Pokemon Shippings that Should Most Be Cannon

These are the Pokemon Anime shippings that should become cannon the most.

The Top Ten

Pearlshipping (Ash and Dawn)

So true

Aureliashipping (Ash and Lillie)
GeekChicShipping (Clemont and Serena)

Yesss if Serena hadn't been so obsessed over Ash this would (most likely) be canon

Contestshipping (May and Drew)

I don't want this shipping to be canon. Why you people want to torture Drew? He doesn't deserve to end up with this wimp. I wish it was Dawn. She's nicer than May.

This shipping should not be canon because May wastes people's time. She is just a dangerprone damsel who needs to be rescued from either ropes (Drew) or cliffs (Ash). Brianna was far more competent than her even if she was just an one day character.
Dawn can defeat May anytime. And don't even start on me with Misty's Gyarados and Iris's Dragonite. Both are powerhouse pokemon. Serena needs to evolve her Braixen in order to flamethrower May's Venusaur

The writers are evil, they bring good shipping and then destroy them by having a dense Ash interfering them. I am also tired and sick of how people won't shut up about Ash ending up with their favourite pokegirl. He won't. He would end up with Pikachu. His true girlfriend

Contestshipping is the closest to canon in the anime, as Drew gives May red roses! Red roses mean ‘I Love You.’ Also, the chemistry between in is amazing. Yes, Drew’s an arrogant, and sometimes cruel person, but he pushes May to do her best. And May likes Drew too! She blushes when shes around him. It should be cannon. ~Thunderstorm460

Lagomorphshipping (Pikachu and Buneary)
Orangesquareshipping (Misty and Tracey)
Wishfulshipping (Iris and Cilan)
Gymleadershipping (Misty and Brock)
Thunderstormshipping (Lana and Sophocles)
Spiceshipping (Mallow and Kiawe)

The Contenders

Rocketshipping (Jessie and James)
Fourthwheelshipping (Max and Bonnie)

It's highly likely it will happen, as Pokemon XYZ is linked with ORAS.

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