here TWICE!?

12 Rocky Helmet

I love giving it to my Skarmory. It is already bulky and not a very good attacker. this adds on extra damage, so I don't have to attack as much.

This item is commonly used with a Ferrothorn so it adds up with it's Iron Barbs ability so it racks up a TON of damage. I once saw a video of a guy who used his Blaziken agianst a Ferrothorn and the Ferrothorn used this tactic. The Blaziken had a Life Orb and used Flare Blitz. Ferrothron went down, Blaziken was red-barred. Says a lot, doesn't it?

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13 Focus Sash

Many players use this for Garchomp because of it's x4 ice type weakness. But dragon-types aren't the only ones-Tyranitar can get wrecked with one close combat, aura sphere, hi jump kick, focus punch etc, so the sash really helps.

Great for Shednija, who basically Invented the term glass canon. Gives you a warning to when opponents will hurt it so you can switch out. Also, for FEAR rattatas.

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14 Life Orb

The Life Orb is a sacrifical item. You deal more damage to an opponent, but you lose a small amount of damage in the process. These are oftenly given to Pokemon that know recoil damage-moves, like Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Volt Tackle, etc. I dunno why, it just adds on more damage.

This needs to be no one like every offensive pokemon holds this

Give any Pokemon with sheer force a life orb, no HP loss after attacking and double boost

Life orb is boss
No... That's my reason nothing else
Why r u still reading this read someing else!

15 Sitrus Berry

This is a VERY commonly used item for it's one use:health. Isn't that what keeps your Pokemon alive? You know, besides the stat-boosts. BUT, if you loose your HP, you die, so HP keeps you alive.

16 Lum Berry


17 Quick Claw

I disagree completely with the below user. Aqua jet is awesome for azumarill with huge power and belly drum. If you don't know what is priority in the metagame then you need to study. Quick claw has no real good competitive use.

Makes any Pokemon occasionally go first. Good for snorlax

Mach punch? Aqua jet? Extreme speed? Switching out? What the hell is priority if you got the 20% chance when you use this.

Also, as far as I know, things like Quick Attack still go faster than a Pokèmon with Quick Claw. I played Emerald and have a Quick Claw Nidorino, and I think a bug-type stil outsped me.

18 PP Up/PP Max

Yes its limited, but it gave a max of 60% boost to use those powerful but limited PP moves again and again. Rare enough as these things are, these things are a godsend to both Competitive and Casual.

19 Revival Herb

Revival herbs are the max revives that you can buy... They are a little sour though...

20 Poke Flute

People are puttin things like mater ball so why not Pokéflute? You can beat some of the games without one

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